Whose mouth is on your face

June 25, 2019 | 21 comments


I was conversing with a friend about speaking the truth and watching what came out of our mouth, when he made a comment that was so original, to me anyway, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He said, “I happen to believe that God’s mouth is on your face.”

On a mortal level, the comment was preposterous. All kinds of curses, anger, ire, envy, resentment, and despair flow out of many people’s mouths every day. But on a spiritual level, it made perfect sense.

Man is God’s image. Man reflects the presence of God. So, if God has a mouth, then man reflects the mouth of God. The mouth “on the face of man,” is God’s mouth. They are one and the same.

His statement was humbling. As a Christian Scientist, I pray daily to identify with God, to see myself the way God made me, and to live what God expects of me. If, in spiritual truth, my mouth is God’s mouth, then it would be a daily prayer to ensure only God’s point of view flowed out of my mouth. Wow! I think I have some improvements to make.

What’s coming out of your mouth today?

21 thoughts on “Whose mouth is on your face”

  1. Thank you very much for those thoughts. It occurred to me that I could adapt the concept and realise that I walk with God’s legs and feet! That gave me a different angle on how to deal with a situation I seem to be facing.

  2. I really love to think about this! And to pray to be more aware that God’s point of view flowed from my thoughts. I really like Jenny’s expanding on it, too. It is helpful to use with a situation I am praying about, as well. I SO appreciate your daily blog posts.

  3. Jacob, brimming with angel-insights, said to Esau “I have seen thy face, as though I had seen the face of God, and thou wast pleased with me.” To have the mouth of God we need to understand we all reflect the face of God, the all-loving seeing, hearing, speaking of infinite Love, the one Mind, Soul, Life of all.. Mary Baker Eddy writes: “…For Love alone is Life; / And life most sweet, as heart to heart / Speaks kindly when we meet and part.”
    (Hymn. 30:5)

    (Gen. 33:10)


  4. Wow! Great thought! Thank you, Evan for posting this idea. I know this may be trite, but thanks, I needed that.

  5. This reminds me of the story of two dogs who at separate times go into a room. One comes out wagging his tail, while the other comes out growling. A lady goes in the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and the other so angry. She found a room filled with mirrors. The one dog saw hundreds of happy dogs looking back at him, whereas the angry dog saw only other angry dogs. If we are reflecting Love, love is returned to us. Thank you so much for this inspiring topic, Evan and inspiration from commenters as well.

  6. Evan,
    I like what you have said here “If, in spiritual truth, my mouth is God’s mouth, then it would be a daily prayer to ensure only God’s point of view flowed out of my mouth.“ It brought to mind St Matthew Chapter 15;8-20. And, by what proceeds from the heart, we can see – making sure we are not mistaking a mortal for an immortal. And In We Knew Mary Baker Eddy- First series pages 21:20-21:11. And in We Knew Mary Baker Eddy – Second Series page 50:4-19. We should not hide our thoughts in fear but instead be humble enough to pray that we are reflecting only God. And, by not hiding/suppressing our thoughts or self-willing them to be good and condemning ourselves. And, if we see something that is less than God’s idea coming out of the mouth, we can see it as the lie it is and separate it from ourselves or another person.

  7. Ha! I love the end of your post today, “Wow! I think I have some improvements to make.” Yes, we all do if everything that comes out of our mouths is to be representative of God. I had a funny and serious thought. Think how quiet it would be if all the nonsense and unnecessary words from all of our mouths stopped. At least for a while until we all as a whole improved what we voiced. But the quiet would allow for more thoughtful ideas to express outwardly. We can all work on this and be the leaven that lifts everyone up to eventually do it as well. “It starts with me.”

    This post also reminds me of “stand porter at the door of thought…”. It could be thought of as “stand porter at the door of thought [and mouth]…”

    Thank you Evan, for always challenging us to grow in grace and think deeply. Thanks to all who read, comment, and think deeply about all the topics we explore. I love these words from Carol Dee Lewis, CS practitioner, teacher, and lecturer in one of her talks: “This is about God, this about God, this is about God!”

    1. Yes I also remember these wonderfully assuring words from a talk by the lecturer Carol Dee Lewis, that ”this is about God”, repeating it 3 times.
      Thank you Evan for enlarging our understanding of what God is and does (indeed everything), and in what endless messure we do express Him. Am very grateful for the blessings we receive gracefully from SpiritView including all the inspiring comments!

  8. Thank you Evan! This made me realize that I too have to think before I speak. Very important topic! Thanks for all the comments as well.

  9. This is my comment from yesterday in case Brian didn’t see as it was late in the day:
    Thanks so much, Brian, for that link to a very inspiring and helpful article. The effort continues, but as the Bible promises – I will win. Time is not a factor.
    I’m so glad I was inspired to check the comments again and see yours. Thanks again!
    Speaking of time, I have this quote I pray with daily, “I began to see that with God there was no time, consequently no past in which to make mistakes, no present in which to fear them, and no future in which to be punished for them. It was never too late because, with God, time is nonexistent.” (“Never too late” by Helena Gronlund Allen, Sentinel, February 24, 1968)

    1. Thanks Lori. I did see your post in the blog from yesterday but I appreciate you making sure I saw it by posting again today. Much love to you and thanks for the reference to the Sentinel article! I will find that on JSH-Online and read it.

  10. Now to today’s blog. This is a thought I’ve cherished, “Give me grace to remain silent, when it is not necessary for me to speak.” It’s attributed to Mary Baker Eddy but not confirmed. In any case, it’s a good reminder to think before speaking. I pray daily that since God is Love and I’m His reflection, I will always and only be loving in my every thought, word and deed.

  11. Thank you to Paul yesterday for posting the link to the Sentinel chat . I remember when this was new and so grateful to hear it again. One of the most outstanding healings ever and the comments by Sandy Sandberg so valuable for all to hear. Thank you Evan for providing these daily blogs for daily inspiration.

  12. Wow! What an original approach to “speaking”! Thank you, Evan. I will cherish the thought that only ‘God’s mouth” can speak–and be heard by others in a healing way. I plan to live with this one–for a long time!

  13. Thanks, Evan, for this blog. Later on in the day I became aware of a bad earache in one of my ears. I used this concept and declared I have the ear of God only. I also considered what I was accepting into my consciousness and determined to “stand porter at the door of thought”. It wasn’t until in the evening that I realized the earache had vanished immediately and my day had been harmonious. So grateful.

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