Be a generous giver of gratitude

November 26, 2019 | 33 comments

To think about how you love a family member is one thing. To give them an affectionate hug and show them your care is another.

To think about how you’re grateful for the help a co-worker provides you at the office is one thing. To walk over to their desk and tell them you’re grateful is another.

The value of expressing gratitude is often underestimated, but it is one of the most important expressions of love we can embrace for a happier healthier life.

Gratitude blesses the receiver and the giver.

Gratitude makes everything better for everyone.

Be a generous giver of gratitude!

33 thoughts on “Be a generous giver of gratitude”

  1. I am most grateful for the inspiration here every day! Thank you especially for this
    reminder, Evan. As I pray this morning for God’s guidance, I open SpiritView
    to find this and take it as an angel message from our Father-Mother. Thank
    you for hearing it and sharing it with us. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    1. Katherine you are never alone! The light of the Christ is always with you – and with me, and with everyone. I am so grateful for God’s omnipresence!

  2. My most heartfelt thanks for all who share here, at this wonderful site. It is so nice to be a part of the true Spirit ~ View into thinking and acting. Your inspiration, Evan and all who comment, bring such joy and appreciation. At this time of year, especially, I am truly grateful. Your message, Ken, is lovely and thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I’m grateful for myself, for having the humility to real eyes that I’ve been on the opposite side of gratitude during a situation that has been in need of (trustful) prayer for several months now. Yesterday after wondering who I could ‘complain’ to about yet another snag concerning the situation I received encouraging words…delivered in a cold and bitter tone. That marked the moment that exposed a deeply hidden fear that I still could not entirely trust God. So I’m grateful for the sting of the rod and the staff, I’m grateful for MBE for her pointings and I’m grateful for Christian Science no matter how many times it appears as though I’m stalled in the movement of understanding, feeling left behind. And of course (literally) I’m ever grateful for Evan’s example of constantly and effortlessly reflecting God. I’m grateful that Christian Science allows us to be honest about our misgivings without fear of judgment or reproach from fellow scientists. (Honesty heals) I’m grateful for the abundance that floats into my life despite the challenge of trusting God. I’m even grateful for the irony of it all! This list could could go on into eternity…and it will.

    1. Love, Thank you so much for your comments. I haven’t found that my misgivings about understanding CS to have been met without reproach but your honest comments about your struggles with this Science has help uplift and comfort me. There are those of us to whom the demonstration of this Science does not come easy. Thank you for YOUR HONESTY. I love your reference to “stalled in the movement of understanding.” Boy can I relate to that. Blessings and Gratitude.

  4. I am grateful for SpiritView’s daily weekday presence inspiring us to follow the good already in our lives. Thank you Evan and all those who contribute their thoughts to this activity.

  5. I’m sending you a blessing Katherine, the sun is coming out, and I am not alone. Many blessings to Evan and to all.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  6. Dear Evan and my new SpiritView family, I give thanks to you and, as Sarah expressed, the angel messages flowing each day. I look forward to the newest unfolding every morning, actually missing seeing a new one on the weekends, so I search through older posts then, as I often do weekdays too. Every day I give thanks to have found Christian Science. I really don’t believe I could live without it, or would be here. Blessings and love to you , Evan, and my fellow Viewers of Spirit.

  7. Evan, such a lovely message as always. Ken, your reference is a keeper. Thanks both, and all, for your messages of love.

  8. Thank you Evan for these daily blogs. I treasure the messages and you for being so diligent in giving this to us. You are a treasure!
    For the past week or so Spiritview has not being downloaded to my computer. I have checked my span and junk mail…to no avail. I even tried reregistering but told I m registered. Has anyone experienced this and what was your fix?
    Happy Thankgiving ..everyday!

    1. I have a spam folder in my Outlook on my PC. But I discovered another spam folder with my server online at their server site that sometimes holds emails as junk mail that I never see in my Outlook spam folder. You might have the same problem. It’s two layers of spam folders. One on your PC, and another with your email server.

      1. Intersting Evan, will also have a look the way you just explained, thank you!

        Am very happy and grateful Evan for your countless healing and blessing inspirations! And it is so lively and inspiring to read the comments which are helpful, too.
        Am grateful to God for Christian Science!
        I give you dear Evan and all SpiritView friends a lovely effectionate big Hug!

      2. Yes thank you Evan. I also checked on my email…not there either. I will continue looking. Plus ask my computer guru!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  9. Thank you Evan for this blog and all who have contributed with messages of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of the year with people opening their hearts and thoughts to others.

  10. A blessed Thanksgiving overflowing with gratitude to all in my SpiritView family and especially to you, Evan, and your family.

  11. So much gratitude to you, dear Evan, for all that you give so unstintingly. Bless you and you family this Thanksgiving and always.

  12. Love, know that understanding is innate within you.
    May all things come together for good for you, Love.
    And my gratitude as well to you, Evan, for this wonderful
    Spirit View and all who contribute!

  13. I’m so grateful to the wonderful friend who shared Spirit View with me. I’ve been so blessed by your new way of thinking about reaching out to others, Evan.
    I’m also so grateful for the opportunity to be included in the “discussions” of other followers of Christian Scientists. What wonderful blessings this service brings.
    Thank you, Evan and all

  14. Spiritview is a huge blessing to me and I thank you Evan for supplying us with wonderful inspiration and valuable and practical lessons. Also thank you to all the spiritview commenters- I’ve gained so much from their wisdom as well! Now we must live our gratitude by putting into practice the ideas we are cherishing here!

  15. I appreciate this so much. I make an effort to make sure that I do love and appreciate the many individuals in my life. It definitely blesses all involved, especially if we are feeling disappointed in ourselves.

  16. Thankyou all for your expressions of gratitude. And thankyou Evan for sharing SpiritView. It is truly a time of Thanksgiving. I don’t usually post but felt I needed to do so this time.

  17. Yes thank you Evan. I also checked on my email…not there either. I will continue looking. Plus ask my computer guru!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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