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  1. These quotes certainly trigger thought and can give hope.. What happens next?
    Perhaps Jesus command “Follow Me”” or that of Mrs Eddy “Follow me so far as I follow the Christ” and explains following Christ as “Let the world, popularity, pride, and ease concern you less, and love thou”. 02 9:5f

  2. I love that the opening line of S&H is about “an absolute faith that all things are possible to God.” In Science, only good is possible — because only good (God) is present.

  3. Today I heard this, “Time is not God”…and I immediately thought about how if we also do not make a God of time, then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

  4. Many a times humanly things seem impossible but with God everything is possible.
    Very often when I wished to attend Wednesday Testimony meetings, the time was so less, humanly I felt oh…not possible to reach on time..but then Oh God you can make things work for me…and yes a rickshaw ready downstairs, train waiting on platform and takes me superfast to church and I reach 5 minutes before the service time.
    God can make all things work for us. With Him nothing is impossible.
    Whenever we lean on God and leave everything in His care, trusting that nothing is too hard for Him, He will certainly make things work out harmoniously for us.
    So often the “To Do list” is soooo big..but when we affirm that …On our own we can do nothing, it’s God who does everything for us, then things move effortlessly, harmoniously and everything is accomplished on time.
    Thanks Evan for this reminder..it’s a blessing to know that our Heavenly Father can bestow the best gifts on us. With God everything is possible.

    1. thank you for expanding your experience with how to rely on God to make all things work for us. Just proved that with Him all things are possible. Nailed it on time and correctly. LOVE your explanation at this MOMENT. All that was needed/necessary was done. Blessings to you, Happy New Year!

    2. Thank you very much Nergish for your wonderful testimony! I suppose you are living in India. In which City is the church you are visiting, and where are you living? May I ask you that?
      I have a saying when I want to be punctual:
      The idea of God is always at the right place, at the right time and does the right thing.♡

      1. Uta I loved “The idea of God is always in the right place at the right time and does the right thing.” I might add that all of that right activity going on is completely guided by God, as we lean on Him, “the sustaining Infinite.”

        1. Thank you Rose. I meant that, as well, Rose in that I said in the beginning of that sentence … the idea of God …
          An idea of God is always lead by his creation. I also like what you said … as we lean on Him “the sustaining infinite”, completely wonderful and correct. ♡♡♡

  5. Thank you dear Evan! This truth “all things are possible with God” is very deeply comforting! And I need this promise by MBEddy day by day. Oh and it is not only a promise but an unshakable reality! And as we are one with God, as “J” commented yesterday with a wonderful poem, it means that all God`s very good things are possible to us as His very loved child!
    You are right Diane W, Time is not a God, because we have an eternal, allpowerful loving God, who is all in all! Thanks Diane W!

    1. I must correct a bit. The topic here says that Christ Jesus uttered the truth that “all things are possible with God” in Matthew 19.
      And of course Mrs. Eddy uttered the same as she knew that it is the Truth.
      Wow CS is really a revelation, what Mrs. Eddy also says in SH. Am very grateful for all the good and perfect God is revealing to us through Christian Science!!♡

  6. Because we are here, we are all possible. This is our opportunity to celebrate the wonders of God’s creation; His expressions of good in us.

  7. Some thoughts on God’s ever powerful possibilities:

    * “So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible”.
    – Norton Juster

    * “If all things are possible with God, then all things are possible to
    him [or her] who Believes in [God]” – Corrie ten Boom

    * ” Each day, focus your attention on what you want.
    Each day, take one step that will bring you closer to it.
    All things are possible .. the key is to identify it,
    Claim it for yourself and Believe that you are worthy to have it”.
    – Tyanla Vanzant

    * “Today I choose to …
    Live with gratitude for the LOVE that fills my heart,
    The PEACE that rests within my spirit, and the
    voice of HOPE that says all things are possible” – Author Unknown

    As dear Evan so rightly states above, ” Impossible is just an opinion”.
    How many “opinions” in life have been Proven to be wrong?

    1. Thank you all … and dear J for another excellent article! Mrs. Eddy, who
      perceived things before her “time”, writes on pg 125 : 28 ..
      “The mariner will have dominion over the atmosphere and the great
      deep, over the fish of the sea and the fowls of the air. The astronomer
      will no longer look up to the stars, – he will look Out from them upon
      the universe; and the florist will find his flower before its seed.
      Thus matter will finally be proved nothing more than a mortal belief,
      wholly inadequate to affect a man through its supposed organic action
      or supposed existence. Error will be no longer used in stating truth. The
      problem of nothingness, or “dust to dust”, will be solved, and mortal mind
      will be without form and void, for mortality will cease when man beholds
      himself God’s reflection, even as man sees his reflection in a glass.”
      : )

    2. Wow, thank you “J” for this special article. Just studied it and found it utmost inspiring! There is much more of God’s eternal spiritual Universe than we can imagine. It’s more than worth to read it thoroughly. I wished all politicians would read these inspirational angel thoughts, and in the best case all mankind!!!♡

  8. When I was a child, if I said I couldn’t do something, my Mother,
    would say “There’s no such word as “can’t”. She knew nothing of
    Christian Science, but she had the right idea. The teachings of
    Christian Science have taught me since that nothing is impossible to God.
    Therefore if what we want to do is good and useful, we know we can do it if
    we acknowledge God as the doer and man as His reflection –
    however much mortal mind tries to tell us we shouldn’t even try!.
    Thank you everyone for your input which substantiates the spiritual
    fact that with God all things are possible.

  9. Dear Evan and all!
    Thank youfor your thoughts!!!


    Love from JJ in Canada!

    1. I love your enthusiasm, dear JJ , as well as everyone else’s here. Thank you all!
      What inspiration from and gratitude for, such loving and lovely comments!
      Throughout my life, I have had and would like to express appreciation for ~ many
      so-called “impossibilities” that were proven not to be, such as limitations,
      transactions that might be conceived as being “miraculous”, etc., etc., … but not
      in God’s eyes, whose plans for us sometimes far outweigh what we may even
      Think is “possible”.
      Divine Love/God is always with us whenever we turn to these angelic thoughts
      and presence during the day or night…always there to bless and comfort with
      endless possibilities of Spiritual blessings.

  10. I’m amazed at the timing of this, and pretty much all your posts. I woke up this morning feeling limited about some of the dreams I’m working hard on to realize, and read this…and limited feelings begone! Thank you, God. Thank you, Evan.

  11. My dad was not a Christian Scientist. I well remember his comment at the dinner table that man would never be able to journey to or land on the moon. He declared it to be impossible. Yet it happened within his lifetime. It was only an opinion, however vigorously expressed.

  12. Wow! Evan and everyone–thank you all so much. Don’t miss the article by Paul Basile–more than a “reminder” that there is no limitation of time or space in God’s universe.

    What a lovely thought to bring in to the New Year….

    Love and gratitude to Evan and all!

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