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October 29, 2010 | 5 comments

When someone asks you for your ID, what do you show them?

Normally, we pull out our driver’s license and hand it over to confirm our identity. But as a friend pointed out last week at a testimony meeting, the stats listed on a driver’s license do not constitute our ID. We are not “180 pounds, 5′ 11″, blue eyes.” Those are temporal charactertistics that say nothing about who we really are.

As God’s child, we are not so much mass and muscle, but honesty, integrity, wisdom, generosity, intelligence, creativity, ingenuity, and love in action. These qualities of divine Mind constitute our true identity and make up our individuality.

So, next time someone asks you for your ID, show them the real thing! Show them your honesty, your love, your care. Then they’ll get to know the real you.

I suppose this isn’t going to work at the airline counter when the ticket agent asks for ID to confirm you are the true owner of the ticket you hand over the counter. But it is a useful lesson to challenge how we think about ourselves.

When we hand over the driver’s license as proof of ID, we can mentally correct the assumption of “These stats are me,” to “I am living love. I am intelligence, wisdom and care manifest. I am a spiritual being reflecting a spiritual God!” It’s a much healthier and happier way of identifying oneself.

Identity is the reflection of Spirit, the reflection in multifarious forms of the living Principle Love. Soul is the substance, Life, and intelligence of man, which is individualized, but not in matter. Soul can never reflect anything inferior to Spirit.” Mary Baker Eddy

5 thoughts on “Your ID”

  1. This morning I was asked my birthdate…from a Church friend and answered her…I co-exist with Imortal Life…but temporarily this is the day the matter dream I started…and handed her the date.
    Next time I’ll answer just like you suggested…
    Great idea, thanks

  2. I will repond when I am asked “Who are you?” these spiritual qualities.
    I will be attending another C.S. Church this week and I will answer with the qualities and then my name. Thanks!!

  3. Thank you Evan! This was extremely helpful since I am dealing with someone “stealing” my identity this week. No one can steal who I truly am! And no one is capable of stealing it either since they are truly made in God’s likeness as well!

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