A quick healing on the tennis court

October 17, 2022 | 30 comments


I was playing in a sectional’s tennis tournament for the USTA with one of my mixed doubles teams last month. The competition was intense.

In one of my matches, my partner and I were holding our own, with a slight lead. However, half-way through the second set, my partner whispers to me that she had just hurt her knee and wouldn’t be moving around much for the rest of the match. “Oh no!” I thought. We were on the cusp of winning a significant match.

But I didn’t cave to loss of her ability, or the match.

In a quick prayer on what to do, I looked her in the eye and told her that she was going to heal quickly.

The match pace was rapid, and we didn’t have time to chat, however, as she turned to walk to her position, I added, “God loves you and takes care of you!” She is a Christian, so I figured those words would find no resistance in her thought. And they did not.

I followed my verbal statement up with a silent prayer affirming her indestructible spiritual substance as a child of God. I knew that she was spiritual, that Spirit never gets hurt, and thus it was impossible for her to be hurt. She was okay, and she knew it, I declared.

I let go of any concern about her knee, knew all was well, and focused on playing the next point.

After playing two more points, my partner suddenly burst out loud, “My knee just got well!” She was so surprised, and absolutely delighted. I thanked God for the quick realization of wellness, and we were off and running as a fully empowered team once again.

We won the match. The highlight for me, though, was the physical healing we had witnessed. Error was directly addressed and eliminated on the spot. What a joy that was to see!

30 thoughts on “A quick healing on the tennis court”

  1. Good Morning.
    Thanks for sharing this victory over physical sense. The points were made enlisting advanced application of God’s tender ever present care and the healing power of His Truth.
    Blessing for all,

  2. And…what a joy that you share this with us Evan. You didn’t ‘ let the dust settle’ when turning to God for the solution….a lesson for me ! I found a note I wrote to myself some time ago as follows…
    Our activity is revealed as the constant expression of Gods law of unchanging eternal harmony.
    This may be a quote, I’m not sure.
    Happy day all❣️

    1. Reveled, to read your sentence, quoting “Our activity….unchanging eternal harmony.” Just before heading south, toward the (quote) “unharmonious international border with Mexico” You blessed me with the words “unchanging eternal harmony, ” as I express them on this drive. Great time to prove the thought!!! Thank you BarbaraUK

      1. Glad it’s helpful chilesands… When I’m travelling I always choose to remember that whoever you travel with or, wherever to , nothing or no one is closer to you than ever present Love. No borders…only horizons! X

  3. I certainly believe in quick healing as I have had many, but not the kind where I have experienced it with others. I need to improve my thought on seeing my neighbor as my self. My deepest regard for all this fall morning.

  4. Thanks so much, Evan. Seeing the perfect man – as Jesus did – heals the sick. You and your friend both witnessed God’s perfect indestructible man. Yay!

  5. “a quick realization of wellness” I love this statement above, it really takes healing to such a higher level then just healing a body part (though great to get that relief).

    Its all about realizing our innate wellness (wholeness) at any given point or place in our day (life).

    Thank you EM and all contributors for fresh
    infinite healing ideas.

  6. A quick healing always comes with great joy as most of the times one is actually reassured that God is a presence and fills all space thus His activity, truly is the only activity. Health is a condition of Mind thus quick healings make our love for God stronger. Thank you Evan for this thought.

  7. What a beautiful expression of partnered support and healing. Even if you had lost the match, you were both still winners in the eyes of God.
    I once had a feeling of the “poor me”s and was feeling rather low. Unexpectedly
    my neighbor had brought over two bouquets of flowers she had left over from an
    event. That raised my spirit to Spirit/God and was such a beautiful uplift of thought.
    Have a great week, Everyone.

  8. Wonderful demonstration Evan! I came across a Sentinel article today that starts with this line:

    “Christian Science reveals that our experience takes shape largely from our concept of God, for we express or reflect what we worship.”

    Didn’t Evan’s doubles partner’s experience change as Evan shared a new concept of God with her?

    The True Idea of God Heals by William Correll

      1. Love that poster! It can be a big help in re-directing my thought to the many true qualities of God and His creation (including us), if my thought seems to be drifting astray.

  9. Dear Evan, What a perfect example of confident prayer in action, and the immediate victory that Truth brings! What a joyous illustration for us all. Love and gratitude to you.

  10. Dear RH,
    This is a late response to your comment on Friday’s SV, “No Impossible Situation”. Thank you for so lovingly sharing helpful ideas and your prayerful approach to what seemed to be a insurmountable problem you faced. Your post resonated with an inharmonious situation that seems to have escalated in my experience,- one in which I sometimes have felt there is no way out. Your words prompted me to know that the entire discordant situation is an illusion, and to strive to see out from the perspective of divine Mind, Love and Principle. I worked prayerfully with these three synonyms, similar as you described.

    Then I moved on to endeavor to glimpse the essence of God as Life. I affirmed that the divine Life progresses and develops His ideas effortlessly, therefore my life could never be thwarted or become a struggle. I declared that Life is the animus of all right actions that produce only opportunities and harmonious results.

    Then I knew that Truth is a governing law of the honesty and integrity of man, and a strong impervious foundation to dismiss any suggestions of deceit or injustice. That I can let Truth uncover and destroy error with out feeling personal responsibility. Truth has no antagonistic rival.

    Continuing on I knew that fresh inspiration, illumination and clarity are characteristics of the reflections of Spirit, and that the beacon light of Spirit will reveal the way forward.

    Then finally that in Soul’s purity, peace and perfection there is no distress and no intractable problems. That Soul’s expressions evidence harmonious order and loving interaction, and that Soul has infinite resources with which to bless all involved.

    From this prayerful work over the weekend with Mary Baker Eddy’s synonyms for God, I continue to feel the strengthening power of the metaphysical treatments. Fear has lessened and I feel an increased confidence that I will see evidence of God’s law of adjustment in operation.

    Bless you Evan for providing this platform where we can share as a family the ways that we spiritually address the challenges that come up in our lives. Much love and gratitude to all who share their healing ideas and their deep love for Christian Science.

    1. Thank you Linda for sharing your healing treatment and for your kind expression of gratitude for my comment on Friday. I’m sure as you continue to focus your thoughts on the truth the challenge will disappear entirely. After all, God, Life, is not giving it any life. Much love to you and the entire SpiritView family

  11. RH..Thank you for posting the article The True Idea Of God Heals. It further expounds on the synonyms for God that I’ve been working with. William Correll was my teacher so this is especially precious to me.

  12. Thank you Evan for sharing specifically “how” you prayed. There are times when error tries to tell me that “I am stuck and have no inspiration”. And you help me get unstuck. Turning to God with an acknowledge that “All is well” is a great beginning and leads me to specific truths that brings about healing not only for myself but for others.

    I have been thinking deeply about Ukraine.

    May 1940 King George VI asked people to go to their churches and synagogues and pray for the soldiers that were caught up on the beaches of Dunkirk. Thousands of people attended services….churches were overflowing.. The result were four miracles….one in particular…the English Channel was super calm for 3 days allowing for 850 boats to cross rhe channel to Dunkik and rescue over 300 thousand French and Engish soldiers fron the Germans.

    This too can happen for Ukraine…Complete Liberation!

    A big Thank You to CHERYL. 9/30/22 who shared the article regarding “The King’s Speech” and RICHARD (Sussex) for your feedback.. I am still enthralled in this time of history. Interesting that not many acknowledge that it was prayer that resulted in the rescue of those soldiers. The movie Dunkirk doesn’t even do it.

    Much love and appreciation to you Evan and all on Spiritview…..you are an inspiration!

      1. I do not know what happened here and I would like to apologise.
        I wanted to thank you so much, Syl, for sharing how King George VI asked people to pray for the soldiers in Dunkirk and for the result of these prayers! This is such a reassurance and inspiration for me. I will not forget it when praying for Ukraine and our dear world. And it will help me to not yield to discouragement.
        Thank you also, Evan, for sharing this beautiful, beautiful healing!

    1. Yes agreed Virginia, I loved hearing how Evan was swift to jump immediately to declaring the highest truths about his tennis partner.

      He had to act fast, and his experience proves that we too can successfully think on our feet (literally and figuratively). He found his peace and was able to let go, recognizing, “she was okay and she knew it.” Powerful. I have heard healing described as the peace that results from spiritually-inspired prayer, and the change in outward conditions as ‘signs following’. Love that.

      Thanks to all of you SV’ers for co-creating this rich and healing experience.

  13. Thanks for sharing this inspiring healing that took place on the tennis court with your partner. It certainly shows how instantaneously Truth HEALS and grateful you won the match, too….!!

  14. Dear Evan, I am really grateful for your wonderful testimony so lovingly presented to us.
    From this, one can see that Truth is true now, and being so distinctly aware of it as you are, healing takes place immediately because error has never been in God’s realm where we live and move and breathe!
    Evan your testimony is very inspiring and helpful. This morning I endeavored to pray with the Truths you prayed with on the court. Thank you deeply!♡

    Wow, how inspiring and helpful and interesting are all your posts, dear commentators today, thanks a lot all!♡

    1. Just want to add, that I am standing in awe before such wonderfully and quick, perfect healing. The perfection of our God is shining through that gorgeous testimony!!♡

  15. This made my day! I can picture the look in your eye as you spoke immediate vigorous Truth. That display of living Christianity encourages me to be more alert to quickly challenge error and expect instant results.. Thank you for sharing!

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