Happy New Year

January 1, 2018 | 36 comments

With the ringing in of January 1st, out goes the year 2017 and in comes the year of 2018. It’s a reminder that the calendar keeps flipping pages with each advancing day. But it’s also an opportunity to remember that life is eternal. It does not age. It makes no note of days and months and years. It is timeless, forever reflecting the on-going activity and love of God that knows no end.

May your New Year be a Spirit-filled year, a time of immense spiritual growth, advancing spiritual understanding and deeper experience of God’s love. May it be filled with strength and health, inspiration and revelation that freely come from God and are yours every day to reflect and enjoy to the fullest.

Happy New Year!

36 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Happy New Year to you, Evan and thank you so much for your daily spiritual insights! They are so uplifting and inspiring! Bless you. X

  2. Thank you so much, dear Evan, for your New Year message with the reminder that Life is eternal, timeless, and reflecting the activity of our Father Mother God. I shall print it out to remind me where my focus should be all year round. I pray for growth in a deeper understanding of Life, Truth and Love, and man’s reflection of them.

    A blessed New Year to you and all the happy band of followers of Spiritview.

  3. Evan thank you for your uplifting new year message and for all the wonderful ideas you have gave us over the past year. They are so inspirational and I know there will be many more to come in this new year, including the helpful comments and poems from my fellow SpiritViewers.

    1. Hi Sireen. I am unable to bring up your article as I don’t have an online account.
      Is there another way to get it? Ted.

      1. Here’s the poem.

        From the January 3, 1901 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

        “Ring out the old, ring in the new,
        Ring out the false, in the true.”
        So sing the joy bells at this New Year’s tide,
        And in those words, to each and all,
        There comes a message echoing far and wide.

        Ring out the pride, the hatred, and self-will,
        The thoughts of malice which contain
        The poison that doth sting and wound and kill,

        And let the love of self no longer stay,
        Deny it, and declare it naught,
        Then, to the love of Christ it will give way.

        Ring in the thoughts of peace, good-will, and love,
        The love for God and man alone,
        And on our hearts will rest the heavenly dove.

        O may this message ringing from the tower,
        Be heard by all! And let us then,
        Not only once a year, but every hour
        “Ring out the old, ring in the new,
        Ring out the false, ring in the true.”

        1. Thank you Paul.
          It is lovely.
          I must print all these poems as they are useful reminders for future millennia.
          Happy New Year to all. (in All).

  4. Dear Evan
    For the glorious truth you have shared with us today – and everyday – I am deeply grateful!

    Thanks, too, to all who contribute to this unfailing uplift.

    Shireen: the poem is very helpful – thank you!

    Happy New Year to ALL

  5. I’ve been blessed with this spiritual family and I am grateful for this wonderful sharing. Thank you Evan and all who contribute – Happy new year. Expect the good!

  6. Live is eternal and when called upon, you have the direct right answer or suggestion.

    I often inquire about quality, and you seem to hit the nail on the head. As we enter this new year we sometimes find that we need direction. Last year you answered all my concerns.

    From a material standpoint I find myself slowing down a bit. I am aware that sometimes mental thinking seems to direct me away from spiritual awareness and I tend to fail in the notion of physical age identification and I use this not experience going places alone such transportation awareness. It takes me longer, sometimes to get where I am going. Others seem to tell,oh, that goes with aging identification. I do not always want to give in the that conception. Some of you may laugh because that seems to appear with the aging time. Huh, Get away from me Satan I am not part of your thinking ?

  7. Thank you for this excellent New Year’s blessing. It expresses my own prayers and expectations perfectly. May the blessings you share return to you multiplied!

  8. Thank you, Evan, and dear members of the SpiritView family—gratitude for all the good shared. Thanks for the poem, Paul. Love and best wishes for a year filled with joy and spiritual growth!

  9. Happy New Year to you, dear Evan, and many, many thanks for your daily spiritual insights which I love so much.

    And a Happy New Year to ALL.

  10. I too am enjoying all the New Years poems on JSH-Online.

    Just a note on the above poem…I think a word was left out in the second sentence…”ring” after the comma. The last sentence is “Ring out the false, ring in the true.” a repeat of the second sentence I think?

    Here is another poem I ran across and was inspiring so thought I’d share too…

    The New Year

    From the January 22, 1921 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

    No bell can ring it in,
    For lo, ’tis here—
    Full knowledge of his God
    Man’s glad New Year!

    Then shall the chiming bells
    Begin nor end;
    Eternal round of praise
    To God ascend.

    There shall be time no more.
    Man loosed and free
    Shall hail with shout and song

    “Happy New Year!” to all. (=

  11. Had to share this one too from Mrs. Eddy:

    Jan. 1, 1910.

    By Mary Baker Eddy

    From the February 1910 issue of The Christian Science Journal

    This poem was later republished in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany: My. 354:13-355:4


    O Blessings infinite!
    O glad New Year!
    Sweet sign and substance
    Of God’s presence here.


    Give us not only angels’ songs,
    But Science vast, to which belongs
    The tongue of angels
    And the song of songs.

    Mary Baker Eddy.

    [The above lines were composed by Mrs. Eddy on New Year morning, in about ten minutes. The members of her household were with her at the time, and it was gratifying to them, as it will be to the Field, to see in her spiritualized thought and mental vigor a symbol of the glad New Year on which we have just entered.—Editor.]

  12. Dear Evan & SpiritView family,

    Thank you and Happy New Year to all!

    So grateful for the wonderful articles throughout the year which cover so many topics and for comments by all! I always leave this site feeling brighter and happier than when I arrived! Thank you, God – thank you all!

  13. Am grateful for today`s SpiritView, dear Evan, as it points to e t e r n a l Life, which is God, Love.

    Here is one sentence from this weeks lesson sermon very suitable: p. 584:4-6 SH: “The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded.”

    And thank you very much for the second paragraph of this SV. Are not those inspiring truth thoughts and so desirable wishes of Evan unspeakable wonderful?
    I wish that heartily to a l l of you and for myself, too.

    Thank you deeply Evan! 🙂

  14. Oh my goodness! There are so many…so inspiring. I promise this will be the last! (Printing instead of a link so those who can’t access JSH can enjoy them. (=)

    The Year

    From the January 1950 issue of The Christian Science Journal

    Measured by mortals into old and new,
    The year is limited to certain days.
    Above, beyond this transient, earth-bound view,
    Eternity awaits the inspired gaze.
    There is no sadness with the closing year,
    No human striving with the dawning span,
    No resolutions made with pride and fear,
    When we have glimpsed the harmony of man.
    God does not measure time: one day with Him
    Is as a thousand years; He bids us turn
    Our eyes with inward vision, never dim,
    Upon eternity, His time to learn.
    Here are no solar limits: endless, free,
    God’s year is crowned with immortality.

  15. Thanks so much to both Rhonda and Shireen for the poems you have shared, and to Paul for including it. What a blessed family we are.
    Happy New Year to all!

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      and thank y o u for sharing these very helpful and inspiring poems!
      Will print them out and keep them.

      When I remember all the wonderful inspiring SV`s and Vlogs of Evan and the so interesting, loving and inspiring comments of the SpiritView family, then I know for sure that we all will have a very happy and progressive New Year!
      thank you a l l! 🙂

  16. Thank you,Evan,and contributors, for all of the inspiring thoughts shared here.It is such a blessing to read this each day!

  17. Thanks to Evan, and all who contribute!

    The past year was a very challenging one for me. I’m glad for the inspiring thoughts from SpiritView (Evan and contributors), the lesson, practitioners, friends, songs, poems, nature, even movies.

    I especially appreciate the reminder that life is eternal, as my mother passed on this year. I know she’s doing fine, but it’s hard not to miss her material presence. I do believe the qualities she expressed are God’s qualities, and are ever-present; I can never lack them. But it’s not always easy to remember that. So, I appreciate all the reminders I get to help me more fully realize the ever-presence of Love!

  18. Happy New Year to Evan and Kathy & all SpiritView contributors. I am so grateful for all the inspiration gleaned from all. Most grateful to Mrs. Eddy.

    Shireen thank you for the link to that wonderful poem, “A New Year’s Thought” ~ from Mary Lilias Best in the January 3, 1901 edition of the CS Sentinel.

    “See” you all in 2018!!

  19. Thank-you for these powerful expressions of truth and for the beautiful poems.
    Wishing everyone a joyous 2018 blessed with awareness of much love.

  20. Dear Bill,
    I became aware of this idea recently and thought it might help you. Aging is nothing more than human opinion, not the spiritual fact about our ageless eternal identity as God’s expression. Mary Baker Eddy reminds us that human opinion is valueless. And yet, how often we “buy into” how we are supposed to be acting as we spend more years here. Who says we are slowing down? Surely not God! He made us to be ever active, ever vibrant, ever strong–it’s in our infinite divine design! I challenge all of us to meet head on the belief that we can ever slow down and “act out” the roadmap of a mortal that ends in decline. NO WAY!!! We aren’t mortal at ALL, we are the reflection of the all acting, all wise, all good, all seeing, all knowing Creator. I refuse to act my age! God doesn’t add up my birthdays and suggest an outcome! He knows me as I am! Like Him in all ways. Hope this helps, Bill. Maybe Evan will write some more articles about overcoming the aging lie! Happy New Year, friends!

    1. This business of another year passing can be daunting Bill and it becomes more and more important to me to daily watch my thinking constantly to know I am ageless/timeless in God’s eyes. Grace, I love your response. It is so helpful.
      Happy New Year Evan and contributors to this daily SV present to us all.
      JANE B from CA.

    1. thank you awfully, dear Grace – that hits the nail on its head.

      Very very good, I, too, refuse to act my age!

      I work and pray on it and God is with us a l l the time.

      Thank you God for Christian Science, for MBE, Christ Jesus and all the wonderful Christian Scientists helping us – Love to all!

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