Are you in sync?

January 29, 2009 | 3 comments

IPODS are not new to me, but organizing a music library on my computer, and downloading it onto my IPOD is new. My teenagers have done it for me in the past, and this last weekend I decided it was time for me to learn. They thought so too!

So, with a few stumbles here and mix-ups there, I moved 468 tunes from my PC to my little black box that I can listen to wherever I want. Now I can plug my IPOD into a docking station in the kitchen and cook dinner while listening to my tunes! Pretty neat…

Why I even mention this, though, is the metaphysical lesson I picked up from syncing my IPOD to my PC. A reader pointed out to me the day after I learned how to do this myself, that she had just learned how to sync an IPOD to her PC, and thought it was a terrific analogy for how our thinking needs to be synced with the divine Mind, and is synced, as a reflection of the one Mind!

If you’re not aware, when you move tunes from the PC to your IPOD, you choose an option called SYNC. And when you choose SYNC, the PC takes over the IPOD programming and rearranges its content to conform exactly to what the library contains on your PC. Tunes on the IPOD, but not on the PC, are deleted. Tunes on the PC, but not on the IPOD, are added. When the process is finished, the music library on the IPOD is an exact duplicate of the collection on the PC. They are in SYNC!

What a terrific analogy for what happens to us when our thinking is “plugged-in” to God! Like plugging an IPOD into a master PC and letting the PC program the IPOD, we can plug into the one Mind, through prayer and study, and let God program our thinking to conform to the divine thinking.

I like this! God does all the work. Our job is to stay plugged-in. And we stay plugged in through consecrated prayer and following the rules of divine Science in daily life.

So, if you feel out of sync today, get plugged-into God and let divine Mind get you into SYNC with Life—your divine Life—where God is in control, and fear is not. The tunes are a lot sweeter there….

3 thoughts on “Are you in sync?”

  1. I love analogies!
    Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and
    Health: “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols. Did not Jesus illustrate the truths he taught by the mustard-seed and the prodigal?” (Page 575:13)

    Evan, you have inspired me to get out my not-yet-synced iPod and put some of my favorite CS hymns on it, so I can… enjoy doing…the dishes (more!)!

    Oh, and staying in SYNC with divine Mind is a
    very excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Another wonderful blog, Evan! And a great analogy! Thank you!!!

    My iPod goes with me everywhere, and not just for great tunes! My most favorites are chats, TMC Youth podcasts (including some by you, Evan!), Science and Health audiobook, and now the new Misc. Writings and Shorter Writings audiobooks, too! Staying in Sync is a good thing!

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