Worry no more

July 25, 2013 | 6 comments

God cares for you,


so turn all your worries over to him.


Whatever you worry about, God has already solved. Instead of spinning your wheels in place and going nowhere, or backward, learn to trust God more. Let divine Mind unfold the perfect plan for you and prove that you have nothing to worry about.


What you cannot do humanly, God can do spiritually.


6 thoughts on “Worry no more”

  1. I have found lately, other Bible Translations being used, not only in Spirit View, but also in other C/S Websites. I find this quite distracting because it doesn’t give the Bible verse that initial spiritual push that is so needed. I know I am protesting, but I feel very strongly about this. If one wants other translations, the new technologies makes them easy to find. I am so used to the original King James Version that others turn me away. Please go back to what’s correct.

  2. Tobias,

    I encourage you to think a bit wider and more expansive about Bible translations! I understand that you have grown comfortable and accustomed to the KJV over the years, but keep in mind that the KJV is a translation too. To read the original, you need to learn Hebrew and Greek! But that is not practical for most of us. Many of the newer translations bring out the original spiritual being in much clearer terms than the KJV, and so they prove quite useful for those who are seeking the deeper meaning. The KJV certainly has much to offer, but other translations have much to offer too. So, I encourage you to stay open minded on the subject!

    Lots of love,

  3. “Worry is atheism.” I don’t know who said this, but…guess it is sort of a translation from some Bible
    words from 5,000 years ago…perhaps about God totally loving us, so why should we worry?
    Tobias, I, too, love the King James Version (KJV) of the
    Bible, but, let’s face it folks, it can be, for some, like trying to understand Shakespeare, with all the Thees and Thous and such. My SS kids tell me they really don’t understand the words very well. We need to get up to speed and use lots of translations, like our dear Leader Mary Baker Eddy did. She had many Bibles!

    Love your comments, Evan! (And yours too Tobias!)


  4. I understand what Tobias is saying, but lately I have been doing my own translating of the KJV in our Bible Lesson as I read along! And a whole new world has opened up for me. I found I was almost entranced by the words in the KJV instead of the meaning. I am loving my new approach. I do love the translations and always feel enriched by jumping over to Bible.com and reading two or three versions of a KJV verse in the Bible Lesson. Love the Message at times, love the NIV at times, and others. Better than learning Greek and Hebrew! Onward!

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