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September 29, 2010 | 1 comment

A couple of weeks ago I lectured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at a Body, Soul, Spirit Expo. The Fair was held in a large exhibition hall with around 110 booths for attendees to circulate among and investigate a wide myriad of alleged spirituality techniques, methods and practices.

As I strolled down the aisles to study the message of each booth, I was especially struck by the fact that about every single practice required a material medium to get in touch with Spirit.

There was tarot card reading, palm reading, crystals, angel wings, quantum rocks, bells, massages, lotions, perfumes, candles, and others that I can’t remember. Each advocate believed their product could bring healing and spirituality into your life.

Then I walked by the Science and Health booth, and yes, there was a product for sale there too, the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, but the book was not being advertised as a medium to get in touch with Spirit. It was a book about Spirit’s omnipresence and mankind’s inclusion in its blessings. But it did not teach itself to be a medium to those blessings. And this was a big difference that stood out to me.

In Christian Science, one learns that they already have all of God’s blessings built into their being as a spiritual child of God. Through the understanding, these blessings are felt more tangibly and experienced, but it doesn’t require any material medium to access God’s gifts and have them. They are already possessed and ready to be recognized and lived.

After the Expo, I thought of other ways mankind seeks help and healing that weren’t included in the fair. For instance, seeking health through pills, drugs, food, vitamins, herbs, and all their kin are no different than believing one needs the right crystal to find Spirit’s presence or the proper “ringing of bells” to cure pain.

Seeking aid through matter is what Mary Baker Eddy called Animal Magnetism. Animal Magnetism is the false belief system of humanity that Spirit is in matter and accessed through material ways and means or controlled by them.

Spirit is not in matter. Spirit is the greater. Matter is the lesser. And even more, Spirit is the infinite and matter is the finite. The infinite never works through the finite or is at the mercy of the limited.

I was grateful to know that Christian Science gives one a direct line to Spirit. No matter medium necessary.

Observing these one hundred plus booths of various approaches to spirituality was a sobering moment though, because so many people were trying to find Spirit in a place that would leave them still seeking.

My talk on seeking spiritual abundance at that Expo went very well. It was well attended and eagerly received by a large audience of sincere seekers.

I was grateful for the opportunity to tell those people they had a direct line to Spirit for God’s blessings. And the line was open and flowing with infinite goodness right now! No material medium necessary.

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  1. Good work, Evan. So glad you were at the Expo. Even “gladder” that Spirit was there, with you, with everyone, and is everywhere, always! :<) And I am very grateful to realize that, if I feed the need to get a tooth filled by a DDS, (i.e., seeking a material means) Spirit continues to pour out Its
    divine love to me, with me, as me, regardless! This is
    so comforting.

    And ON we go…discovering all the ways that this is so!


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