The grand necessity of life

November 27, 2019 | 15 comments


So, what is going to be the most important accomplishment of your day, next year, of your life?

Consider the implications of this statement:

“The great miracle, to human sense, is divine Love, and the grand necessity of existence is to gain the true idea of what constitutes the kingdom of heaven in man” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 560).

According to Eddy, the “grand necessity of existence” is to discover the kingdom of heaven in man.

How many other pursuits have you allowed to become “grand necessities” in your life that are not as important?

Earning money, climbing the corporate ladder, impressing a peer, finding a mate, working out, and more, may feel like “grand necessities,” to the person wrapped up in their pursuit. They may have their role to play, but in the Big Picture of Life, there is so much more.

What we gain on this earth is temporal. What we have with God, is eternal. The “grand necessity” of Life is far more than achieving a temporal goal that will someday become obsolete. The “grand necessity” of Life is to know God and to experience reality. Anything that falls short of this ideal, is not as grand as it could be.

There may be several necessities you need to see fulfilled today but be sure to make time to pursue the most important necessity of all—the Grand Necessity—of understanding spiritual life. That’s where you’ll find the biggest reward and end up happiest and healthiest.

15 thoughts on “The grand necessity of life”

  1. The kingdom of heaven is within us (Jesus). Understanding that makes life so much sweeter and productive. Instead of fretting through life as some rat race, we understand that all that we are and all that we have is sourced in our oneness with God. It’s a “grand” place to hang out! Just love this, Evan.
    Blessings galore today, readers!

  2. Just reading this first thing this morning changes my perspective and straightens a path I found myself on. I take a deep, warm breath and send gratitude to you Evan. Will remind myself to focus on the kingdom within and find my peace there. Thank you ❣️I acknowledge all I am thankful for and my ongoing understanding supported by Christian Science and all of you wonderful teachers out there is at the top of my list this Thanksgiving. We are all blessed.

  3. The only thing we get to take with us from this human experience is our integrity, Allow that integrity to shine with the divine light of love. Thank you, Evan.

  4. Thanks Evan – very helpful text on which to mediate whilst decorating my niece’s house this week. The mindfulness of splashing on paint!

  5. Thank you Evan for this perfect reminder of what the purpose of our lives is all about-seeing and knowing God. Especially important reminder in a busy season. Much gratitude and love!

  6. Yes Evan, just what you say: The “grand necessity ” of Life is to know God and our relationship to Him and to experience reality, spiritual reality, the only reality there is!
    Thank you, Evan to teach and inspire us every day!

  7. Thank you, Evan- May we all have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving!
    “How real, how powerful, how present is the Christ in us. The Christ heals and restores fully. Failure to disbelieve the lie is all that leads to victimization. The demand is to augment the Christ in us. MBE

  8. Before I closed my eyes to sleep last night, I pondered “faith in and the understanding of divine Love” from this week;s Bible Lesson. Reading this morning “The great miracle . . . is divine Love, . . ” reminded me of Mrs. Eddy’s use of [Divine Love] for “Lord” in her spiritual sense of Psalm 23 in Science and Health, p. 578. Now I’m reading the Lesson saying “Divine Love” for “Lord” and loving how this truth applies to seeing the kingdom of heaven in man in so many ways ~~ loving our enemies, loving our neighbor as ourselves, practicing the Golden Rule, seeing the nothingness of fear and hate because of the ever-presence and all-power of Love. What a gift Christian Science is to our world! So grateful we can understand and trust this reality so we can be Christian healers!

  9. I find myself at time wrestling with mortal minds to do list each day. I wonder sometimes how much I am asleep, perhaps a good deal of the time, for how many years.???I remember awakenings through the years where I thought- it that what I was doing?
    I pray for more awakening. to fully realize the good that already is. If I start my day, before I get out of bed, with a little meditation and a thought that comes from it, even if it is only God Is, my day is on the right track

  10. This reminds me of Jesus’ command, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Also, “You can’t enter heaven without taking everyone with you.” (Author unknown)

    1. I love this, Cliff! This quote: “You can’t enter heaven without taking everyone with you” is a wonderful, and strong encouragement to recognize, behold and cherish the true, spiritual, and loving concept of each one – including ourselves – as God’s creation.
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      I am so grateful for your blog, Evan, and for all the sharing!

  11. Thank you Evan, and all who delight in the messages and ideas which flow in the Spirit View club.
    Jesus told us to seek God with our whole hearts , and I’ve done this for many years.
    Christian Science has given me joy and healings and I’m learning to be steadfast.
    It is, indeed, the pearl of great price.
    I’m just home from attending our thanksgiving service. New Zealand is probably one of the first countries to celebrate at these services. The joyous message of Thanksgiving continues on for many hours as the earth turns on its axis.
    Our whole world is being richly blessed!

  12. Oh. Evan-the following 2 sentences have pulled me up and out of sadness and distress. As an older woman moving into a pleasant retirement place the time has come to downsize. As I sell or give away antiques, etc. sadness and memories have enveloped me. BUT, rescue came! The two magic sentences are “What we gain on this earth is temporal. What we have with God is eternal!”
    Touchdown!!! Victory! Joyfully those 2 sentences have resonated into my thinking and I am now rejoicing that some lovely items will bring great joy to others as they walk the walk. I note many items are going into loving hands and I am immensely grateful. No longer am I going to cling to materiality or “things.” Turning gratefully to God, I am now going to “collect things” spiritual to take with me. What a change in life style and thinking. Now, onward to fill my new home with all of God’s love and goodness He so freely gives to us. And to share eternal, spiritual thoughts with my new friends.

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