Dissolving anxiety

December 26, 2023 | 26 comments

If feeling anxious, there’s a way you can dissolve that anxiousness and find peace. Think about God more!

You’re always thinking about something. Instead of entertaining fears and worries, think on God.

Think about how good God is and how much God loves you. Remember that God sends angel thoughts your way, and that you have spiritual sense to receive those healing thoughts. Trust in God’s ability to care for you and show you a safe path forward.

The Bible says about God, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” (Isa. 26:3, NLT).

Let your thoughts settle with spiritual reality. Let the embrace of infinite Love comfort you. Think on the things of God. Peace will come.

26 thoughts on “Dissolving anxiety”

    1. Thanx for sharing PIECE OF REFLECTION —as reflection only has innocence, purity, goodness , guiltless ,and Godlike qualities n NO OPPOSITES.

  1. So helpful! Thank you!
    I screen grabbed the full inspiration to save in my photos so I can pop it up to read and remember whenever I like to.
    Merry Boxing Day with Warm Wishes Evan, to yours, and to all truth seekers here!

  2. Thanx Evan sir for reminding us to exercise spiritual discipline moment by moment. Persistence and oneness with God and Perfect God —Perfect man, Perfect Principle and Perfect idea, helps us in having dominion over unGodlike thoughts and to think rightly and dissolve anxious thoughts and brings harmony, peace n love all around.

  3. I had just been thinking while studying the Bible Lesson this morning, how Mary put
    her absolute trust in God when He sent an angel message to her that she was going to
    have a baby. I thought about what an opportunity for so-called mortal mind to
    suggest to her that she should be really worried and anxious about this angel message.
    After all, what would Joseph think of her – and also all the people – they would think of her as immoral and that she would be abandoned. After all, this was an impossibility according to what
    everyone had accepted as material law, and how would she be able to cope etc. etc.

    .But she must always have loved and trusted in God absolutely, and even in this
    extraordinary position she found herself in, she continued to trust wholeheartedly
    that if God had ordained it, then she could feel assured that He would protect her and
    govern this momentous event completely for the good of all.. She never let one of
    those material suggestions enter into her consciousness for a moment. as far as I
    can tell from the Bible.

    So we see God’s promise about to be unfolded because of Mary’s purity,
    her love for God, and her willingness to be in accord with God’s will. Then we can trace how
    God unfolded this spiritual revelation to all who were listening and
    trusting in God, and He guided and protected every event that unfolded

    We can learn from this that we can also trust wholeheartedly in God when
    we face a challenge – and not let any anxious or worrying thought take root
    in our thoughts. Even if we have initially, we can still turn back to God, and
    He will send His angels to us also to lead us back into His omnipotent loving

    1. Love this Maggie…thank you. Gave me some peace and focus whilst I prepare for 10 to dinner later…
      Blessings to everyone here.
      Super profound thought for us today dear Evan.❣️

  4. My dear wife always admonished me ‘don’t let anxiety become a reality’ . Hymn 154 in the Christian Science Hymn book, tells us. ‘No anxious thought no load of care. Thou are the same today tomorrow, Thy love and truth are very where”. No space, no place for anxiety to dwell.

    1. Thanks David, I looked up Hymn 154 and it is beautiful and very comforting. Here is the full hymn:
      “In Thee, O Spirit true and tender,
      I find my life as God’s own child;
      Within Thy light of glorious splendor
      I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild.

      Within Thy love is safe abiding
      From every thought that giveth fear;
      Within Thy truth a perfect chiding,
      Should I forget that Thou art near.

      In Thee I have no pain or sorrow,
      No anxious thought, no load of care.
      Thou art the same today, tomorrow;
      Thy love and truth are everywhere.”

      And Evan, thanks for a great formula today for dissolving anxiety.

      1. Thank you, Rose, … ” Within Thy light of glorious splendor
        I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild”… reminds me of a quote by Ruth E. Renkel:
        “Never fear shadows: They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby”.
        God’s Love shines!

        1. Thank you Carol for “God’s Love shines”, that also means, as God i s Love, GOD shines and is our light and His Christ!

  5. While “piece” and “peace” is a convenient play on words in some instances, be careful not to suggest or think that man is “a piece of God.” He is not. That suggests there are bunch of little “pieces” of God running around — or gods — and if one dies, there’s a little less God. Mrs. Eddy tells us that “man is the FULL representation of Mind” — not “a piece” of Mind, God, — and includes “all right ideas” and that he is the “image of Love;” not a piece of Love. We might re-read Recapitulation, pg. 475, “What is man” for its powerful clarity.

  6. Oh, dear Evan ~ This is just Exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you and also
    to those so kindly adding to the topic. I have several friends (not locally) who Seem
    to be experiencing rather substantial (according to mortal viewpoint) … challenges…
    and I have been trying to “hold a good thought” for them. It helps to take thought away
    from my own issues and with not really being able to communicate with them the way
    I would like (one with compromised technology) and/or the others not understanding
    of CS Principle and belief of losing many of their friends after the so-called “cure” during
    the pandemic and developing (mortally speaking) the same so-called “symptoms”.
    Last night my own anxiety for them was something wearing on me and I turned to an
    Easter lecture on the Third Church NYC website, https://thirdchurchnyc.com/ that J so
    kindly shared with us (with the Christmas theme). This very calming demonstration
    of what Life is Really, helped bring Peace to my thought and I put Trust in God for my
    friends’ anxieties, as well as my own.
    They, as well as we, are all in God’s hands. Peace is within the (so-called struggling) heart
    and even though mortal belief would appear to seem otherwise, God’s Love and guidance
    is always in control.
    I am reminded of CS Hymn # 9,
    “O longing hearts that wait on God Through all the world so wide;
    He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side . . .
    To comfort, guard and guide.”

    1. For those not having a CS hymnal, the rest of the words to Hymn # 9,
      which are also so helpful in dissolving anxiety are:
      “All glory be to God most high, And on the earth be peace
      The angels sang in days of yore, The song that ne’er shall cease . . .
      Till all the world knows peace.
      God’s angels ever come and go, All winged with light and love;
      They bring us blessings from on high, They lift our thoughts above, . . .
      They whisper God is Love.
      O longing hearts that wait on God Through all the world so wide . . .
      He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side . . .
      To comfort, guard and guide.
      O wake and hear the angel-song That bids all discord cease . . .
      From pain and sorrow, doubt and fear, It brings us sweet release . . .
      And so our hearts find peace.”

  7. Wow! Some great practical nuggets in today’s Spirit View I snipped & pasted that I’m going to try to remember to use when my mind starts to wander. Like…… “You’re always thinking about something…..why not think about God?” Like….” stop worrying about that…..just think how good God is and how much He loves you.” etc, etc. Thanks much Evan

    1. Yes, William I agree 200% when Evan’ says: “Why not think about God?” That’s simple , pure, plain and efficient!
      It puts me back right on the track of Life.
      Thanks to all, and thanks to God who knows what we need even before we formulate it in our thinking.

  8. Thank you Evan and all. Great idea, Chris, on saving Evan’s full inspiration in photos so you can pop them up to read and remember whenever you like. I love this! Starting the week before Christmas, 2024, each day will include a photo of Evan’s words of wisdom and inspiration to cancel out any anxious or stressful thoughts that would try to distract thinking, 🙂

    THE EVER-PRESENCE OF ONENESS by Elsa Dardie S. Dunlap:
    You are God’s child.
    But more—you are one with God.
    The ever-present oneness
    Knows no lack, lethargy, nor disease.
    It is the essence of creation.
    The divine conception needing nothing.
    Arise and shine.
    Declare your perfection here and now:
    Your oneness with the Father.
    Jesus showed us the way:
    “I can of mine own self do nothing.” 1
    It’s all God; all good; all one.
    Feel the power; feel the peace; feel the Love.
    There’s no separation; you’re seamless, unharmed, permanent.
    The allness is one.
    Heavenly bestowed.
    Are you comforted?

    1 John 5:30.

    1. Thank you “J” for your comment. Could you find a link for us about the article The Everpresence of Oneness? Would very grateful for it!

      Regarding the topic of Evan’s SpiritViews lare found in the archive in all SpiritView Blog pages. I find that very helpful!

      Thank you very much, Evan for today’s SpiritView inspirations. They help and comfort me very much, to think more about God’s endless Love and Care for us. That is just so needed, and so wonderful to know that divine Loves powerful allness is always with us !-♡

        1. Dearest “J”, you help we very much with this wonderful Poem! It is very good that it is not so long as an article. This Poem contains very needed healing Truth, comfort and assurance of our divine perfection. This time it’s more helpful than a long article. I am very grateful for it, love and thanks a lot!!♡

  9. From the CSS, Oct 25, 1983 / Jack Williams

    A N X I E T Y

    Did you ever wonder why
    The pivot of the word is “I”?

    Self, God-identified,
    Means false “I” denied.

    This opens wide the gate
    To man’s immortal state

    Of Love’s reflected being,
    Replacing selfish me-ing;

    And anxiety is done.
    Behold and be God’s precious one!

  10. Love the heartfelt thought of thinking about GOD who is LOVE. That pretty much
    comes naturally all the time to those tuned in to it and within the pages of our lives helps
    us turn the challenges of anxiety into the expression of Spirit’s likeness… that is the
    bountifulness of Love’s reflection. As light shines through a window and gently soothes
    away the darkness, (nothingness)-challenges of each new day can be counteracted with
    an overabundance of Love … and Peace rests thought into a place of comforting calm .
    Nothingness of matter is replaced with the Somethingness of Spirit. : )

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