The right premise for finding happiness

July 1, 2013 | 5 comments

A fundamental premise of Christian Science is that we are primitively spiritual beings living a spiritual life in the kingdom of heaven now. Humans find this reality to be true as they cultivate spiritual mindedness, turn from sense to Soul, and think spiritually. Progress happens in degrees.
But too often, humans reason from the premise that they are lacking mortals who need something material to be happy. And they look for happiness in material ways, perhaps through the acquisition of things, over-eating food, seeking fame, status, or more money. These gratifications of the senses may bring temporary delight and surface joy, but they always leave the seeker looking for more. There is never an end, a final resting place of genuine contentment and permanent satisfaction.
There’s a way to prevent venturing down a road to happiness that leads to a dead end.
Identify yourself correctly!
Understand yourself to be a whole complete child of God now!
Don’t see yourself as a lacking mortal trying to find happiness in a material world.
You’re an immortal blessed with the fullness and goodness of God.

You already have what you need to overflow with real joy, the kind that sticks forever. You don’t need something material first before you thrive.

5 thoughts on “The right premise for finding happiness”

  1. As I mature in my understanding of Sprit, I see perfect gifts all around me of how great we all are. Being the sons and daughters of One Perfect Sprit. Thank You Evan for reminding me to Look for the God in all things.

  2. The greatest thing that I have ever done to find happiness way before I even heard of C/S is to do unto others as I would have then do unto me. That’s the way I lived my life even as a child. Never with the attitude, you give me then I’ll give you.

  3. This ties in perfectly with today’s Daily Lift message, “Seek ye first …” by a new lecturer, Dave Hohle.

    When we seek the kingdom of God first, we can’t help but see ourselves as his beloved children, living life abundantly.

    Thank you, Evan, for this extension of today’s Daily Lift! 🙂

  4. Mrs Eddy blazed an amazing trail and her followers while only having a glimpse of what she understood have done a wonderful job of protecting and maintaining the framework that supports her work. Now, many, many, thinkers, and prophets, doctors and scientists are glimpsing it also. This message you share is so vital,… that it is only by “blending with God”, losing a material sense of ourselves that we enter the kingdom. Beautifully put you faithful servant!

  5. Thank you, Evan !
    It’s always good to be reminded that true happiness always comes from God.
    When our happiness is based on God, every little thing becomes meaningful. And under this state of conciousness miracles and more miracles happen like magic ! 😀

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