You don’t have to agree with bad suggestions

January 27, 2020 | 24 comments


Every hypnotist knows that they cannot force anyone to do anything. They can only make suggestions about what that person should do. It’s up to the person to decide whether they are going to agree with the suggestion and allow it to become their experience.

This rule is important to understand when defending one’s health.

God created man healthy and keeps him that way–forever. Our identity is in Spirit, and it never gets sick—ever.

Disease is never a condition of man. It is a suggestion of mortal mind about man, but it is never man.

The human mind, so-called, has a choice to make when mortal mind suggests disease is real. It either agrees with the suggestion and allows it to become experience, or it rejects the suggestion and prevents it from having a bad effect.

When mortal mind throws a bad suggestion your way, you can reject it! You have God-given dominion to say “No,” to any false belief and prevent harm.

If the carnal mind voices, “You are going to get sick,” you don’t have to agree.

If error whispers in the background of thought, “You are helpless and might as well accept suffering,” you don’t have to consent.

If mortal memory declares, “You got sick last year and should expect to get sick this year,” you can reject that suggestion and prevent it from repeating itself.

Mortal mind may suggest, but it can never enforce. Mortal mind cannot make evil appear real to you when thought is clear that God is good, and God is All.

For good health, stay awake to the tactics of the mortal mind hypnotist. When it dangles its dazzling “gems” of suggestion in front of your mental eyes and wants to control your thought with error, turn away, and refuse to listen. You can stay spiritually clear on reality and prevent bad effects.

You don’t have to agree with bad suggestions. You can agree with Truth and stay healthy.

“We should become more familiar with good than with evil, and guard against false beliefs as watchfully as we bar our doors against the approach of thieves and murderers”
(Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 234).

24 thoughts on “You don’t have to agree with bad suggestions”

  1. Oh, you explained the truth so clearly, thank you very much, Evan!
    Yes, we must and can stand strongly porter at the door of our thinking. Am praying to be thoroughly aware, that nothing can intrude our harmonious being in God, and that nothing but Truth and Love can influence us.
    Am grateful for SpiritView and all the lively comments!

  2. Hallelujah to Lively Comments ! Lively is such an apt adjective when we understand how enlivening, how life-giving Truth is. I too am grateful and I add JOYOUS !!!

  3. Yes, we should commit to this understanding as a way forward in our experience. Thank you, Evan for this clarity.

  4. When it dangles its dazzling “gems” of suggestion in front of your mental eyes and leads you to the jeweler, aka: google symptoms, for an estimate of what they’re worth and how long it will take to get them, who else is wearing them and how soon before you can show them off. And let’s not forget about the price you pay and method of payment. Oh my!

    1. Be happy, be you…Love how you took the ball and ran with it! You drew quite a mental image. Actually made me chuckle but was really quite sobering. “You must control evil thoughts (suggestions) in the first instance, or they will control you in the second.” Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health page 234:26. I added the parentheses. (=

  5. If someone suggested jumping off a bridge, robbing a bank or store, or other wrong things, it is just a suggestion and we would not follow through. But just have the body suggest something…
    Remembering it is just a suggestion we are free to walk away.

  6. Thanks Evan..this is what I should have read a few hours ago as I churned up endlessly about a grandchild being given medication for behaviour which really isn’t a problem..but now the parents have decided to label the child with a “disease”. Your post tonight reminds me that I do NOT have to allow this evil to take my peace of mind away…I CAN though, know that God speaks to them all…to the thoughts of all His children. So, misguided behaviour and actions by both children AND their parents can be guided by our universal Parent God. And I DO have God given dominion to say NO to this lie about a child of God or any situation.

  7. As we gain wisdom from successfully not accepting bad suggestions, we learn to distinguish divine Mind communications from mortal mind suggestions so that we also don’t accept mortal mind’s “good” suggestions which are really traps leading to a bad experience. Eventually, we even can reject even the suggestion that the mortal mind is real. Then we are completely governed by divine Mind and the so-called mortal mind has no power to even make suggestions good or bad. But we must demonstrate our way to that perfect understanding and demonstration step-by-step and rejoice at every step in the right direction gained.

  8. Thanks, Evan,
    It is absolutely important to guard what enters thought. whether the suggestion seems to come from within or from without, it is still mortal mind and not the Mind of God. For an example; Someone sent me an email in response to a reasonable request I had made. They began their email with, ” I hope you are well.” This may sound very thoughtful
    in a human sense, but coming from a Christian Scientist, the suggestion was that you are not well, and you need attention. To counter that suggestion, I needed to know that I am perfect, sound, whole, and intelligent, reflecting God in every way, and so were they. Suggestions bombard each and everyone of us every day but our sure defense is the truth that shields us every minute. We must rise in the morning and work for ourselves as we have been taught.

  9. Very clearly stated on how to guard our thinking against the subtle mortal mind suggestions. I love “Mortal mind may suggest, but it can never enforce.” Thank you!

  10. Thank you, Evan and commenters, for very powerful Truth. Yesterday I went hiking with 3 other women in Nacapule Canyon, MX. It is incredibly beautiful and somewhat challenging in places because of large boulders. After an hour or so two of my companions started complaining about the difficulty and declaring that they just weren’t as young as they used to be and just couldn’t do what they used to do. One even said her hiking days are over. While all this was going on I was praying to know the Truth about all of us. Refuting their erroneous suggestions. At one point they were stating that they are just getting less and less able, so I stated that I have gotten much stronger since I was taking better care of myself. I was silently affirming that our strength and balance is from God and has nothing to do with age.
    I an say it certainly worked for me, but they did not diminish in their complaints and affirmations of oncoming debility. I want my prayers to have a positive effect on my friends, but I see no evidence of it. However, I am convinced that there is always a positive effect from prayer somewhere, somehow.

  11. A very timely reminder at anytime of year but seems very
    Appropriate now.. Always very helpful in your statements of
    truth. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Evan!

    Been under false
    Mental suggestion for weeks now. Just when I thought I was all better another malady hit me. Reminds me of the ronco commercials… “but wait! Not only do you get this…but you also get this fabulously useless item all for one low price! The power of false promises and mortal mind try to tempt one into believing.
    Error had NO health! And it can’t have MINE!!
    Thank you all for your uplifting thoughts! Standing porter at the door of thought to demonstrate my perfection NOW!

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