When stuck, find a new route to the top

January 28, 2020 | 11 comments


Have you ever felt stuck? Like no matter what you try, there’s always something or someone preventing you from moving forward?

Maybe you have a project at work that needs approval, and no one important is paying any attention.

Maybe you’ve been praying about a health problem for a long time and see no evidence of progress.

Or you’re searching for the right person to be with, and no one suitable is showing up?

If so, perhaps it’s time to modify your approach, to seek another route “to the top,” so to speak.

Jesus Christ taught, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5:5). To “inherit the earth,” means to inherit all good things from God. It’s a promise that when you walk the path of meekness, all good things will come your way.

So, when it feels like nothing good is coming your way or there is something always standing in the way of your good being realized, consider walking a different path. Walk the path of meekness.

Start by putting aside all human preconceptions about what should happen, or you’d like to happen, and let God reveal a plan that works.

With God, there’s always a way to the top of what’s possible.

Human ego and pride see obstacles and limits.

Meekness sees an open path with no limits.

11 thoughts on “When stuck, find a new route to the top”

  1. When you’re standing underneath an overhanging ledge on your way up a mountain, and can’t see the mountain top, and it just seems impossible o go on, there are three ways to progress.
    1. Turn to the right or left, or walk backwards, and change your perspective, – a different path may be apparent.
    2. Ask for help. This is the beauty of teamwork. It takes meekness. God is always there, and Love provides our needs. This may well be fellow climbers / workers / family. There is always someone when you ask, always an angel thought.
    3. Check you still need to climb this mountain! Situations are always changing. Is this where God wants you to go?
    Meekness always opens the path, and God provides whatever we need to fulfil His purpose.
    Thank you Evan for this reminder.

  2. Timing is exceptional, as my daughter left on a road trip this morning heading west, along the southern route. Can hold these suggested choices in thought as she travels unfamiliar roads, to reach her destination.

  3. Evan, You couldn’t be more spot on today! I am working on a project for a non-profit with a couple other volunteers and today we just received a pledge of a major donation towards the project. It is so wonderful to see the demonstrations! So much gratitude for all the good! All things work together for good that love God! :):)

  4. Thanks Evan, I love to rely fully on God as my supply (Man is inseparable from his divine supply) and let no human will, human ego l, human opinions and human past experiences taint my way to live in the glory of a God’s (Soul) inexhaustible, undepletable and infinite resources of infinite adaptations and bestowals. It has widen my horizons of know what Infinite Love can do for me, mine and all. Now I am so eager and inspired to pray and see more wonders of God’s Love as ever-present supply of unfolding good ideas and solutions for my world through a humble prayer “Father Mother God, show me”

  5. Yes, thank you Evan! I think that meekness is a key to complete healing of every situation.
    Yesterday I experienced what Evan wrote: “putting aside all human preconceptions about what should happen and let God reveal a plan that works.” After studying the lesson, I went to an appointment. However this appointment turned finally out to settle very neccessary things, I had never expected during this appointment. It completely brought my insurences for my new car and for my home perfectly in order. That showed me that God was in control of the whole matter.
    Am grateful like ever, for Eban’s so blessing SpiritView blog and for the comments herein!

  6. Once again, Evan, thank you for helping to meet my need. This is exactly what I needed this moment. Thank you so much!

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