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October 28, 2022 | 20 comments

If you didn’t already see it, I had a Daily Lift published Thursday, October 27, titled “An eye injury brings a clearer view.”

I share a significant healing of an eye injury I had several years ago, and spiritual ideas that helped me find healing.


20 thoughts on “A new Daily Lift”

    1. Thank you, Martine, for supplying the link to Evan’s testimony. I too heard the Daily Lift yesterday. Thank you, Evan, for supplying the link to that. Beneath the audio link to the Daily Lift there was a link (as there often is) to his testimony so I read that as well. I was especially taken with pondering this from the testimony. “I saw clearly that sight is not in an eyeball; it’s a faculty of the divine Mind that we always possess.” How true it is that spiritual sense can never be found in matter (eyeball), but in Mind. Sight is a quality of spiritual sense, Soul, and so cannot be found in its opposite, matter. Thank you so much for showing how you stick to the truth no matter what the senses are telling you, Evan. This blog is so helpful every day. I am grateful for it and for the contributors to it.

  1. At the dawn of a new day,
    What does Evan have to say?
    Helping us keep our blessed way.
    Helping us know that God is our stay.
    Gratitude come what may.
    Thank you dear man.
    We know as you did we can.

    Pray that the upcoming holiday weekend is peaceful and safe governed by the perfect Mind.
    Lovingkindness, David

    1. David thanks for your poem. It expresses simply and sweetly the gratitude we all have for Evan’s ongoing inspiration and love of this community. I echo your prayers to know that our weekend (and every day) is governed only by divine Mind.

  2. Dear Evan and all,

    I so loved your Daily Lift yesterday that I downloaded it on my phone for future listening.

    How very encouraging to know that we are not subject to the whims and woes of material sense.

    Much love to everyone!

  3. Thank you Evan for sharing this remarkable healing with us! It is so helpful to hear how you prayed even when the material senses indicated that the situation was hopeless! Your faith and trust in the healing Christ ,”the divine manifestation of God which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error” ( Mary Baker Eddy p. 583) took on new meaning for me . Nothing is beyond God’s help, whatever the senses are saying! I am so grateful for your shining example! Thank you!!!

  4. I, too, throughly absorbed the process of your healing.
    The treatment you shared give us the outline of how healing takes place. Two of Mrs. Eddy’s quotes come to mind:
    The first tenant – “ As adherents to Truth, we take the inspired word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life.” You demonstrated the word adhering beautifully! And the quote “ Jesus beheld, in Science, the perfect man where sinning mortal man appears to mortals, and this correct view of man heals the sick.”
    Thank you for sharing the stick-to- idness necessary to concur erroneous material beliefs about any given situation.
    The healing is ‘perfect’ or ‘complete.’ We should never accept any other outcome to prayer.

  5. Very inspiring healing, Evan. Thank you for sharing it. I have actually listened to it at least three times to make sure I glean all the inspiration I could.

  6. Our horse was having an eye trouble similar to what you describe and I’ve been praying about it. This will be a big help! Thanks!

  7. Evan, thank you again for this inspiring Daily Lift, and Martine for posting the sentinel testimony which enables us to take a deep mental dive into the step by step process of Evan’s prayerful treatments. Such a wonderful example of “prayer in action” and the healing power of spiritual tenacity! Much needed lesson on not caving in to predominate mortal beliefs when evidence to the contrary is aggressive. Such a beautiful demonstration Evan, and excellent example for us all.

  8. Thanks for the great testimony Evan. One line especially stood out. The fact that Christ, Truth, everything you had needed from God for your full healing, was always there for you, “…. all I had to do was humbly and prayerfully acknowledge it.” The word humbly jumped out. It’s the key to much healing. So-called human will, the opposite of humility, sneaks in so often, I need to be very alert to catch it. It tries to tell us, from a strictly material viewpoint, what’s happening, what happened, what’s going to happen and how we should humanly fix it. It’s always wrong. It causes despair because it opposes the truth, the true will, God’s will, that we need to humble ourselves to. This causes peace, the opposite of despair.

    Thanks for a double-header, two SpiritViews today to give us more to chew on over the weekend!

  9. Thank you for sharing your Daily Lift Evan. So well stated and demonstrated! Thanks for giving us SpiritView Monday through Friday each week….SO helpful!

  10. amazing really! so impressed that you did not have to release any ill will towards your opponent, as we so often see in baseball when the batter gets hit by the ball. I’m impressed by this testimony very much and will think of it often

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