A harmonica at Carnegie Hall

April 27, 2012 | 6 comments

This short video will bring a big smile to your face and hearty joy to your day.
What fun…


6 thoughts on “A harmonica at Carnegie Hall”

  1. That was terrific. I kept wanting to yell “Hi Ho Silver”!

    THanks Evan for sharing so many interesting and inspiring things.


  2. TEARS of JOY are
    streaming down my face
    What a deeelightful harmonica&man!!!
    God surely has zillions (INFINITE!) ways
    to speak to us, huh!

    Let’s listen up!!!

    Happy Joy!

    :<)) Sue

  3. What a crescendo! I never knew it was possible to play classical music on this humble little instrument. Wow!!!

  4. Joining this happy throng a day or so late, but not a dollar-wide smile short.

    Thrills and chills!

    Tears of joy!

    Gales of laughter!

    Amazing, Buddy!

    Agree with Franka, Lee, Peggy, California Sue, and Normajean above.

    Thanks for finding and posting, Evan!

    Texas Sue

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