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November 7, 2023 | 26 comments


A healing prayer is not about telling God what you want. It’s understanding better what you already have.

Do you want more money? Pray to see the abundance God has built into your being already in hand to be used.

Do you want to get rid of a disease? Pray to see the spiritual health God built into your being that is never lost.

Do you want a partner to live with? Pray to see the lovable and loving child of God that is already present in you and your neighbor.

See what God sees! When you see what God sees, your list of wants starts to shrink because you realize you already have what you need to be well and happy. It’s spiritual, and already a part of your individuality made in the likeness of God.

26 thoughts on “See what God sees”

  1. I love this – it allows gratitude to come to the fore – ‘are we truly grateful for the blessings we have already received?’ Mrs Eddy writes. How true that is! It also removes fear associated with our mortal view and seeming lack. Thanks Evan 🙂

  2. I read ` a healing prayer is not telling God what you want, it s understanding better ( then I guessed you would put `it s understanding what you need……but NO ) it s understanding what you already have
    a much better idea !! thank you !

  3. ‘‘For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” A verse from 1st Samuel
    Thank you Evan…guarding our thought has so many benefits all day , every day❣️

  4. Thank you, Evan. This is one of the finest SpiritViews I have ever read. It reminds me to take the “me” out of the equation of God and Man. It reminds me to eliminate the finite and make room for the Infinite: our Father-Mother God is already providing more than we can ever imagine and as we open our thought to our true spiritual nature, good flows in effortlessly. Outlining how our good comes to us does a disservice to healing by bringing it down to a finite or human level. God is infinite Spirit and we, as His image and likeness, already have everything. God could provide no less.

  5. In other words,….”The substance, Life, intelligence, Truth, and Love, which constitute Deity, are reflected by His creation; and when we subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal senses to the facts of Science, we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere.”
    (S&H p. 516:4)

  6. Thank you for reminding me of similar lessons and applications with their resulting healings that began with the following change and improvement in my prayers. And then that logic became the pattern for other prayers and healings with the truth summarized by Evan.

    When I was in a terrifying emergency apparently trapped with a gang loudly, describing what horrible things that were going to do to me, I knew I had to pray, and for prayer to be affective, it has to be loving, The quickest way for me to become loving is to begin with gratitude. I can always have trust and faith in God because I can always find something to be grateful for, and recognize how that good is from God, and that God is always present. So I thanked God for the dog that was outside by tent growling, and staying its ground in spite of the gunshots and rocks and beer bottles thrown at it as remained trying to protect me. That dog had appeared earlier that evening, yet during all of my bicycle camping solo across the United States, there had never been a dog before or since, but only the night that it might be needed. And I was grateful for the first and only time I saw fire flies that filled me with humble, gratitude, joy, and reverent awe just before I had retired into my tent.

    But God rebuked me demanding a higher deeper prayer. “No! Your safety is not dependent upon the presence or the absence of a watchdog, a tent mate ((with a gun)), neighbors, or the police. Your safety and THEIR ((the threatening men’s)) safety is solely dependent upon the ever presence of Me, God. Now love them, and pray for them, and bless them. Defend their innocence and protect their purity.” I did, and that was the best praying I had done in my life to that point, after which I learned they had left without harming me, or the dog. They had damaged my tent, and they left lots of physical evidence at the campsite to show they’re violent plans, and to confirm the power of that prayer.

    That same rebuke, demanding deeper, higher, more loving prayer, using the same logic, help me months later, when I was bicycling alone in Europe, and discovered that my money had been taken from my bank account in Eugene, Oregon, USA, and had not arrived for me in Amsterdam or the town I was in, and no person in any responsible bank was being honest or accountable. When I tried to pray, God told me, “No! Your wealth and financial security is not dependent upon the absence or the presence of money in the bank, but on love, truth, gratitude in your heart. Now give it generously.” I did. Then I could have peace of mind, and a greater commitment to social justice and courageous unselfishness. I had a place to live and work and to help others in Holland, and then others I could bless in Belgium, etc. After my obedience I found that I had 50,000 times more than the missing $2,000 come to me unexpectedly.

    Then years later, when I was severely sleep-deprived after months with a demanding high-need baby and husband so that for many months I had less than 15 minutes sleep at a time a total of maybe two hours rest per 24, I tried to pray, and God again rebuked me. “No! Your health, rest, and restoration is not dependent upon the quantity of hours of unconsciousness, but on the quality of moments of divine consciousness.” That made it possible for me to go the next 37 years giving more time and energy doing more and better, under circumstances, the doctors or scientist said would’ve killed me within a few days and I could be alertly sentinel to protect and comfort my family. All those non-sleeping hours, gave me opportunities to pray for people, and to experience inspiring improvements and testimonies , that many would consider physically impossible. As this song says in effect, God telling us, “You saw broken beyond repair, and I saw healed beyond belief.”

    1. r This is so lively. thank you for sharing. So very promising. but beyond a mere promise. A total Law of rebuke , then Solace…to “consciously know, The Teurh and Teuth sets us Free!! thank you so much.

  7. Do we want to see peace in the world? Then see we reside in the Kingdom of Heaven, God. There is only ONE and it’s the only Power. There are no other mindsets when we KNOW God is ALL.
    THANK YOU EVAN for this thought when it appears to be war and threats of nuclear destruction in the world.
    God is KNOWING only reality. We can, too.

  8. A Blessing for Abundance
    Abundance is not something material “out there” awaiting to be discovered, or something that we have to “attract” to ourselves from another source. Abundance is first and foremost a way of meeting life – either we come from lack or we come from abundance. And it is a choice each of us makes moment after moment after moment.
    I bless myself in my ability to see the infinite riches life has in store for each one of its children,
    Where there appears to be disease, may I see the health just waiting to be expressed.
    Where someone seems sad, may I see the consolation and joy just ready to well up from the depths of their being.
    Where hatred is manifested, may I sense the love hidden in the wings that is just awaiting to be expressed.
    Where material lack and intense need seem to prevail, may I hold on to the five thousand fed with two loaves and five fish, or the widow’s jar which endlessly poured forth the good oil.
    Where loneliness and solitude weigh a person down, may I know that as a child of infinite Love he/she will be companioned.
    Where blatant, cold indifference seems to reign, may I be an instrument to offer the deepest compassion and tender caring needed. Pierre Pradervand

  9. There is a lovely solo by Carolyn Kardinal that Josh Henn sings called “The Only Reality .” It includes these verses:

    Know as God knows,
    See as God sees,
    Through the spiritual lens of divinity.
    All goodness and love , light and harmony
    Are the only reality.

    …Hold in thought perfection,
    Move from sense to Soul;
    Gently emerge from matter
    For you’re loved and safe and whole.
    Faith in matter is conquered,
    And Spirit forms you anew,
    Seeing all God’s creation
    Pure and fresh as the morning dew.

    I so appreciate these daily reminders of God’s care and our unassailable identity as His beloved children. Much love and gratitude to all.

  10. Joan, I have that CD “Open Mine Eyes” by Josh Henn on my computer and listen to it whenever
    I am eating. It contains 12 solos including two of Mrs. Eddy’s poems “Satisfied” and “Mother’s
    Evening Prayer”.

  11. After a rather rough morning, I looked out the window at the beautiful clouds that
    were sailing by, with the sun highlighting the trees and mountains and casting a
    silver lining kind of glow…
    They were the puffy, heavenly clouds that as a child I loved…to sit and watch them
    glide by with angels (God’s thoughts) dancing amongst them, seeing formations of
    ever-changing harmony. I took the dogs for a ride which they love to do, to the nearby
    pond where more clouds peacefully reflected in the motion of the water. One could
    call these spiritual moments, I suppose, because God’s pleasing progressions helped
    move Soul’s presence closer and that was a mind-healing affect, which I loved.
    As the pages turn with each sunrise and sunset, God does have a way of getting us out
    of mortal/little mind’s stagnation of fearful and melancholy lows that would tempt us
    into believing them.

  12. Hi “J”, in case you read this comment, I thank you very specially for the link to the article by Mrs Bell titled “LOVE needs Expression” which you posted last Friday, 3rd November
    You can’t just read it through. That is such an utmost wonderful article, that you must study it, in order to get the deeper understanding and the best benefit out of it!
    It is very very worth reading and it gave me very much!
    Thanks again for giving us this article, how to really and truely l o v e !!

    Dear Evan, thank you very much indeed for your today’s really wonderful treatment of seeing all our situations as God sees it. That brings healing! I am very grateful for your healing spiritual views!!

  13. Hi Uta, Thank you for referencing the loving article. I reread it and you are right – it is
    a wonderful article, (as are the shares above). The writers of all of these articles all sound
    so metaphysically perfect in thought and worth trying to emulate, of course.
    My wondering if any here ever feels so Seemingly taken aback by mortal/”human” mind…
    that they just need to stay quiet, because airing their “troubles” is not conducive to healing
    them and where negativity (fears of what is going on in the world or with personal fears,
    with nuclear war, the economy, nearby crime, feeling alone in it all…the list goes on and on)…
    is to be denounced and not to be really brought up too much to make more of an issue or
    “reality” out them. (Appreciation for all of the helpful, positive views on things, of course).
    Is it more loving, in that case, to stay quiet and try to collect thoughts alone, then to bring them
    up and sound like a downer? I don’t know if others have felt this way, where in sharing “truths”,
    at the time of feeling down, might Seem insincere at the moment, even tho they are always True.
    So rather than mortal mind’s attempt to bring others down, too, it would seem more loving to get thoughts more in tune with the One Mind/Love first? When others seem to be going about their lives so happily and perhaps more spiritually-minded in their growth in CS, or aren’t bothered by things that to our at-the-time-thought – seems troubling…is it unloving to be silent on them? Just my humble thoughts in regard to the article which says we should always be loving, which
    we are in our heart, as God sees us, in our perfection.

  14. Thank you dear Carol, I agree fully with what you say! I wrote a sort of complain on last Sunday. But within it I asked whether this yelling of mine could express a bit of love to get us all calm again. Here the Lord’s Prayer is very healing and effektive.
    We can be very thankful to God for CS and to Evan for his inspiring and very helpful SV!

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