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July 7, 2023 | 31 comments


Material sense misleads, misdirects, and misinterprets. Material sense is not your best friend. Spiritual sense is your best friend!

Let spiritual sense guide your thoughts and actions. The results will be much better.

31 thoughts on “Your best friend”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Truth this morning Evan The Truth is simple and elegant because it doesn’t have to disguise itself. It is just Truth and can always be trusted to guide us to all the good God has for us.

  2. Thank you Evan. Thank you Virginia. When one uses spiritual sense at all times, the experience is always worth sharing with others.
    One day, I went to visit a relation of mine. While we were discussing her 16 years,. old son was scrubbing the floor using soapy water. Suddenly he fail on the floorr and sustained a deep cut on his upper lip . His mother full of fright called her neighbor and borrowed some money to get the son to the nearest hospital so as to stitch the lip. Well I asked her if she would allow me pray for the child first, before she takes him to the hospital if she would still want to do so. . She accepted and I told her to be calm because God was present with us and was in control. I took the child into the bed room and two of us sat on the bed. l gave thanks to God for, allowing his mum accept the prayers for the child. I stayed quiet with the understanding that God’s work is done. I then allowed the Lord’s prayer to pass through my Mind with it’s spiritual interpretation. There was peace, After thirty minutes I opened my eyes and asked him to look at me. Behold the lip was sealed and there was no trace left. I was surprised and the mother was surprised too. We were quiet and were all filled with the fear of God.The child touched his lips, he was very happy and continued his work. We were all joyful. She returned the money she had borrowed.
    Spiritual sense remains our best friend at all times.

    1. What a wonderful healing and thank you for sharing this with us. Each day I like to read the blog and occasionally I do write something. It is church in action and what Mary Baker Eddy wanted all Christian Scientists to practice.

    2. Extra special to read about your request, to quietly ask for permission to pray first with GOD who was present – ALWAYS. HE is with us on EARTH as in HEAVEN, right where we live, Thank you for sharing the PROOF of your prayers to heal, even before his mother would act. THERE IS PEACE, where there is nothing TO fear. I love what you shared.

  3. Thank you dear Grace Ajayi for your very lovely testimony. It is really giving God all glory and praise him. Yes let’s praise our God for his endless Goodness!
    And this can only be accomplished through spiritual sense which we all actually have. We must use it, what Evan said in one of his wonderful lectures.
    Thank you Evan for all your gorgeous mental help day by day which I cherish very deeply!♡

    1. I want to clarify here a bit of what I said above.
      When I wrote: And this can only be accomplished through spiritual sense which we all actually have – with this I meant the Healing can only be accomplished with spiritual sense.
      And yes, as Rose and Maggie and Carol said, God who gives us spiritual sense, is our best Friend. And when I remember correct, also Mrs. Eddy mentions G o d as our best friend. I love that and think it`s a wonderful idea, as well! However what Evan gives us today is very true and an important reminder! 🙂

  4. Thank you Evan:
    For reminding us of Spiritual thoughts, i will make it my best friend. Material sense comes so suttle to us that sometimes you tend to believe. Do not

    1. Material sense, subtle of not, can never reveal the Truth… when spiritual thoughts ARE your best friend. This was presented today, at a time when I’m struggling to find items which are hidden. I share your thoughts and apply them to counter material thoughts from revealing the location of these items. Divine Love guiding me right now, will reveal, and UNCOVER, what seems to be hidden.. . .and ‘that’s the TRUTH’. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you Grace for sharing the wonderful Truth that God is a very present help in trouble.

    This healing would be a good addition to the periodicals.

    much love!!!

  6. Thank you, Grace for sharing your a wonderful testimony.
    It just reaffirms for me that our prayers don’t need to be complicated -just very sincere and loving – and the spiritual idea we are embracing will embrace those who need of our prayers.

    Thinking about Evan’s words, I thought I would ask my husband who or what did he consider was
    man’s best friend. He replied as I thought he probably would – “A dog”. !! This was what came to my mind first I must admit.

    After laughing about it, I considered it, and, of course, a dog is a spiritual idea of God.(In fact
    it is God spelt backwards!)

    When we welcome a dog into our home, we teach it to conform to the rules of our home with gentleness and love. we enjoy its company, etc. and it brings us much joy. The dog, when treated with love and respect, loves to please us, waits on our commands, carries them out willingly and happily.. It is overjoyed to greet us, is very faithful no matter what – and so many other wonderful spiritual attributes we could probably name. It responds to our love.

    If a dog is treated badly, it is not so good to be around – he can be dangerous, destructive, very difficult to handle. We don’t see the joy and the love that should be expressing its true nature. It is purely a figment of material false laws and evil beliefs, which have no love and joy and companionship in them. It is not the true idea of dog which God made. It is not man’s best friend,
    for it is devoid of the loving care it deserves..

    I am thinking about this in relation to man as God’s beloved spiritual idea. God is
    love, and He loves us all as His own spiritual image and likeness. He teaches us His Laws, which when obeyed, bring us joy and a feeling of being safe, and we become a joy for others, a true friend, faithful and caring. We feel that love which makes us feel secure and safe, and free to enjoy all His wonderful gifts of harmony and fulfillment, and naturally express them outwardly.

    So if we see any of our fellow men who seem less than the perfect and beloved child of God, we can know that we are not seeing the true person in God’s spiritual likeness, but the material loveless manifestation of an illusion.

    We can know that this is not his true identity, and pray to see this man in his true light, as we see the lovely joyful and beautiful dog who is loved and cared for by his keeper. This person needs to feel the love and the care that is his Divine right, and we can pray to reflect and feel God’s love for him and to see him as God is seeing him – as His spiritual perfect beloved child, reflecting God and being himself the reflection of man’s best friend – the Spirit of the Christ..

    Whatever we identify as beautiful, loving
    and in accord with the spiritual law, is man’s
    best friend, the very outcome of God, at one with Him.

    1. Dear Maggie, I had read your comment after typing and posting mine
      and just wanted to thank you for what you had written. So beautifully
      said! Dogs Are such a magnificent reflection/expression of God. They
      love us unconditionally and are always there for us… and what a
      special love that is shared, divine Love! Your comment brought such
      a smile, as I love dogs and just wanted to let you know.

      1. Dear Carol, I’m so glad you found it appropriate and in keeping with the topic.

        I always love to read your comments – they are always helpful and inspiring.

  7. What a sweet photo and wonderful message! God, Love is our
    very best friend and supplies whatever we need. Material things
    make no difference in our life, really. It is the spiritual that means
    everything. In turning to God/Truth we have all of our needs met.
    Your family member’s healing, Grace, is so inspiring and reminds
    me of the healing I had… (I shared it here quite a while ago), when
    I had first moved here, had locked myself out of the house, had
    to break a window to get in and inadvertently cut my leg on a
    shard of glass. I didn’t even realize it until I felt a stream of blood
    pouring down my leg. I kept Knowing that man is not made of
    blood, bones and other material elements, so I could not be
    believing the thought that I might pass out. I cleaned and wrapped
    the wound, kept Knowing that literally God IS my Best Friend and
    Father/Mother/Caregiver in times like that when there was no one
    else to turn to. In not giving matter power, the bleeding stopped
    and a wonderful healing took place.
    Our very best friend is always there for us with Love’s blessings
    and nothing can interfere with that. I am so grateful for my best
    friends here and appreciate the Love and kindness that is
    always shared.

    1. Thank you Carol for letting us know about your wonderful healing. Thank you for the thoughts which led to your healing of your leg. Thank you also for the loving words in your last paragraph, and I agree fully with and tune totally into them!! 🙂

  8. I had the same thought Carol. God is my best, truest, most loyal. most loving friend. The spiritual sense that Evan says is our best friend is that sense of Life that comes from the Mind of our best friend, Divine Mind, our only true Mind.

    Grace thank you for that simple, powerful testimony, it is uplifting to us all.

      1. Wow now I must tell a nice little experience I had these days because of friendliness.
        I got a bill from the Police on my car window because of seemingly wrong parking. I emailed them very kindly stating them the real situation and asked them to be culant this time and let me not pay. Then I just had to present the bill of my shopping as proof which time I stood there. I emailed it and they kindly told me that this time I must not pay this bill.
        The only thought I had while I wrote them the email was knowing I am God’s reflection! A simple thought, but it’s the divine truth

        Wow can I be grateful for CS and for SpiritView and all the loving and inspiring comments. Thank you very very much Rose and all!♡

      2. I had just reread these wonderful articles, dear Rose and
        J thank you so much for sharing them. I also have
        reread the other kind comments. It is a great topic. I just
        wanted to thank you all for the genuine help and love
        you have shared throughout these <messages. It melts
        my heart and I appreciate each and every one of you.

  9. Thank you Grace and Carol for sharing your wonderful healings. It is great to know that God is ever with us and loves us. That is indeed what a best friend does. Thank you Evan for another thought provoking sharing..

  10. Thanks for this message. Short and to the point with a powerful message. I found it very helpful. Thank you

  11. Spiritual best friends are always there, no matter what.
    They never waver, they help each other rise above the
    seeming ups and downs of life. But they are not mortal
    mind’s door mats, not part time, fair weather, or just there
    when they need something or when it’s convenient, but
    also there when it’s not.
    And like God/Love guides, True best friends are not judgmental,
    but are always True to their beliefs. Their motives and intentions
    are what is in their heart, to love to reflect God’s Being, what
    is in their and God’s best interest, always.
    A quote from John Lennon, “Being honest may not get you a lot
    of friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones”.
    Truth/God Is our very Best Friend.

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