The road that leads to God

January 29, 2020 | 8 comments


What road are you driving today? Where is it taking you?

Roads take many different shapes and forms. Some are winding with a myriad of loops, switchbacks, ups and downs. Some feel very safe, like a highway paved through a vast open plain. Others feel dangerous like a narrow lane chiseled into the side of a steep mountain. There may be detours, backtracks, and dead ends that catch a driver by surprise, but there’s always a way to correct for them. Some roads are straight and easy to drive.

The good news is that whatever shape, form or contour the road takes that you are driving, all streets are connected to the one road that gets us all to the same place at the end of our trip—the final resting place of Truth.

If the pathway ahead of you looks dark and dreary, the light of Christ is present to illuminate your way and show you how to go and what to do next.

If you feel weak, the strength of Christ is present to lift you up, get you on your feet and moving again.

If you’ve made a mistake and regret past actions, Christ is present to redeem that error, give you a fresh new view to move forward with and leave the past behind.

If you see a huge obstacle before you, Truth is present to dissolve that obstruction and remove it from your way.

If you are mired in evil thoughts and can’t think of a single good thing, as dawn follows the night, it’s inevitable that those dark thoughts break and the light of truth and love dawn.

If disease threatens to halt your progress, Truth is present to cure that disease and restore your health.

God reigns supreme throughout His universe, and there isn’t any material belief, circumstance or situation that is going to keep you from discovering the fullness of God’s good, one way or the other. It’s inevitable!

So, whatever conditions you face, keep driving! Whether through fog, sleet, hail, blizzard, hurricane, or ice, God is with you. Christ empowers you to overcome all adverse conditions and to keep your vehicle moving down the pathway of progress.

There is one destination for everyone to arrive at, the one and only place Life allows us to be—at home with God in Truth and Love.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (II Timothy 4:7).

8 thoughts on “The road that leads to God”

  1. Brilliant! I personally love driving – the feeling of freedom and discovery, knowing I have the best guidance system showing me the way and assuring me that things are always working out – and that’s without Garmin, Magellan or On Star!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Evan,
    I have been receiving your messages on SpiritView for years. Both today and yesterday I didn’t
    receive them. I went to your site to try and resubscribe but wasn’t able to. I notice that there were only two comments today. Maybe others are having the same trouble.
    Thank you for all that you do. Barb

  3. I kept watching my inbox looking for this wonderful daily inspiration, until I had the thought to go directly to the site.Susan Shamroy says:

    Yes—I too had to go to the web site to find this post. I kept watching my inbox looking for this wonderful daily inspiration, until I had the thought to go directly to the site.

  4. Yes, I am another one who did not receive today’s post and had to go directly to the site.
    What a wonderful idea-that we ALL are on the same road and will arrive safely at the same destination.

  5. I went to yesterday`s SpiritView and scrolled down to “Newer”, as you can also see here below, and then I got this extra ordinary wonderful SpiritView of today up here.
    To make it excessible to those who did not subscribe to Evan`s precious SV I immediately posted it on Facebook for all FB friends.

    I love to drive by car, but I think it is not so ment the car driving itself but the spiritual lesson which is in this allegory. However you of course can apply it also to situations with your car, as I did shortly. When the dard season started and I was not yet used to drive in dark, I first had problems. I was quite scared. But then, as this driving in the dark was mostly my way home from ihe Wednesday eveningmeeting, I started driving knowing that the light of Christ is with me illuminating my way and show me the right path or road. I feel and let God take over the car ride.
    Am I utmost grateful for this blessing, healing and teaching blog of Evan!
    Thank you, Evan, for today`s SV that connects us with the truth that Truth, the divine Truth, our God, which makes us the way free and leads us the right way in life, so that we are finnálly at home with God in Truth and Love, as you say, dear Evan.
    Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health: “Love inspires, enlightens, designates and leads the way.”
    I love the II. Tomothy 4:7 – verse!

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