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November 30, 2017 | 26 comments

Are you looking for a job that allows you to be happier, put to better use, more creative or fulfilled? Look no further. You can find it right where you are.

Your #1 job in life is to express God’s presence. You can do this no matter where your seat is planted.

To express God is the most fulfilling and rewarding occupation ever. It requires you to employ all your talents and skills to the fullest to bring about the maximum amount of good, to bless the most people possible and as soon as possible.

Expressing God means never waiting around for someone else to make up their mind about what you can do. A worker for God takes the initiative and presses ahead with progressive ideals to realize their full potential. Their ability to succeed has nothing to do with other people, the economy, or history. It’s all about knowing one’s capacity for good now and acting on it. The worker for God knows that divine Mind opens doors for success and that no mortal mind can shut them.

To express God means not wasting a single moment in self-pity or woe-me commiserating. In God’s employ, thought is devoted solely to being productive and profitably engaged with high ideals that bring good results. There is not a moment to complain or resent. Every moment is a God-filled moment of inspired thinking that empowers that worker to see ways to demonstrate their usefulness, value and worth.

A worker for God has fun on the job. She does not see limits and boundaries. She sees ways to help, solutions to problems, answers to questions, new and better ways of doing things, open doors of opportunity, and the infinite resources of God to apply to every work scenario. She is not afraid, worried about what others think, or feeling sorry for herself. She is up and doing, demonstrating her worth, proving her value and making a positive difference.

A worker for God stays fully employed and receives rich compensation.

You can work for God no matter where you happen to be today. Enjoy the work opportunity before you, and reap the reward. God takes excellent care of Her employees.

26 thoughts on “Work for God”

  1. Early in my study of C S I would know each day I was about my Fathers business . So on the less productive days materially I had gems .

  2. Lovely truly beautiful…Working for God surely brings the greatest satisfaction and the richest and best reward. Thanks Evan for this lovely insight. It has brought back past memories, when the situation at office was challenging. A good friend did encourage me with similar words as your blog speaks today.. We all are actually speaking in God’s employ, and nothing to worry if we are expressing good Godlike qualities. God will see to all our needs and bless us. Yes and I was so blessed. Working with this perspective made me see everything in a new light, enabled me to do my duties cheerfully and with an increased zest. I was blessed with a lovely working environment and good bosses.
    All relations are centered in God. If we proceed from this standpoint all our relations improve. God is our Creator, our Father and Mother, our protector our provider, giver of all good, our best ever friend, our true relative. Do we give our love, our time to understand His power and His place in our life? Do we remember to give Him gratitude for His innumerable blessings? If so, then everything works well at home and in office.

  3. Thank you for this lovely posting. It reminds me of the letter/ article by Mrs Eddy, which Mr Dickey studied before he wrote ‘God’s law of Adjustment. (Wonder if I can find it on jshonline….). A happy day to all!

  4. Dear Evan and group. Beautiful and useful article. To work on that aspect, I understand that we have to start in the only way possible, and it is by Principle, by God, Life, Truth, Love. This then makes a domino effect, we touch the Fundamental Piece that inevitably makes the effect on the rest of the pieces is Perfect and they move with Grace. To all very grateful for your daily comments, which nourish me. Excellent day for today.

  5. For today, this sentence of Mrs. Eddy seems perfect to me: “Have courage, the struggle with oneself is great, it gives us a lot of employment and the Divine Principle works with us … and obedience crowns the effort with victory”

  6. The timing for this post and these ideas Evan, couldn’t be better for me! thank you…
    I am very aware of what you are saying but it is so easy to “forget” as we start to try to solve a situation materially.

  7. Today’s message is perfect for me also, but in that I have work needed to be completed and am struggling to have the contractor come back before winter weather, as he has started another job elsewhere, while waiting for materials to come in. I need to demonstrate God’s abundance and what should be rightfully done will be. Thank you for these helpful thoughts, Evan and also for everyone who comments and who shares spiritually (behind the scenes) in these challenges we all seem to have.

  8. Evan – thanks for such a clear reminder of our purpose of being about our “Father’s business.” I’m grateful for the insightful comments too. Thank you all!

  9. Well as someone who was brought up as a Christian Scientist (which is NOT Scientology).We learn this concept that expressing God is our real true main job. Any human job / career / business is a place to express those qualities (reflecting his qualities . comes from Genesis Chapter 1 -the spiritual creation, Man & Woman were made in his image)…Anyways I have heard this concept explained so deeply before as this blog post. Thanks Mr. MelonB

  10. Thank-you Evan!!! I love working for God!!! Appreciated Gustavo’s reply where he quotes Mrs. Eddy, “Have courage, the struggle with oneself is great, it gives us a lot of employment and the Divine Principle works with us … and obedience crowns the effort with victory.”

  11. This answered a particular need which I had this morning. It was very clear and solved a small, but potentially prickly, problem, for which I was searching for an answer. Thank you, Evan.

  12. I literally cried out last night for the answers I have received in this blogpost today. I am not surprised to receive this answer as I am trusting more and more that God really does answer our prayers. I know we are always employed by God, but I lost sight of that for a few days and took a very wrong turn. It is so much easier and more joyful to be employed by God through effortless reflection than to take on the weight of some limited, flawed, material employment. As always, thank you Father-Mother God and thank you Evan for listening to God’s inspiration and passing it on. We are truly blessed and always employed.

  13. I am so pleased to have God as my only employer and He gives me plenty to do as I go about His business. Hymn 225 at the end of the last verse states my job description, “Henceforth my great concern shall be .. To love and praise Thee more.”

  14. Early in my study of C S I learned that every minute of every day I was about my Fathers business . In my 45 years of working as an Administrative Assistant and Sr. Executive Secretary, I was blessed with a lovely working environment and good bosses at the 3 places I worked during that time. My husband passed on 35 years ago.

    We had 4 very active sons. The last 30 years of work, I would come home, get the mail, change clothes, start dinner, put a load of wash on. After dinner put load in dryer and open mail. When buzzer went off immediately folded clothes. Twice a month for 30 years went back to work after dinner to take minutes at school Board meetings. During these years I also worked into early morning s (1 -3 a.m.) Thursdays and Fridays either preparing food for weddings or the cakes (made 40 wedding cakes, including those of my 4 sons, taking them 80 miles, 120 miles, 525 miles and making one cake in Australia). Also chaired many events for 150-200 and did centerpieces, decoration, a lot of corsages, buffets, etc. Many events with sons. Sometimes had to take a deep breath and know that if the activity is right all things are possible as God’s reflection.

    I never felt tired or put upon. Never felt rushed – Just enjoyed doing for others. I have been richly rewarded, for which I am so grateful. So grateful to Mrs. Eddy for Science & Health With Key to the Scriptures. That book and the Bible are treasures studied daily.

    Although I retired 18 years ago, I still wake up knowing I am about my Father’s business – although in many different ways now.

    Thank you Evan and all.

  15. God is our one and only employer!

    I noticed that decades ago while working in an im- and export company.
    I always saw our boss a s our boss. Until one evening at home, where it suddenly became clear to me that not this boss but only GOD can be and is my boss and employer.

    That freed me a big lot. From then on my business life changed completely. I later became a Christian Science nurse. And today of course only God is my boss in church work which is most blessing!

    thank you Evan for the reminder to be also very grateful how God is guiding us in thought and in deed.

    Thank you all for your lively and inspired comments! 😉

  16. Thanks again Evan. Your blog as always inspiring and the wake-up call much needed!
    It’s all about fulfilment.

  17. You yourself, Evan, are a good example of a worker for God as you put forth the effort – five days a week – to express to us, your readers, the spiritual gems flowing through your thoughts. And you do this faithfully for free, out of love for God and love for all humanity. Thank you.

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