All in God’s order

January 30, 2009 | 4 comments

Holly from out East in the US sent in the below picture and story to go with it. I thought you might enjoy her inspiration.

“This morning there were about 30 Goldfinches on the 5 feeders that I have hanging outside on our deck. At one point, my dog barked, and all 30 of those finches flew away, going 30 different directions within a very small area of space in an instant … without any sense of congestion, or bump or fender bender or accident. It was immediate and perfectly harmonized disbursement.

I have often been amazed how they can fly through the woods, or through the narrow railings of our deck so quickly without mishap of any kind.

Reminds me of a verse from Hymn 263 in the Christian Science Hymnal:

“As the stars in order going,
All harmonious, He doth move;
Heavenly calm and comfort showing,
Comes the healing word of Love.”

Pin Near Holly’s deck
With amazement, I’ve often watched thousands of birds in swarms fly in harmony with each other. It is certainly proof of an intelligent Principle at work in this universe, permeating all being and enabling such intricate order and harmony to be possible.

Won’t it be nice when all mankind learns to “fly in order with each other,” like the birds have learned to do, without collision, accident or injury!

Thanks Holly!


4 thoughts on “All in God’s order”

  1. I love the hymn and find the differnt groups of birds seem to come in bunches of the same kind, eat a little and leave and another type comes in and eats, I try to keep our feeders full.

    Love thy neignbor seems to be expressed as we are taught to do!

  2. I’m always amazed at the harmony and order among mankind–in traffic and elsewhere. There’s a whole lot going right if that’s what you’re looking for.

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