Yield to the infinite

April 8, 2024 | 22 comments

The finite must yield to the infinite.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 256

Wow!  What an amazing fact to understand and demonstrate.  

The finite has no choice but to yield to the infinite.

Which means, lack yields to abundance.

Limitation yields to limitlessness.

An attitude of “I can’t do it,” yields to “I can do it.”

Wrong yields to right.

Error yields to Truth.

Hate yields to Love.

Anxiety yields to trust.

Ignorance yields to knowledge.

Fear yields to peace.

Matter yields to Spirit.

The finite is nothing compared to the infinite.  

Yield to the infinite and prosper without limit.  The sooner the better.

22 thoughts on “Yield to the infinite”

  1. Thx Evan for this wonderful Truth and the daily inspiration. It reminds me of the first sentence in Science and Health — To those leaning on the sustaining infinite to-day is big with blessings.

  2. I love this, Evan – thank you. It is a good follow-up to yesterday’s message of awareness.
    We can keep adding to the list with whatever comes up that is discordant – i.e. sickness yields
    to health; evil yields to goodness…….. It is very practical and doable.

  3. With a lot of focus on the solar eclipse, this topic of infinity brings us together beautifully
    with understanding of a power much bigger than ourselves.. the power of endless
    Goodness, like the universality of space where there are no limits and God’s Love is Supreme
    over all.
    Mrs. Eddy writes in Misc. Writings, pg #82,
    “Infinite progression is concrete being, which finite mortals see and comprehend only as
    abstract glory. As mortal mind, or the material sense of life, is put off, the spiritual sense
    and Science of being is brought to light”.
    When the supposed darkness of our limited thinking in mortal mind is understood/
    replaced with the Truth of our spiritual Being, light … we are able to see more and more
    of God’s unlimited, eternal blessings for we – His/Her children in this vast universe of
    Soul’s expression and what an inexhaustible peace is that.

  4. There is a lovely poem in the March CSJ that reads in part:
    “I am here ..,
    To serve, not demand.
    To give, not to get.
    To love, not to seek love.
    To share, not to withhold.
    To let go, not to pursue.
    To shine, not to seek the spotlight.
    To be about my Father’s business, not my own.”
    By Whit Larsen
    To enjoy the full poem see CSJ March page 35

    1. Not in the March Journal, John. There is a poem there called “Ready for Progress”Perhaps it is in the April one which I don’t have yet.

    2. Beautiful poem John thank you for copying it, I wish I could read the full text but I was not able to find it, it is not in the March CSJ issue, may be somebody found it and can give the référence ?

  5. Thanks, Evan, for selecting this topic. And thanks to all who have
    commented, and J for the link to the article by Jack Hubbell. This
    is just what I needed this morning.

  6. Feeling such a power of God’s control and infinity today, with the darkness of the
    solar eclipse and then bright again, brought to thought how the material senses try to
    trick us into believing in falsities and limitations. It would Appear that the sun
    rises in the east and sets in the west, with the earth standing still. In experiencing
    the eclipse today, and after searching more regarding the sun.. Hymn #226 helped in
    reflection of being part of God’s universe, with complete order and harmony:
    “Shine forth, O .. Light, that we may see, With hearts all unafraid,
    The meaning and the majesty Of things that Thou hast made:
    Shine forth, and let the darkling past Beneath Thy beam grow bright;
    Shine forth, and touch the future vast With Thine untroubled light.”
    Just as we know after the darkness of the eclipse, we are not fearful that the sun will
    not again shine. or after nighttime, that the sun will not again rise in the morning.. these
    lessons of trust help us to see the majesty of God’s creation, with the finite (temporary
    darkness), yielding to the infinite.

  7. Dear Evan. Thank you for the richness of SPIRITVIEW. today. It’s been playing on my thoughts sinc I first read it in the middle of the night. So grateful. And so grateful to everyone.

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