The benefits of trials

April 26, 2012 | 4 comments

Just had an AHA moment…

Trials and challenges do not leave us weaker and worse off for the experience when we deal with them through Christian Science. They make us stronger and leave us better off!
It is a common mistake to believe that trials weaken us.
For instance, people trained in the medical way are frequently taught to believe that a major health problem can permanently weaken the body in some way for the rest of their life. Perhaps their immune system will be less tolerant, they are told, or their brain is damaged, or their vision impaired, and on and on…
Or, if someone experiences a catastrophic financial loss, they might be tempted to believe they will never recover.
Or, if a long marriage ends in divorce, the divorcee may be tempted to believe the love and companionship once cherished will never be found again.
And the list goes on…
But this should not be so!
Trials do not separate us from God. They should draw us closer to God. And if we’re going to God for the help we need during a trial, we will grow closer to God, find more of God’s goodness already at hand, and come out of the experience stronger, healthier, more supplied, and happier than ever before. It’s God’s law of progress at work.
So, don’t fear trials! They are filled with blessings. Look for the blessing. Grab on to that blessing and do not let go! It will take you to a better place than ever before.
“Trials are proofs of God’s care,” Mary Baker Eddy wrote. Why? Because they send us to God, and there we find divine Love’s care!

4 thoughts on “The benefits of trials”

  1. Trials can be like learning how to ride a bicycle. How many times did you fall, crash, wobble, and scream when the bike took over. But, eventually, through persistence, encouragement from those who loved you, the desire to go places, you won out and the bicycle moved in accordance with your skills as the driver. Our bodies and experiences, I think, are the same way in CS only our response is not to the bicycle but to the divine Mind who governs all. Thus as we conquer the bicycle, by turning to Spirit we can do it with peace, assurance, hope, more confidence we can do it because we have an unending, loving Source. Appreciate all your blogs. Sher

  2. Yes, as M. B. Eddy says trials should draw us closer to angels, God’s messages to us.
    “The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.” (S&H 574:25)

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