A short story on gratitude

November 25, 2019 | 21 comments


Are you grateful for all the good in your life, or do you get too focused on a few things that go bad?

Here’s a short video that reminds us to focus on the good!

“A short story on gratitude”

21 thoughts on “A short story on gratitude”

  1. Thank You Evan. Grateful we are always reminded to look away from error as error is only an illusion of what Life is not. Life is God, all good and that is all.

  2. This was just the lesson I needed this morning as I realise how much time I have been spending focussed on a problem (the black dot) and trying to heal it, instead of seeing the true picture and focussing on that! Thank you so much for these daily messages Evan.

  3. Thank you Evan! Immediately after I read this I paused, thinking of my life here. And I became very gratefully aware of God’s guidance and saw what rich and interesting life He gave me with so many loving friends, how lovingly He cared for me in abundance and still does, and as we know from the teachings of Christian Science, God will always do and be with us – thank you God! 🙂

  4. Very, very good advice – thank you Evan.

    I have been very much inspired by a wonderful article written by Milton Simon in a C.S. Journal, oct. 1961. This little excerpt ties in well with the message in this SpiritView.

    “How important,…. that we let no aggressive suggestion divert our thought from ever-present good! Our privilege is to see good, respond to good, acknowledge good, expect good, and voice only good. Thus do we rule evil out of our bodies and our experience by ruling it out of our thought.”

    How can we then not feel such gratitude for all the good that unfolds if we follow this wise advice.
    We can even give thanks before the goodness we seek appears, as it surely will.

  5. The black dot represents the trial, the white the spiritual environment in which we are given our support. Thank you, Evan for pointing this out.

  6. This was so needed by me as a reminder to not focus on the error, but see all the harmony and good in my life. That is what is real and true, not the error. Thank you Evan. Also thanks to Maggie for that article and to the thoughts of everyone. This blog is such a blessing.

  7. Yes! What a perfect example of our lives being filled with blessings, all around, filled with (white) Light, Love, but often we tend to focus on what is missing (black), darkness, instead of being grateful for all that we have.
    Thank you, Evan, for this reminder, this blog and for everyone here that reflects and IS this sea of Love that we Are all included in.

  8. This is not only very meaningful, but also very timely. I do volunteer work in correctional facilities in my area and meet with inmates who have signed up for Christian Science Bible Study. I am going to a jail today with my team mate and we will be sharing this week’s Lesson Sermon on “Thanksgiving”. This page with the black dot is a useful and inspired way to graphically show our visitors how easily we can get waylaid with negativity instead of basking in the wonderful good that God has given each and every one of us. Thank you, Evan for this simple and yet truly profound exercise in gratitude.

  9. Thank you. A wonderful reminder to look at all the good in our lives. We have so much to be
    grateful for! We need to be reminded occasionally as we just caught up in that black dot which
    is so small.

  10. Thank you Evan. In the very early morning I woke up full of worry and concern about several issues that were being in tossed around in my mind. I sat up to pray and take an aggressive stance against the erroneous thoughts. Just then my cat came up to me and curled up in my arms and started purring. Pretty soon I began thinking about how grateful I was for the cat, my surroundings and my family. All of the negative thoughts went away and I was filled with a sure sense of God’ love and peace. The black dot lost all of its power and the white space filled me full.

  11. Thank you, Evan, and to all of you for your comments. Our church’s inspirational topic for this month has been ‘Every Day is Thanksgiving’ and we were asked to please write at least one item each day for which we are grateful. This picture will be very helpful to have every day of the year to be a good reminder. And some days that black dot will just disappear.

  12. In Canada our Thanksgiving Day is in October so we. Have our
    Lesson before it is printed in the quarterly”. I loved this example
    Of the professor. thanks for sharing all. Everyday is a new day to be grateful for God ‘s goodness wherever we are!

  13. Thanks, Maggie, for alerting us to the article “GOOD ALONE IS REAL..” One short sentence that stood out to me especially was: “Divine Mind maintains its idea, man, in his perfect state and harmoniously governs every function and action of his being.” And thanks to all for your thoughtful comments!

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