Admit what you wish to experience

November 8, 2023 | 40 comments

Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 392

What are you admitting about your body today? Are you admitting thoughts of health, strength, vitality, mobility, and boundless freedom?

As a child of God, you are divinely designed to live a healthy, free existence—free of suffering, pain and disease. We all have much to learn about our spiritual reality, and we make our demonstration of Truth in degrees, but nonetheless, every thought is telling. To progress the fastest, it’s wise to admit into consciousness only thoughts you wish to live out and manifest.

Like choosing who you allow into your home, be choosy about what you let into consciousness.

Banish any suggestions of disease and pain. Refuse to let mortal mind draw images of disease in your thought. Erase them promptly! Outlaw worries about death.

Take responsibility for your thoughts and live spiritually empowered.

Agree with spiritual Truth! Stay aligned with health. Entertain angel messages of Truth and Love coming from God. Admit the good and true and exclude anything less.

Admit only what you wish to experience.

40 thoughts on “Admit what you wish to experience”

  1. Thank you Evan for this healing message to begin my day and every day. Spiritview is a weekday Testimony meeting for me and I am truly grateful.
    Much love for all.

  2. So important. Whenever news about disease comes on tv or radio I immediately change the station or press the Mute button.

    1. Not understand what that means, Albis, I have made my own translation:

      F ully
      R ealise
      R ight
      R easoning
      R evealing
      R everent
      R adiance
      R eflecting
      T he
      T ranscendent
      T ruth.

      1. LOL !! Great translation, Maggie! Sometimes life is a bit of a mystery as to the
        meaning of things and it is good to translate into God’s way of understanding.
        Sorry, Albis, still don’t follow what you meant, although I could figure out words
        such as thank you, a lot, divine … ??? (I took a French in school, but that was so
        long ago, I do not recall much of that either).
        Thank you for your healing message, Evan and all. A warm welcome to all seekers
        of Truth and Love into our homes, which you all are here with such loving comments..
        of Truth.

        1. Thank you Uta and Carol for appreciating my attempt to make something
          unintelligible into something useful. As you say, Carol, the seeming mysteries of
          life can be understood when we translate them into God’s understanding.
          God’s light of spiritual understanding shone upon us will enlighten us when
          we look to Him to show us something useful and good.

  3. Gracias, sus ideas son siempre muy inspiradas, nos ayudan mucho. Realmente somos libres por decreto divino. un saludo para todos

    1. Here is Albis’ comment translated

      Thank you, your ideas are always very inspired, they help us a lot. We are really free by divine decree. Greetings to all

  4. Thank you Evan. The idea about being choosy who we let into our home..seems that so many times we spend more time on that than on the idea of what we let into our thoughts. I am standing at my door of thought and if I let any thought other than health, strength, vitality, hope, mobility and all the good God provides into my thoughts, the window is open for it to be tossed out. I am being intentional to let only good fill all space so there is not room for anything else. Every minute of every day gives us an opportunity to experience God’s goodness. Take advantage of that opportunity.

  5. Thank you, Evan! And thanks to all here with these supportive comments/prayerful thoughts! Love Guards, Guides, and Governs all of us!

  6. “…Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously..”
    ~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 392

    Only admit the harmonious in the:
    — church body and members
    — body politic
    — body of water
    — body of facts
    — body of law, international agreements/rights and duties, jystuce/peace
    – body blows or traumatic set-backs
    – international and corporate bodies
    – body language and misinterpretation
    – body of influences ( on climate…)
    – antibodies
    – busybodies or complicit bystanders
    – bodyguards and security
    – being a somebody
    – the subject body, the body of the argument
    – the body of thought and taken-for-granted beliefs
    – everybody

  7. ONLY GOD!!!!❣️❣️❣️
    ONLY GOOD!!!❣️❣️❣️
    THANK YOU EVAN❣️❣️❣️

  8. Banish any suggestions of disease and pain. Refuse to let mortal mind draw images of disease in your thought. Erase them promptly! Outlaw worries about death.

    Evan, I need an illustration of how exactly to
    banish, Erase, Outlaw, ? I’ve been trying to do that, I think, but it doesn’t seem to work. How can I get confirmation?

    1. Hi Don,

      You actually banish thoughts all the time that you don’t want to think. If someone says something cruel to you, and your immediate reaction is to get angry, but then you catch yourself and decide to respond with compassion and forgiveness instead, you just banished the temptation to get angry and chose to respond with love. If a grumpy person comes into your presence, and you feel tempted to be grumpy too, but catch yourself, and choose to be grateful and happy instead, you just banished the temptation to sympathize with their grumpiness. The same rule applies to images of disease. They are mental suggestions, and can be banished with the same dominion that you exercise over moral temptation. Mentally side with health, rather than agreeing with disease, and you will sooner master those suggestions of disease.

    2. they are not personal thoughts. They do not belong to anyone. Superstitions and ologies and isims have no reality or attachment or influence.

  9. in His eyes

    Words by Mindy Jostyn & Jacob Brackman

    In His eyes, you’re a fire that never goes out
    A light on the top of a hill
    In His eyes you’re a poet, a painter, a prophet
    With a mission of love to fulfill
    Outside there’s a world so enchantingly strange
    A maze of illusion and lies
    But there’s never a story that ever could change
    The glory of you in His eyes

    In His eyes you’re a radiant vision of beauty
    A gemstone cut one of a kind
    You’re fine as a diamond, deep as a ruby
    Rare as a jade in His mind
    No need to believe all you may have been told
    No need to live in disguise
    You’re brighter than silver, purer than gold
    A pearl beyond price in His eyes

    You’re an innocent child in the sight of His face
    No cause for blame or fear or disgrace
    He sees only goodness, His vision is true
    And nothing can change the perfection of you in His eyes

    In His eyes, you’re a fire that never goes out
    A light on the top of a hill
    You’re a rose in the forest, a prelude from Bach
    A triumph of heavenly skill
    Outside there’s a world that keeps breaking your heart
    And tearing your dreams down to size
    But guiding you homeward, piercing the dark
    Is the lovelight that shines in His eyes

    Now and forever, that light never dies
    You’re dearly beloved in His eyes

    1. Perfect!!!
      Yesterday was parent/teacher conference. This is perfect for me to read to my great-grandchild instead of asking, “What did the teacher say?”

    2. I love Mindy’s lyrics and song. thank you for posting it. Thank you, Evan, for your post today. Just what I needed to hear.

    3. Very Beautiful, Patty. I haven’t heard that in a while and the wonderfulness
      in the wording is very awesomely inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.
      So lovely!

    4. Patty thank you very much for posting the inspiring lyrics if this lovely song, it was very moving to me. If we could all fully embrace and know this to be the Truth, the world we (seem to) see before us would show a radical shift.

  10. Thank you Evan.
    Thanks to all contributors.
    Thoughts of love can always be felt by everyone, even someone who thinks wickedly. Spiritual thoughts bless all those on whom they fall.

  11. Thank you, dear Patty for posting us that really wonderful, great poem . It’s very inspiring and helpful!

    Thank you very much, dear Evan for your loving metaphysical answer you gave Don to his question!

    Tonight our reader gave us a wonderful reading about the reconciliation of Esau and Jacob at Jabbok where they met. Jacob was afraid of Esau because he stole Esau his birthright. But when they met, Esau came joyfully to Jacob with love. I understood that that reading was because of the situations in Jerusalem and Gaza. There I got the thought that reconciliation must first take place in us and then it also heals those situations in our near East (seen from Europe)

    Thank you Evan, for your today’s SV. That’s a loving and neccessary divine advice! Yes, I do very much agree with spiritual Truth. Actually it is impossible for God’s child to disagree with Truth! And today I prayed to stay aligned with health, and of course will do it every day. And I love to entertain angel messages from our God, from Truth and Love, our only and great Healer!!

    All so inspiring, I read all comments, thank you very much dear SV friends!♡

  12. with so many of my friends talking about their aches and pains and limitations, and joint replacements.
    I need not let these conversations dwell or imprint upon my conciousness.

    1. I have found that to be prevalent in folk’s conversations, too, Sandy. Many around
      here are wearing masks again in the grocery store, etc. I love coming here where
      thought is inspired and not bogged down in materialistic ruminating about ailments
      such as you mentioned.

      1. Carol I agree that is so good to have a place like SV to come to where we know we will find Truth, the spiritual Truth being shared and received and discussed, to counteract any wrong thinking that tries to float into our mental environment. Very grateful.

  13. My deepest gratitude for this site which gives so much that enriches our days for both the responders and the lead article

  14. Aligning thought and witnessing Truth, the proof of God is absolute Being…
    polio was a big fat lie though my cane is still with me.
    Footsteps leave no prints as Divine Love is absolute
    … I thank God that reading Mrs Eddy’s work is so inspiring. That patience I learned to accommidate
    to the limitations ,not to be frustrated, and when hearing about C Science I was so angry that faery tale believers didn’t believe what i was going through. The anxiety / habit of comparing myself to others Wholeness …asking what happened to me, Gods image and likeness. To hear others dispair over knees ,hip replacements, the over work they are physically suffering from today.. I hear Mrs Eddy. …That God was your strength, he never was weary so why were you, or.. Wake Up, Gods work blossoms .. It can’t not..There is no substitute, You shall Know the Truth .. Truth will make you free.The ‘disease’ is minor , the adjustments that accepted are slow to chip away even though the whole experience is Fiction. ..Thanks for Divine Company…Mind ..ideas…
    immeasurable selflessness, no matter to cling to, cling-ons don’t exist…ruminating with Mrs Eddy,
    Wow. The best is here all along

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