Have no fear of fear

February 18, 2021 | 37 comments

It is a spiritual fact that fear has no power over you.

Think on this truth!

How often have you felt helpless at the feet of fear? Like it had a power over your thought and action to stop progress, paralyze decision-making, wreck health and ruin relationships? But in fact, fear has no power at all.

Fear cannot coerce your thinking, influence your thought, affect your decision-making, or wreck your health.

Fear is not a power. Fear is not a presence. Fear is not a danger.

Fear is not a mind that can take over your mind, the divine Mind of God.

Fear is a paper dragon. It may look large and ominous to the ignorant thought, but there is nothing inside to follow through.

Fear is an empty threat, a forceless assertion, a misleading feeling, a baseless sensation, a fake of mortal mind.

Like David faced Goliath fearlessly and toppled the vain arrogant giant, we can face fear fearlessly and topple its attempts to control our thought.

Fear is not a threat. Fear is not a danger. Fear is the seeming absence of God.

But God is never absent! God is always here. God is All-in-all. God is ever-present Love giving us all the comfort, guidance, direction, composure, inspiration, strength, and truth we need to master any challenge and dissolve any trouble.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Fear never stopped being and its action” (Science and Health, p. 151).

How cool is that! Fear has never stopped anything good from happening, and never will. Good is always happening and always present to acknowledge, see, feel, and experience to the fullest.

Have no fear of fear ever again. Knock it out with the spiritual truth, and abide in peace. It’s the spiritual way to live.

37 thoughts on “Have no fear of fear”

  1. ‘ For God hath not given you the spirit of fear…but of wisdom and Love and of a sound mind” 1st Timothy.. I love this bible verse and today we have a most beautiful and complete treatment from you Evan which demonstrates how we must deal with the illusion of fear and replace it with the truth of our spiritual being. Thank you . Sending Love❣️

  2. OMG! How helpful is this message to me, a shrinking violet much of the time. Fear of skepticism would have me staying quiet when an opportunity to share Christian Science appears. Then shame takes over. . . . .Thank you so much for this clear directive . .

    1. Rhondda,
      “Be wiser than a serpent and gentle as a dove” in sharing. Just standing confident and expressing lovingkindness is all it takes to reflect spiritual blessings.
      Just be an example to those you wish to bless. Someday they will indeed be led to spiritual blessedness. They will find God. In the way of His appointing.
      Our responsibility is to reflect God by being confident in all walks of life. Your loving prayer is the most powerful influence required. Verbal offerings are never as effective as your desire to share. “Desire is prayer.”
      I have given Science and Health to many as a way to extend the cause and bless. I find that it just sits there an unrecognized resource for all goodness. Till they need it, then they will read it!
      Till the “Spirit moves upon the face of the waters” and says “Let there be Light!” God leads us in the way of His appointing. Just “be still and know that I am God”.
      You make a most cherished friend. All whom you know are very blessed. Your love is wonderful! That is quite enough! Page 220: 8, Science and Health;
      “Instinct is better than misguided reason, even as nature declares. The violet lifts her blue eye to greet the early spring.”
      Please visit this paragraph it is so very applicable, dear bright “violet”. Spring is here!

      1. Thank you, David, for this beautiful response. Where is the quote, “Desire is prayer.” come from? It is so true!!!

    2. Rhondda, the best form of sharing is through your actions! Let divine Love guide you, and flow through you. Walk the walk.

      Many people are open to the idea that God is Love, and we are created in God’s image and likeness, as it says in Genesis 1; also that God is in control, and we can trust Him to take care of us all. Many also believe in the power of prayer to heal, although they don’t know it to be a science.

      Most people respond to an outreach of Love, and will appreciate that, even if they aren’t interested in learning about CS. And, if they aren’t, let it go – don’t “cast your pearls before swine” – and keep radiating Love!

    3. This week’s Sentinel Warch on jsh online gives us good ideas of how to be everyday “ministers”a- how we can find ways to gently share Christian Science in appropriate ways.
      We’re impelled by Love, motivated with the true desire to heal. It is Truth speaking for and through us.
      What wonderful blessings ❤️

  3. Thank you, Evan – really strong and inspirational. If we cast out fear, we are able to
    hear what God is telling us of His Love for us. It is Love that casts out the fear – Love is
    fear’s antidote showing us that there is nothing to fear in His Kingdom where we dwell.

    Hymn 179 comes to mind:- “Love one another – word of
    revelation; Love frees from error’s thrall – Love is liberation” (from verse 1) And from
    verse 2 we have: ” Love knows no evil, neither shade of sadness Love casts out every
    fear; lifts the heart go gladness…..”

  4. Thanks again this morning for annulling any supposed effect of entertaining fear.
    I used to say that I’d rather be sick than afraid. Now I say after learning more about the ever presence of God, Truth. that both sickness and fear are obsolete.
    Barbara, II Timothy 1:7, appears in many testimonies of Christian Science healing. I made a label, and stuck this short but very powerful Bible verse to my desk next to my computer. It is a part of my defense when fearful suggestions present themselves.
    Like error, fear can be clearly defined as nothing trying to be something. Sometimes it is a struggle but the fight, (like Evan related concerning David, the humble shepherd boy bringing down Goliath) is won with Love and Truth. . Then any F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal disappears.
    Pg. 506:11 in Science and Hearth; “The calm exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace.”
    Now we load our sling with smooth (proven thoughts) stones and throw these truths at fear and win!

    1. David and all…sorry I didn’t get the right reference for my quote. I’m glad you included it for anyone else!
      It’s one of several bible verses I leave around the house as reminders of my birthright. I display some on note holders on windowsills…then cover the back in paper flowers. Monthly I turn them for a day or 2 and wonder to myself just what the window cleaners think of my verses!.. one never knows when a seed planted begins to grow!

  5. I meant to also mention that I didn’t get this yesterday and had to go to your website Evan – and
    likewise today. I can get it this way, so no worry, but it is more convenient to have it
    come into my inbox so that I can refer to it quickly.

    1. Lately imine has been appearing in my “junk mail” folder. My guess is that you will find them all, if you do a search in the junk mail folder.
      Love, David

      1. Thank you for the suggestion, David. I have checked but they are not in spam. They
        must be hovering around in the air somewhere!!!
        love, Maggie

        1. Unfortunately for some reason I haven’t been getting SpiritView for about a week. Several times a day I ck Spam and junk and their is nothing there. I tried yesterday to subscribe again and was told I already have a subscription. I get a lot out of SpiritView so hopefully soon the situation will clear up. By the way my SpiritView e-mail arrived the same time Mon-Friday. It’s very nice to know I’m not the only one with this situation.

  6. Thank you Evan for today’s blog. Also to everyone for your wonderful comments. I also have not received it in my inbox – nor in spam, I checked,

  7. I just checked to see if my reply to you, David, has come up, but it hasn’t!!

    I tried to post thank you for your suggestion, I have checked in spam, and they are not there. They
    must be floating around up in the air somewhere!!!

    1. Dearest Maggie,
      I just got back on line and did receive your reply! Timely and with much appreciation.
      “Sharing Love and spending it freely” All the children of infinite Lovingkindness!
      David Brandon

  8. Evan, thank you so much for these thoughts about fear and how to handle the suggestion of its power. Such a helpful reminder. Appreciate all who have added to this .

  9. Thanks, Evan, for this blog. I especially liked,
    “Fear is the seeming absence of God.” Just the SEEMING absebce of God. God can NEVER be absent. Brian, thanks for the link you provided.
    I started reading and continued until the marginel heading “Searching the heart.” Does the link include the entire chapter?

    1. Hi Lori,. Yes the link includes the entire chapter. You can scroll up and down to view the entire chapter. If you scroll up to the beginning of the chapter you’ll see a bar with the text “Contents” with a down arrow on the right. If you click on that you can select a different chapter of Science and Health to view/read.

  10. Evan, we are grateful to get access to Spirit View by whatever means necessary.
    Thank you for this constant care and enlightenment.
    An incredible and healing event most every day. Sharing with one another as a spiritual family with one goal, to help and heal and love.
    Someday verbal and written communication will be outmoded by spiritual communication.
    As in reality we have one mind. We are one body with Christ, our dear Shepherd.
    Lead on dear teacher! We are grateful.

  11. Dear Evan,
    What an outstanding blog! Thank you so very much–and for everyone’s inspired, wonderful comments as well.
    Love and gratitude!

  12. I once counted in Isaac the number of times it says “fear not”. There were at least 16 .
    Such comforting dismissal of fear! Thanks for
    this timely reminder, Evan

  13. I too do not get my spirit view on one or two days a week but always click on newer on the bottom of the page before. One time there was no newer so I clicked on older and it came up there.
    Most important is the daily message that is so helpful to see at the start of my day along with lesson study This last weeks blogs have helped to meet the false anxiety that seems to surround us. As I put on my double mask I try to know that we all walk in the atmosphere of divine Love. Then wonder how much credit I am giving to worry about contagion by putting on a double mask, thinking about getting the vaccine and listening to my non CS friends, family that are not following CS and the news referring to my advanced age. I keep getting into conversation; advice on what to do in this pandemic. I am so grateful for this blog and the helpful comments from friends in Christian Science on this blog. David B you always have such a practical sense of handling problems and Angie thanks for taking the time to look up articles that lift us so beautifully. To my knowledge I am the only Christian Scientist in my area and depend on the online services for church and CS news and Mag. Thanks Evan and all. Much love

  14. I do try to bring CS into the conversation with those mentioned above and though they stick to their beliefs about the situation I hope that what I have to say is a seed planted. But I need to not take in what they are saying so much. This blog and the lesson helps so much in giving me the tools to work against the fear.

    1. It’s still early in California. Here in Michigan it’s nearly 7:30 pm.
      I wanted to thank you for your comment. Angie is at the head of the class when it comes to articles pertaining to Evan’s subjects.
      I don’t have to agree with the apprehensions of others. I do have to be loving, kind, and Christian, when conversing with neighbors and family. To reassure my family, I had the shot. It is .5 mg of a clear fluid. Most of it is taking a little time to get it done, then forget it.
      Many are rejoicing. As fear dissipates the new cases have dropped at major hospitals by some 85%. Most haven’t received a shot. That tells us that the pandemic is fear not a bug of some kind.
      Louis Pasteur said that micro biology existed on a platform of thought. So lets not give it a platform!

  15. The Bible tells us: ” God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.”
    `What a wonderful inheritance!

  16. Thank you Evan for this so needed and healing treatment on not having to fear the fear – so absolute wonderful! This SV is a keeper! It gives me very much! I also love the sentence on p. 151 from SH you mention up here, Evan.
    And thank you all for your inspired comments!
    Dear Evan your SpiritView is a real blessing!
    Am also sending Love to you and all!

  17. Thanks Evan for exposing fear as neither a power nor a presence nor a threat. Just as darkness is an apparent absence of Light, fear is an apparent absence of Love (God). The key word is “apparent” because Light and Love are ever present. Thank you and blessed weekend to all!

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