You are not a mess-up

November 5, 2021 | 34 comments


If you’re ever tempted to think you are a “mess-up,” you can stop believing it. God never created a mess-up!

Mortal mind makes a mess of understanding God’s perfect creation. But one learns in Christian Science to not consult mortal mind for truth. God is Truth. The only place you can go for reliable information about who you are and what you’re all about, is directly to God.

God made you perfect, in the divine likeness!

You are not a flawed mortal. You are an unchangeably perfect immortal.

Each moment is an opportunity to discover more of your awesome, brilliant, amazing individuality made in the likeness of God. Be sure to make the most of every moment!

To prosper, shut down any negativity coming from mortal mind, and listen only to divine Mind. Divine Mind has only unending good to say about you.

Lend your ear to God, never to material sense, and hear how wonderful you are as God’s beloved.

You are not a mess-up. You are God’s presence. Enjoy!

34 thoughts on “You are not a mess-up”

  1. Thank you Evan! This morning while doing my morning paying of bills, and groceries , the same wonderful idea about my real identity as loved, pure, joyous, complete continuously overflowing in my thoughts! What a kind and loving reminder from our dear Father-Mother God!

  2. Thank you. Something happend yesterday and I was so annoyed with myself that I’ve had a constant conversation going about how on earth could I have said and done what I did…when was I ever going to learn. I woke up this morning still thinking about “messing up” and then I read the title and thought, this is just what I need.

    I appreciate being reminded I am not a messed up person living in a human condition but the perfect idea of God, I really needed the reminder.

  3. Reading the last sentence,, “You are God’s
    presence.” It came as, You are God’s
    We are the permanent present of God’s
    presence to everyone. And who doesn’t
    like to receive a present. Especially a God

  4. Reading the last sentence,, “You are God’s
    presence.” It came as, You are God’s
    We are the permanent present of God’s
    presence to everyone. And who doesn’t
    like to receive a present. Especially a God
    present. No mess-up there.

    1. Doris Peel wrote a poem I believe entitled Daily God’s Delight and I believe one line went this way “You are God’s song sung out in joy today.” I’m not sure if that’s the exact wording but it does go along with your being God’s “present”.
      Today we can all delight in who we are..

      1. Thank you for mentioning this poem, John! It is one of my favorites! I could not find in on JSH-Online, but I had a copy of it. Here are the words:

        by Doris Peel

        Daily I am His delight,
        Daily He rejoices in
        His handiwork–
        all fresh, all bright,
        all wrought from elemental light
        to be what He beholds as me.

        His song sung out in world this day!
        His theme in play! His act of joy!
        Love laughs, And I —
        O it is laughter
        that I am! His poem, His psalm!
        In sight of Him
        how fashioned of gladness
        I must be! How lark-on-wing
        a thing – that He
        daily should thus
        delight in me; His poem, His song
        sung out. His theme! His everlasting
        act of joy.

      2. Hi John – Kathi from Sacramento – thanks so much for mentioning this poem and also to Jenny Wiersba for posting it. It was just what I needed to read today.

    2. From the November 1974 issue of The Christian Science Journal

      How words that issue
      from the Word itself
      must burn through! Must quite translate

      syllable by syllable and phrase by phrase

      this garbled globe, this blundering race
      this whole preposterous, played-out masque

      back into such first innocence of breath—
      pre-dust, pre-Eden-swindle—that
      all move as the unlapsed angels must

      through infinite cycles of delight.

      Doris Peel

  5. Do you wish the world were happy? / Then remember day by day, / Just to scatter seeds of kindness / As you pass along the way. -Ella Wheeler Wilcox, poet (5 Nov 1850-1919)

    Sorry I don’t know how my last one came twice.

    1. Dear “M”,
      “No mess up there.” You added! I must have been important to express that.
      As a perfect reflection, being Gods reflection, you extended your message and emphasized the theme. There is nothing to apologize for.
      Ella Wheeler Wilcox, what loveliness for you to share. Thank You.

  6. Sometimes we feel that we are not getting it right or we do the wrong thing according to mortal mind. The feeling of loathing is in our minds is overwhelming. Who or What is judging and cajoling us at this present moment? What we most need is the sense of love washing over us with the warmth of a loving presence. No words just a deep sense of His embrace.

  7. Giving in to a material belief is not a very strong healing process and rarely leads to spiritual understanding of our true selfhood. You could replace rarely with ‘almost never.’ I leave a smiggen for the statistical analyst. :–))

  8. There’s a statistic that 2/3 of us have low self-esteem with 1/3 confident in themselves. So, 2/3 of humanity really would be comforted by this message. The other 1/3 could use it, too. One of the biggest challenges of living here is switching from a sense of our human personality with foibles and an ego, to understanding of our actuality as spiritual image of God, the one Ego.

  9. Like Evan says, if we keep an ear attuned to the inner voice of divine Mind, we will express our spiritual natures and not mess up. Not unlike Jennifer, I too seemed to lose it and mess up yesterday, reacting ungraciously to someone. The thing about that is that the incident plays over and over in thought throughout the rest of the day, bringing feelings of self loathing and frustration. So much better to stay “prayed up” and patiently turn to God in every situation, instead of reacting humanly. The outcome will always be blessings for all.
    Thank you Evan… this was exactly the guidance I needed this morning.

  10. This brings to mind a little verse I heard not sure from where:

    I am the place where God shines through,
    For He and I are one not two,
    He wants me where and as I am,
    I need not fret, nor worry,, nor plan,
    If I am relaxed and free
    He will carry out all His plans through me.

    Thanks Evan for your daily inspirations

    1. I found a webpage that says the poem was written by a Unitarian Universalist named Charles Edwin Markham

      He also wrote another poem which you might have heard:
      He drew a circle that shut me out-
      Heretic, a rebel, a thing to flout.
      But Love and I had the wit to win:
      We drew a circle that took him in!

      1. Thank you Jenny! I had looked but obviously wasn’t as diligent as you. The poem/prayer ‘Outwitted’ has a wonderful lesson in it.
        This is why we can fall fowl of thinking we are a ‘mess up’ by Just not taking our seeking of spiritual consciousness, with its untold benefits,… that extra step faithfully further.
        Love to all❣️

  11. This morning I was deep in thought about the wonderful nature of God and His creation, then suddenly my thought drifted away from that special inspiration and into a past experience of which I felt deeply ashamed. I quickly got up as though to shake it off, and then I read today’s wonderful reminder of who I really am as God’s perfect .idea and child. Thank you!!!

  12. It’s very touching to read some of the heartfelt comments today. We may feel we’ve “messed up,” and then entertain mortal ideas that condemn a mortal self. Yet that self is not us, just a false belief about a self that doesn’t exist.

    There was a line in our lesson recently, “for the accuser is not there.” (S&H p. 568). The accuser is error, evil, devil etc, all powerless and “not there”, but that accuser is what tells us we messed up. We’re reminded here on SpiritView and in our studying/praying that we can quickly turn back to the wonderful truth of our Being so we don’t have to suffer a whole day (or longer) with the mental rehashing. We don’t have to keep it alive. I’ve been realizing that in any situation I have the choice to either feed error or be fed by God, I choose the latter.

  13. Thank you Evan. I feel I have been a “mess-up” for 3+ years now. Even though my initial responses were all about taking the “high road” and not giving in to the nastiness that was being thrown at me…

  14. Dear Rose,– thank you so much for your loving comment. Your words are such a comfort to me. God bless you.

  15. J thanks for the article by Elaina Simpson. Very helpful. I’ve read her blog a few times. She interviewed our dear Evan for one of her posts (1/25/21) on the topic of Sharing Christian Science, which he re-posted here on SpiritView (2/1/21).

    1. You’re welcome Rose. Thank you for adding the additional info about Elaina, so people can check out the interview. As always, appreciate all of your comments.

  16. Thank you to Evan and all! I got so much out of all of these posts!
    I want to add two more beautiful, poems which I have pinned on my bulletin board —
    Effortless Joy
    All – harmonious
    (no note wrong).
    God is singing —
    we’re His song!
    Gloria Clements
    The rosebud
    The rosebud woke to the
    morning breeze
    And smiled to the world with consummate ease.
    It thought to itself :God has given me room
    To gently unfurl and present
    perfect bloom.
    No need for anxiety, for
    His wondrous plan
    Is for me to express what
    already I am.

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