A worthy New Year’s resolution

December 29, 2017 | 21 comments

Millions of people make resolutions this time of year in a determination to make something better of themselves. You might be one of them!

Resolutions range from losing weight, to paying off debt, reconciling with another or developing a happier outlook. Some people succeed in reaching their goal, others soon forget they even set a goal.

I’ve found that the best goals to set are spiritual ones, such as seeking spiritual mindedness, love, feeling close to God, and finding profound peace of mind. These not only benefit me spiritually, they keep me happy and healthy. They cover the whole ground of the human experience. A rising tide lifts all boats.

The Apostle Paul wrote,

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” II Cor. 5:17, NLT.

To be “in Christ,” is to be spiritually minded. It’s where the old is put off for the new, where the material is put off for the spiritual and the “new man” of God’s creating appears.

Enjoy putting on the “new man” this year.

21 thoughts on “A worthy New Year’s resolution”

  1. Good morning, Evan. Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added.” So I fully agree with Evan. Our effort should consist of looking for the spiritual, love, peace, health … and the rest will come alone. Go reaching each time, a higher state of consciousness. Year after year, we will mutate from the matter to the Spirit until there will come a time when we will always see God first and … by effect we will only see the Reality, the Harmony
    Evan and the whole group, I wish you an excellent end of the year and an even better start, fighting for the New Man.

  2. Thanks again Evan and others for these valued insights over the past year. Very best to all for the New Year.

  3. Thank you Evan for this wonderful Spiritview site! This is part of of my daily study each morning. Your understandable, acceessible and inspired messages are particularly helpful for those unfamiliar or new to Christian Science. Thank you for providing this bridge so that all may feel Spirit’s embrace and find hope and healing.

    1. I “second” these comments! Thank you Evan – for your gifts of inspiring ideas and explanations, even examples of CS treatments that bless us all.

  4. Yes M.J. that is my sentiment too. Evan provides that practical, understandable bridge that links us to the Truth. I have friends who belong to their church bible study groups, and I think I wish I had a face to face CS bible study group in my area. However, SV gives us the ability for a world wide bible study and S&H study where we share and test ideas.
    Thanks to Evan and our on-line team! Happy New Year to all.

    1. I have to chime in with a heart full of gratitude, Evan for the inspiring truths you express daily, and for this wonderful group of world wide contributors. Hymn # 218 expresses it all: “O Love that maketh all things new, the blooming earth, the thoughts of men. Our pilgrim feet, wet with Thy dew, In gladness hither turn again…From hand to hand the greeting flows, From eye to eye the signals run, From heart to heart the bright hope glows, The seekers of the Light are one…..

  5. Gustavo is right on. U are part of my morning,
    Evan. Ty for giving me fresh insight each and every day Your constant support is invaluable
    My New Year is better because of your blog
    Again, much gratitude and a prosperous 2018 in divine science

  6. Thank you Evan and All for a wonderful year of inspiration and love. I look forward to all of the blogs and comments and thoughts shared here. They are always so helpful in my learning the lessons of Truth. The best New Year to you all!

  7. Thank you for a year filled with such spiritual inspiration and enlightenment ! The daily lift today quoted Misc. writings : “The uplifting of the spirit was the upbuilding of the body.” I feel this blog and all the thoughts shared are so uplifting ! I often find a powerful change of thought and lots of joy smiles from this creative and insightful blog along with the many supportive comments ! It’s refreshing and healing to see the world from a Spirit View ! Wishing you, Evan, and all blog family members a bright new year!

  8. Much gratitude to Evan and everyone for the insights and blessings here. Wishing you all a wonderful and joyous New Year big with blessings.

  9. Never did gratitude and love unite more honestly

    in uttering the word THANKS, than ours at this season.

    ~ Mary Baker Eddy

    Thank you Evan!

  10. I, too, am grateful for the many blessings that the love of God brings to all of us. This website is definitely one of those blessings as is the many loving comments made by its members. Happy new year to all. I look forward to 2018 and learning from this exchange of ideas of divine love.

  11. Yes thank you Evan and all for sharing these wonderful truths each morning. You make my day so much more fulfilling. Happy New Year everyone.

  12. Dear jhp, you already have a Bible study group – it begins with you. I started a group that meets in our Sunday School on Friday mornings at 11 AM when the reading room opens. It’s an informal gathering, sometimes as few as one or two, but numbers don’t impede the sharing of inspirations gathered from the weekly Bible lesson. Our reading room is closed today due to the holidays, but I have someone coming to my home this morning and we’ll have a blessed time together sharing our thoughts and inspirations.

    May everyone here feel closer to God throughout this New Year and beyond!

  13. Thanks to Evan for the inspirational “talks” each day and to all who join in. It’s a wonderful family of spiritual seekers. Heartfelt love to you all. The promise for next year and thanks for the past years is in Psalms 65—“Thou crownest the year with thy goodness.”

  14. Thank you Daphne, for that wonderful suitable Psalm 65 – thats what I take deep in my heart, too.

    Am thankful having the opportunity to join in to all SpiritView friends in rejoicing and thanking for all of Evan`s so inspiring, uplifting, yes and healing SpiritView messages. And am looking very much forward to Evan`s so inspirational messages for the coming year, blessing us all!

    As I already said in a former SV, wishing everybody a joyous, happy New Year overflowing with healing demonstrations and much Love!

  15. I have come to spiritview late today, but have now read it along with all the comments, and I heartily agree with everyone – that together with the Bible Lesson and the Daily lift, Evan’s inspired column gives us all a really strong start to the day – and it’s really good to have the opportunity to share comments. Bless you, Evan!

  16. I share everyone’s apprecation of your blogs Evan and am so grateful to the dear friend who originally told me about SpiritView. I wonder how many there are of us worldwide who are tuning in to these daily. What wonderful thoughts are travelling around the world! Much love to all.

  17. Evan,
    Thank you for sharing your light throughout the year and keeping us alert. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone has a blessed new year! 🙂

  18. It is lovely being able to say Happy New Year to so many people across the world and to join with them in enjoying the wonderful and informative blogs from Evan each day.
    Thank you all.

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