You are like a diamond

June 28, 2013 | 7 comments

One of the strongest solids on earth is the diamond. Diamonds are used on drill bits because they are tougher than the stone the drills need to cut through. A diamond can scratch a piece of granite, but granite cannot scratch a diamond.
You are like a diamond!
The reality of your individuality is your spirituality, and this spirituality that constitutes your being is tougher than any material condition, circumstance or trouble you ever face.
Think like a diamond.
Don’t fear adversity, disease or turmoil. It cannot get into you any more than a piece of sandstone can get into a diamond. The surface of the diamond is too tough to penetrate.
Likewise, the “surface” of your being is immortal. It cannot be penetrated by mortal error. You do not have to fear it.
Error cannot get into you any more than a piece of sand get into a diamond.
Act like a diamond.
No matter who you face today, what is said to you, what you hear, see, or feel, if it’s not coming from God, you do not have to fear it. It will not get into you. It cannot, because you are like a diamond. The mortal does not penetrate the immortal.

You are safe in your immortality. It will never cave or crumble. It lasts forever.

7 thoughts on “You are like a diamond”

  1. Someone told me at the end of a seminar once: “if you own the only diamond in the country that is rare. If you own the only diamond in the world, that is rarest. But if you own the only diamond in existence, that is irreplaceable.” We are that diamond, I’s so grateful Mary Baker Eddy stresses the inviolate nature of our individuality. As these diamonds, we have a job to do–shine!

  2. So grateful for this reminder of our innate divinity, and of our irreplaceable value. You and yours are also Evan dear….happy weekend. Love to all……

  3. What a great analogy. Our self worth is like a diamond. Mortal Mind can’t cut into it. Stay the course upward. The false beliefs don’t have the means to cut through your spiritual thinking and bring it down.

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