Where is your belief placed?

June 21, 2013 | 2 comments

I was studying the story of Jesus and Jairus’ daughter in the New Testament, and was struck by Jesus’ response to Jairus after it was announced that the youngster had died.
The story states,
“While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader. “Your daughter is dead,” he said. “Don’t bother the teacher anymore.” Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus,“Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed” NIV Luke 8:49,50.
“Just believe, and she will be healed!”
Just believe…
It sounds so easy, I thought. Just believe…and she will be healed.
I asked myself, “Do I believe like Jesus expected Jairus to believe?”
What did Jesus expect Jairus to believe? Eternal life, I expect. That’s what Jesus preached, taught and proved in his ministry. He did not expect Jairus to believe in death, disease and suffering. He wanted Jairus to believe in life, health and restoration.
Just believe…it can’t be that complicated, I thought.
As I pondered what it required to believe the way Jesus expected, it became clear that we can’t believe in opposites.
For instance, we can’t believe in disease and have strong faith in health and recovery at the same time. One saps energy from the other.
One can’t believe in lack and supply at the same time. Faith will not divide that way. One isn’t going to believe in success while believing in failure. That won’t happen either.
So, these words of Jesus are really important to grasp for anyone interested in healing more successfully through prayer.
What do you put your faith in: sickness or health, conflict or peace, lack or supply, death or life?
Just believe…
Believe in the spiritual truth, in what God creates and causes, and in what you’re worthy of experiencing as a beloved child of God. Gain an understanding of Truth, and live true to it. It’s a more productive metaphysical path to walk than believing in the opposite.

2 thoughts on “Where is your belief placed?”

  1. Evan, appreciate your take on this account so much. The subject of the Wednesday online testimony service from The Mother Church was: How did Jesus heal? It was fascinating to hear the accounts from the Bible and then the perfect readings from Science and Health. It was as though we got into Jesus’ thought as he went around healing. HOW did he heal? What was he thinking (since we know that’s where healing takes place) and how can I, a mere follower, do the same to some degree? Your blog is a great follow up to that lesson. I so appreciate your insight. Your blog always shifts my thinking. Joy!

  2. The word belief or believe has an iffy connotation. I like the words know and understand. So if you substitute the word know to Jesus’s instruction to Jarius, it has more of a positive connotation.

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