The higher view

January 30, 2020 | 20 comments


If you’d like to experience more spiritual healing in your life, strive for the higher view!

In this vlog, I share how Christian Science helps one find a higher spiritual view that resolves conflict, dissolves pain, and brings more harmony and peace your way.

This video is part of my series on the healing benefits of Christian Science.

It was filmed on the trip Kathy and I took up the Alaska highway last September.

“The Higher View”

20 thoughts on “The higher view”

  1. Agreed ! These blogs are early morning gems of inspiration. I love the sense of far corners of the world coming together to receive and benefit from these ideas. Thank you Evan, thank you Richard.

  2. Wow, thank you Evan, very much!
    You are opening our mental eyes to an utmost abundance of God’s richness of all good! You teach us the beauty of God and His totally spiritual Kingdom, where all is well and in which we live and move and have our being, n o w ! There is actually no other realm than that of God’s abundant supply and loving care for His spiritual creation.
    I love your Alaska-Vlogs with that beautiful scenery and landscape and with you, looking so nicely like enjoying wonderful sunny holidays. It’s so nice listening to your lovely voice. Thank you again, for this special spiritual Outlook which is so inspiring and healing!

  3. Thank you, Evan. And why not “go on and on” about getting and sticking to Love’s POV? Spiritual sense is that “conscious, constant, capacity” to understand God as Eddy indicates (bottom of p209 in Science and Health). Traveling within, and as, that point of view would be abundant gain Spiritward. What could be better fuel for this, or any, day?!

  4. Thank you, Evan, for this beautiful vlog on a higher spiritual view and its healing benefits and blessings! Your clarity and generosity in sharing CS in so many ways over the years is a gift of healing to each viewer, receiver, and the world. Abiding gratitude!

  5. Heavenly message! The masterpiece of God’s beauty painted through
    the lens of angels ~ messages sent through such Awesome scenery. I Love taking mini vacations with you and Kathy, Evan, on your journey to a higher view, the most Spiritual view. Such Beautiful videography! Thank you for sharing. Thank you Commenters also.

  6. Just wonderful, Evan. And just the angel message needed for where I am right now in growth and progress. May we all feel God’s love bringing us higher and higher to that ever-expanding view.

  7. KuaniPark
    In Yukon is. Very beautiful. Thanks for the uplift and examples of using the higher, spiritual outlook.
    Very helpful today and everyday as it is a Now experience
    Thanks again for this treatment.

  8. I love these vlogs of your holidays, not only for the spiritual inspiration you share with us, but also for the opportunity to visit these wonderful places with you – places that I will never have the opportunity to visit myself, but can do so through your vlogs. So grateful!

    1. thanks a lot Marge. As a German I am happy to learn the American abreviations and special expressions! 🙂

  9. Thank you, Evan for this beautiful vlog which holds the exact message I needed today. A beloved relative seems to be suffering great injustice at the hands of a vindictive ex-spouse, to the point of losing home, business, savings, and credit. Today, there was more bad news from the attorney. This dear relative refuses to be bitter or discouraged, both of which I’m ashamed to say I am struggling with. Your message to keep going up and up, in order to gain the higher view, was like a light shining in a dark place. Truly, this loved one has never been, and can never be, without the resources God provides His children. And the one Mind is being expressed here and now, so a good resolution can be found. Thank you again for the peace you have helped me find today.

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