A happy home

November 9, 2023 | 23 comments

A happy home is a home filled with love!

A driver keeps his car filled with gas so he can go places. A mother works to keep her refrigerator filled with food to feed her family. Why not keep the home filled with love so everyone in it lives happier and healthier? It’s possible.

Love is a power that lifts thought to happy places. It’s gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, patience, understanding expressed.

There are no limits on how much love we can express in our home.

Love is like light that casts out darkness. When one person in a home lives love, everyone else benefits. The light of Love they reflect brightens the path of everyone around them.

The darkness of anger, resentment, and selfishness flee in the presence of Love, for they cannot resist the power of Love to reform thought for the better.

Love leads to happiness. Every child of God has a right to be happy. Every child of God has a right to feel and express love.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Pure humanity, friendship, home, the interchange of love, bring to earth a foretaste of heaven”
(Misc. Writings, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 100).

Let your home be filled with heavenly happiness. Let it be filled with love!

23 thoughts on “A happy home”

  1. LOVE


    Hymn 242
    Immortal Love, forever full,
    Forever flowing free,
    Forever shared, forever whole,
    A never ebbing sea, –

    S&H Oil. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer;
    Heavenly inspiration.

    1. I love this acronym! Thank you for sharing. I love Evan’s blog I sent it to my family- who are not (yet) CStists

    2. Immortal Love, forever full
      I found this as Hymn 142.
      Maybe someone else would like to sing its melody too.
      Thanks for finding it and sharing it…so relevant to our topic of today.

  2. I love this Spirit View. I will now focus on happiness and fill my house with more LOVE.
    it’s a good reminder for me and I thank you Evan❣️

  3. Love, love, love this Evan…and thank you M for your post !
    It makes me feel that I need to do more spiritual maintenance in my home!
    One of my most favourite bible verses… . ‘We love because he first loved us’. From 1st John.
    And of course Mrs Eddys …Love is reflected in Love..
    Love filled day to all❣️

  4. I keep relating these recent posts back to Israel and Palestine;

    Russia and Ukraine;

    violence in our own country and discord between how people want to run our nation.

    If we think of a nation, a country, as a family, a step beyond that is to see we are a world family.

    One thing we can do is to also fill our own nation-family and world-family with love, along with our own personal-family.

    These are very large families, often quarrelsome ones, to be sure. We have a lot of knowing God’s Allness and perfection to do!

    Hmmm… animal-families; ant-families; horse-familes; dog-families, bear-families; bee-families; tree-families; fish-families, dolphin-families, elephant-families; coyote-families… All God’s creatures have a place in the World Family. All expressions of Love and harmony.

    1. Dear P, what you just wrote warms my soul with so much Love. Thank you!! For
      those of us who may not seem to have a “human” family, we Are still blessed
      with Unconditional Love here and wherever we are. This Unconditional Love can
      be expressed through the love of dogs, even goldfish (appreciative of their care)
      and even the trees are part of our family of beautiful surround. I love the family of
      Truth seekers right Here and am immeasurably grateful for all of the Love shared in
      such thoughtful, gentle ways of caring. It means so much more to me than I could
      ever put into words.
      Thank you all, for being this family of Love.. … …. and as P, so rightly stated, it reaches
      out to our nation-family and world-family, with every loving thought we share and
      helps to make a better world, that desperately needs it. Thank you, dear Evan, for
      giving us this wonderful platform to be included in this family of Peace and Harmony.

      1. Mille mille thanks Carol for your inspiring words concerning P. And all seekers of Truth
        In this platform ( your own word))
        Thanks Evan to waking us every day to the Truth and let this inspiration fill up our early morning!

    2. Thank you P with your tender descriptions!
      I guess we just have to believe in it, to see this reality , and let our Soul vibrates. Like Evan stated:” it is posdible”.

  5. Love today’s message. Over my life, I’ve always loved this thought by Mrs. Eddy…”Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the center, but not the boundary, of the affections.” S&H, page 58:21

  6. I love this! Thank you for this message of filling your home, your “self” home, the home that resides inside of you, and the home that you reside in, with Love. What contentment, what joy; a healing blessing for you, your world, the world. Thank you, Evan!

  7. gracias Evan, dos cosas muy necesarias de comprender su sentido espiritual, Amor y Hogar, nuestro hogar es la conciencia donde se encuentran todos nuestros anhelos y deseos y cuando elevamos el pensamiento desde esa perspectiva vemos todo resuelto y armonioso, el Amor verdadero, el espiritual, el que sana todas nuestras dolencias, como dice la interpretación espiritual del Padre Nuesto. El Amor se refleja en Amor. Ese reflejo del Amor que somos todos es la Llave que abre las puertas del entendimiento y la comprensión. gracias

  8. Thank you Evan. Thank you all. Love fills all space. It is therefore it is an impossibility for love to be absent.
    Let us live Love
    Enjoy Love
    See Love and
    Share Love
    Let all about man and the universe be Love.

  9. I am so very grateful, as always, for today’s SpiritView, the generous and all loving thought which is going out to cover our world. Being reminded of Mrs. Eddy’s well known potation that home is the dearest spot on earth, I thought – – it’s the inverse – – the “dearest spot” is our home. That spot is where our heart, our prayer, our love resides. We locate that “dear spot” through our love and attention.
    This Love Home is everywhere on earth, bestowed on every man, woman and child, on our precious animals, all God’s creatures.
    And it’s so very important that we know that the dear struggling refugees have a home in God’s kingdom which IS come!

  10. I had visited for years a dear friend whose family had placed her in a nursing home
    and because of her challenges, didn’t want to be bothered with her. With a very
    fast turnover rate with staff, the gratitude and love shared by her and others in similar
    situations there was enormous. Even though she has “passed”, I can still see her beaming
    face when she would sing every time I walked in her room – “You are my sunshine”…
    She had nothing ( – at one point, a staff member had even stolen a pair of her shoes), but
    what she gave me, in my visits, was way more than what I gave her… well, maybe it was equal.
    Sometimes a simple smile, a touch of gentleness, knowing someone cares, brings
    to others such happiness. I know how important it is to share this type of spiritual caring
    with those who in need. That Love … Is our home, wherever our home happens to be..

    1. Oh Carol, how precious this beautiful message about this beautiful person in the nursing home. She had Love and therefore she had everything. Thank you.

      1. Thank you, Lydia and Uta, for your comments. I had met this sweet lady, as
        an elderly CS friend who used to go and visit with her was moving away and
        was looking for someone to take over her visits. At first, it seemed too far, too
        intimidating, too depressing going to this institution, but I started by doing it
        out of love and for the need both of them had. The more I went, despite the
        sad situations there, I was more and more inspired to Want to go and be a
        loving presence for her and others. Some of the dear persons there – it
        (humanly) broke my heart – was to see that they had no one and often they
        would sit near the elevator where they would see people coming and going,
        really just reaching out for a smile or a friendly face. It was sometimes
        (humanly) sad when I would go and this friend or that whom I had gotten to
        know was not there and had passed. I think that was the most difficult part
        of it, but with CS, thankfully knowing they were in a much better place and
        their spiritual progress was moving forward… God’s Love never ends, but is

  11. The simple saying I learnt in CS is “where God is, is our home”. And I read that also several times in our CS magazines.

    I love what Annie said, namely that it is very important that we know that the dear struggling refugees have a home in God’s kingdom which IS come and everpresent, surrounding us all with the warmth of divine Love! This Truth is relevant to us and all God’s creatures!
    And that’s so true and wonderful

    Thank you also dear Carol for your loving comment. Yes, it is so healing and relevant to us all and important that we care for our dear brothers and sisters who are in need of our love to them.
    And that’s so wonderful what you said, that Love is our Home, wherever our home happens to be. That’s nearly what Annie also mentions. For me it is very comforting knowing, we are in the “house of the Lord forever” (psalms 23), as according to Christian Science we can’t be seperated from God, our Life, Truth and Love! ♡

    Dear Evan, thank you very much for your inspiring and healing SpiritView toppic today! Yes, it is Love and all the precious qualities you mention in the third paragraph of your very helpful SV which puts on the Light of Truth and Love in our grand family in the whole world, no matter whether we live in a family or we think we live alone; nobody is ever alone; we are all part of God’s family. Am I grateful for CS which teaches us the spiritual Truth!♡

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