The one debt that matters

November 1, 2010 | 5 comments

The Great Recession has wreaked havoc on millions of people’s finances. Debt that was manageable became unmanageable. Mortgages that once were easy to pay became difficult to maintain. Credit card balances became onerous. And the list goes on.

Lessons are being learned that will contribute to a much stronger financial future. Hooray for that truth!

One spiritual truth that can alleviate or prevent substantial debt is to remember that we have only one debt to pay, and that is directly to God!

God is the source of all blessings that truly meet human needs. We don’t have to go into debt to mammon to receive what freely comes from God.

But how often do we forget this truth? How often do we slip and believe we owe a greater debt to the human ego?

For instance, when the human ego starts wanting things it doesn’t need, like a house bigger than one’s budget can afford, or a new toy that would be nice to have but isn’t necessary, or more clothes that would feel good to wear, but aren’t essential yet, or another electronic gadget that is cool, but you can make due without it.

Ego-feeding leads to much onerous debt! And it happens when we forget our first debt is to God.

When we gratefully acknowledge we have everything we need coming from God to live joyfully everyday, to make wise decisions, to act intelligently, to be at peace, to be content, to listen and follow divine Mind’s direction, to love more, and to engage good works, this gratitude translates into an existence of peace, health and well being. It is a wholesome existence that is not constantly fighting want. And it keeps us out of debt to slave-driver mammon.

But if we believe our first obligation is to feed the ego—to satisfy selfish wants and desires—we forget God’s blessings already bestowed and start drooling over a new electronic gadget we can’t afford yet, or wanting a house bigger than our budget, or fulfilling other material wants. And it often leads to more and more debt until a big red flag starts waving and says, “You have gone too far!”

Owe God first, not the human ego. Keep the credit card in your wallet, and acknowledge divine blessings everyday. Be grateful for them. Honor them by understanding they are sufficient for meeting your temporary needs. You’ll feel much richer, and not spend time worrying about how to please mammon anymore.

“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another.” Romans 13:8

5 thoughts on “The one debt that matters”

  1. “Owe God first”, that really gives one good cause to feel grateful every minute for God’s gracious goodness, expressed in every part of my life. Thanks for the reminder Evan.

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