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  1. Wow dear Evan, this sentence I would have needed yesterday in church where I tried to be loving during a conversation but then regrettably I reacted. Am so sad about that. Hope God and the person can forgive me. I do know the importance of your today’s SpiritView . And how true it is what you say, Evan. Thank you very much for the always needed reminder! Actually our Father-Mother enables us to be always in control. If we love we are in control. And as image of Love, God (see SH) we can’t else but love! ♡

    1. Hi there, I wrestle with feeling extremely angry as well. What came to me yesterday was a message that said “be who you WANT to be”. And I want to be gentle and loving and patient and kind, the “righteous woman”, So I’m holding to that and thought and Expecting to catch the suggestion to get angry or annoyed or judgmental and reverse it.
      Much Love,

    2. Uta,

      We all struggle at times with so called human temptations, such as the temptation to react with anger. Please forgive yourself first, and feel God loving you. We are all working our way higher and higher the best we can each day. We have the support of CS truths to help. We’re all in this together.

  2. If anyone had a case for anger it was Christ Jesus. But what did he say whilst suffering on the cross? ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’ What a lesson for us all!
    The daily lift illustrates the blessing that comes from overcoming anger too. Something we all need is to feel the presence of Divine Love and understanding , whatever is going on around us.
    You have hit the nail on the head again Evan, so thank you for reminding me that it is foolish to waste time on angry negative thoughts. Love is the answer …’ Divine Love meets every human need ‘❣️

      1. Dear Uta
        We are right up in the northwest near the Scottish border. We have the beautiful Lake District in our County of Cumbria..
        My family has spent many lovely holidays in Freiburg in Germany over the years. B.x

  3. We only have to look at that beautiful picture to feel the peace and calm which is the opposite of anger. Thank you Evan for your daily gifts.

  4. ‘O gentle presence,
    Peace and joy and power.
    O Life divine, that owns
    Each waiting hour.
    Thou Love that guards
    The nestling’s faltering flight
    Keep Thou my child on
    Upward wing tonight.

    Love is our refuge;
    Only with mine eye
    Can I behold the snare,
    The pit, the fall:
    His habitation high
    Is here, and nigh,
    His arm encircles
    Me, and mine, and all…’
    [Mary Baker Eddy, hymn 207]

    ‘Great peace have they
    Which love Thy law
    And nothing shall offend them.’
    [Ps 119:165]


  5. I might have sent this before. One of my favorites.
    It is on the front wall of our church.

    “Jesus’ three days’ work in the sepulchre set the
    seal of eternity on time. He proved Life to be deathless, and Love to be the master of hate.”

    In three days! In the quietness of the sepulchre.
    Set the seal on time not being a factor.
    Proved Life to be deathless.
    And Love to master hate.

    Miscellany p 214:10

    1. John Hargreaves writings at Mulberrypress.com are wonderful and shed a laser light on well known statements with such understanding behind it. I value Vol I and Vol II of his Letters.
      All thanks. N

  6. Thank you so much for this one sentence! My son has been exhibiting a lot of anger lately, and I read this to him before he left for work this morning. My thoughts go with him, knowing that as the child of God he cannot reflect anything but joy and calm. Blessings to all!

  7. I so appreciated your sharing this experience.
    In Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Honesty is spiritual power.”
    Allowing anger to mess me about is one of my biggest challenges. I have copied your last three sentences into my notebook. Thank you!

  8. Looking at that beautiful picture and feeling the calm and peace it presents, I think what a violent storm would do to it – the peace and the beauty would be obliterated. Mrs. Eddy refers to a storm as “the vapid fury of mortal mind”, so if we succumb to anger, we are forming a distorted and ugly picture in our own thoughts, and we are adding to the storm of mortal mind.. Whereas, if we can keep our thoughts anchored in the peace of God, and look out from there to know that God alone is governing everything, we can help to bring that peace and harmony of the divine Mind to light as the reality.

    1. thanks Murph, am happy that my last three truth sentences help you. To think about this truth later again prayerfully helps me also. 🙂

  9. Thanks Uta, I think we all have those experiences which when later understood propel us forward in our spiritual growth.

  10. So well put, Maggie. Anger is a human, mortal emotion, coming from many little minds, rather than originating from the One Mind, God, Love and Truth of our Being. It is like a storm lurking behind this still, comforting photo above, that would churn up our thinking, like a hurricane of swirling, evil thoughts, surging it’s way through our content to disrupt our peace. Not seeing the real Truth of situations, feeds this storm of anger as the currents of disharmony pelt our thinking into believing we are apart from our and other’s True being or identity as children of God, but we are in reality, all reflections of Love.

    1. PS. Calming, spiritual thoughts of peace can also help those who are facing challenges with the forces of nature right now that seem so powerful and disruptive in the Gulf, as well as wildfires, violent conflicts or any form of turmoil that would try to disturb serenity.

  11. Hi Evan and all,

    Love your comments today, as always. Thank you.

    A brief update re the Santa Cruz fires that
    my husband and I have been evacuated from,
    along with 75,00 others in the area:

    Again, thank you all for your prayers!

    I have felt so much of God’s goodness and love,
    the Source for all of us of safety, comfort, peace, and yes, joy
    even when the illusion of error would say joy is not possible!
    With every trial of our faith in God comes progress out of any false sense that Good is not surpreme. This, after all, is the lesson, is it not? Human sense is tempted to believe evil is a real power. This false sense must be put down, and can be, through the Knowledge of the Truth: the Science of Christ, Christian Science. There is no other way.

    Very grateful to glimpse this great fact, to apply it as much as I can, and see the huge benefits!

    Thank You, God.

    1. Dear SpiritView Fan,

      So glad to hear the the update and the love and peace emanating from your comments. We are still holding Truth for you and all those around you. Continue to be well and see Love unfolding everywhere you look.

  12. A couple of days ago I reacted angrilly, not vebally, but with my action to someone who repeatedly had been very annoying.. Afterwards I felt great remorse. I immediately prayed for forgiveness and have been singing one of my favorite hymns which begins, “Dear Lord and Father of us all, forive our foolish ways. Reclothe us with our rightful minds, in purer lives thy service find, in deeper reverence, praise.” This is from memory and may not be accurate.

  13. But… how not to be a doormat?? or not allow injustice to continue?? The feeling of anger can alert you to a situation that is not right. It’s how that anger is expressed, surely? I think anger can be a legitimate response. The skill is to channel this emotion constructively. A skill I haven’t yet mastered!

    1. Hi Paula,

      Love is never a doormat. It is power and authority. It takes control of a situation and makes it better.

      Anger is the doormat. It allows evil to take over one’s thinking and fill it with resentment, animosity and ire, often. It is a channel through which mortal mind takes over the human mind and takes it to a negative place, a place of great weakness.

      Love is the solution!

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