Why its important to understand God

February 17, 2021 | 34 comments


Is God getting pushed to the back burner of your life? Does prayer and spiritual study seem unnecessary or not important to you?

If so, perhaps, it’s time to reconsider how important it is to understand God as the Principle of all life, happiness, and health.

When you know God as the basis of everything important in your life, events flow much smoother.

This video was filmed in the Deadhorse Ranch State Park, near Cottonwood, Arizona, while camping there in October of 2020.

34 thoughts on “Why its important to understand God”

  1. A very helpful message this morning Evan, thank you.
    The lake behind you is as still as a mirror reflecting beauty and peace.
    The park is a place to get inspired. Thank you for taking us there.
    Your message is sure to help today as many are preparing to provide healing readings in the regularly scheduled Wednesday testimony meetings, throughout the world.
    Today our Society will provide a Zoom meeting for the very first time. Informally as musical accompaniments are not yet available.
    The precious gathering of members, family and friends will proceed.
    Extreme weather conditions have made the building unavailable.
    But the idea of Church and the Spirit of Christian Science will be extended to everyone today from measures like these from many branch churches and societies. The Mother Church broadcasts Wednesday and Sunday services. Visit Christianscience.com A wealth of resources are there.
    I was once reflecting on Church when a dear practitioner said this ,and it has stayed with me ever since, “David you are Church.” Time to get busy!

    1. Music is available from the TMC website as mp3 files for ZOOM church according to a friend who has been doing church that way for many months.
      Hopefully that will help your situation.

      1. It would have for sure. The process will take a little time to initiate. Thank you for extending that thought.

  2. Thank you Evan!

    In thinking about how to combat the increasing secularization of society one thing I go back to is something I would use in my Sunday School work as a teacher. It’s the truth that everyone has a spiritual core – spiritual sense – like every apple has an apple core.

    I don’t doubt that every apple I see has a core. And I relate that in my prayers to know that everyone I see has a love of the things of Spirit and that it is inborn. In their core. And then I confirm this in my thought so that I cannot doubt the truth of this.

    This comes down to the fact that God is speaking to everyone and that because of everyone’s innate core of spiritual sense they can hear Him. Something in me just rebels against the concept that anyone can be deprived of knowing God. I’m so glad to be reminded of this today.

    1. Thanks Maddie for the apple core analogy. I will remember that one. Also appreciated, “because of everyone’s innate core of spiritual sense they can [and do] hear Him”

      I noticed today’s Word of the Day on the dictionary site merriam-webster.com is “Indissoluble” the definition is — incapable of being annulled, undone or broken; permanent. Wow that got my attention, perfectly describes our connection to God and the unchanging nature of what He created. Grateful for this forum to share our inspirations!

    2. Hi Maddie– I love your analogy of the apple core. It is a good mental visual to use to share this concept. Every apple has a core. Every idea of God –child of God has a spiritual core of spiritual sense. I see the apple core with seeds in it to blossom–self perpetuating. The spiritual ideas in our spiritual core can not help but blossom too and help others. The blossoms are the blessings which continue to reach out like the ripple effect when a rock is tossed into a pond. It is on going. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I too am very concerned about increased secularisation. Only about 40 years ago, if you didn’t go to church or believe in God you may have been given surprised looks but today when you admit to believing in God, you have to be prepared to explain why! I think it’s very important for everyone to be prepared to answer that question when suddenly asked and often it’s in an awkward time and place, so you need a good simple reason ready to go! We all need to consider this question and a good SPIRITUAL (rather than religious) reason why you believe in God, or are a Christian Scientist and not mess it up as I did once by say when asked if and why I believed Jesus was the son of God, I blundered out “Because it is written in the Bible!” And THAT isn’t proof to someone who thinks the Bible is “fairy stories”.

    1. Thanks Diane for your encouragemt to have an answer ready for the question “Why do you believe in God?” my answer wd be, “Because God is Love and I believe in Love”.
      To the ? “Why do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?” I’d reply,”Because he was the best man that’s ever walked on this planet. He lived what he taught-“Love God and love all people”.
      This was a very beneficial exercise.

  4. I was awakened at 3:30 in the morning last Feb. 22 and a voice told me to look at Isaiah 6.11. It reads: “Then said I, how long? And he answered me until the cities be wasted without inhabitants and houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate.” As a lifetime student of Christian Science I was not sure what this meant. As I have made a very rigorous study of Isaiah I have understood this chapter to be the commission of Isaiah and his mission as a prophet that would continue many years and the remnant will remain and cleanse the earth. I thought I knew a lot about Isaiah but realized I barely had scraped the surface. The most popular verse in America for 2020 was Isaiah 41 :10. Fear not ;for I am with thee; be not dismayed ; I will strengthen thee; I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” As I continue my study I now have a notebook with major theme ideas as headings like fear not. Holy, Iam, comfort ye,pride, and so forth found in Isaiah. Then I pray and seek to find correlative passages in Mrs. Eddys writings and hymns. My understanding of God is wonderful and expansive with this approach and application to daily life a blessing to me and all I am in contact with. Yes this early morning encounter woke me up to a more dedicated prayerfull life. Thanks Evan

  5. I am the place where God shines through,
    For He and I are one, not two.
    He wants me where, and as I am,
    I need not fret, nor fear, nor plan.
    If I will be relaxed and free
    He’ll carry out his work through me.

    Jayne Bartlett Walter

    Sorry if I sent this before.

  6. Sorry to be back. I reread the story and
    thought it showed how living God protects,
    provides joy, confidence and more.

    By Jane Bartlett Walter

    In a large city in Alabama in 1945, some of us “war widows” set up a canteen for officers in one of the city’s hotels. One afternoon a General came in for coffee, music, and perhaps a game of bridge. He was a big man — tall, greying, and full of confidence. The younger officers seemed to gravitate to him, as if drawn by a magnet, for his strength was most compelling.

    After a while they drifted off to dance and I got a chance to speak with him. He had a wonderfully direct way of looking at you, an easy sense of humor, and a contagious chuckle. We discussed war, with all its horrors, its rigid discipline, and so on, and I asked him how he had come through it all and still kept his humor and wits about him. Almost shyly he took out a well-worn slip of paper from his uniform pocket and handed it to me. “This,” he said, “has pulled me through quite a few seemingly insurmountable problems.” I read the little poem — almost a prayer — and then reread it. This huge man, leader of many men, lived in war and in peace by these simple words:

    I am the place where God shines through,
    For He and I are one, not two.
    He wants me where, and as I am,
    I need not fret, nor fear, nor plan.
    If I will be relaxed and free
    He’ll carry out his work through me.

    Now I could understand his clear, direct gaze, his confident bearing, and the magnetism the junior officers felt when he entered. I never saw the General again, but had I been fighting in a war I should have liked to have had him as my commanding officer.

    Hope I didn’t overstep.

    1. Thanks M, I enjoyed this story and the poem. We could all benefit from writing down that poem and keeping it with us as the General did.

  7. God, Love is the whole purpose. All things work together for good that love God. That keeps us alert in our daily life. Our work/watch benefits ourselves and others. I agree, we are church.
    I have been thinking about a current issue in our community, especially after a member of our Spiritview family mentioned investing in a stock in the last month. This was a red flag for me. Congress is investigating Robinhood and Reddit virtually on Feb 18th. Businesses are supposed to build community and legitimate businesses do so. Sometimes business leaders get off track and it is important to identify this when it happens. We can see through false arguments that are presented as good when they really are not building up community but instead attempting to take advantage of or influence young or inexperienced investors. God, Love is the true motive for all activity.

  8. Dear Evan your vlogs are invigorating! Thank you for being there and for also encouraging this SV family to share their views and inspirations , many of which have been very helpful for me. Grateful❣️

  9. Thanks Evan – have found Zoom to be a big help in giving spiritual conversation and thinking a higher profile. Also Spiritview and the videos are of great value.

  10. This is a great topic. I remember when I was a young mother of a baby and a toddler and also teaching full- time and feeling so over burdened and stressed that I didn’t think I had time to study the CS lesson as I was used to doing. I was talking to a practitioner about my stress and troubles and they mentioned that finding a way to start the day with study and prayer would be n enormous help to me even if it seemed impossible. I began getting up before the kids woke up and making time to pray and study each day. This became a rock to my day. I was strengthen and everything in my day seemed to go smoother. Christ Jesus says, “come unto me all ye who are heavy ladened and I will give you rest”. Everything runs smoother when we allow God to work in us. We are not separate from God. His laws are what truly govern our lives and the universe. It’s too hard and exhausting to try to go it alone. If someone were to ask why I believe in God, I would say because I’ve felt His/Her presence and seen His work in my life.

  11. Yes Evan, thank you for this strong statement of the importance of knowing the Allness of God. I think there is real hunger for Truth and spiritual comfort in the world, especially now. Several articles I’ve read say that internet searches for “prayer” and things related to spirituality are up by enormous percentages. Bible sales way up too.

    Mrs. Eddy said, “God is at once the center and circumference of Being.”
    (S&H p. 203-204). Grateful to know that.

    Lot’s of love to all, as we rest today (and every day) in remembering His all embracing care of His children and His world.

  12. Thank you very much dear Evan for today’s important and uplifting Vlog!
    While looking at your simple but profound question “Why it’s important to understand God?” the spontanious and also simple answer came, that only if you understand God, you can love Him really!
    Evan, I am really glad and thankful you talk about this wonderful theme today here! It is needed and very helpful – thanks deeply!

    1. Today I did not yet get SpiritView in my mail inbox. But meanwhile i know to look to yesterday”s SV and click on “newer”.
      Am very happy for today’s Vlog!!

        1. Go to “More recent articles” in a SpiritView you have kept, click on that line
          It will open up each day’s SpiritView

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