Are you buoyant?

September 24, 2015 | 10 comments


“The cross is easier to the Christian who takes it up than to the one who drags it along.”

~ Unknown

Do you have a good attitude about the trials and troubles that come your way? They aren’t a call to complain and grumble, but an opportunity to rise to the occasion and prove that God has given you the wisdom and ability to master that trouble with grace, poise and dignity.

Don’t give in. Go up!

10 thoughts on “Are you buoyant?”

  1. Me too! I’m dealing with a challenging situation, in which I’m performing above and beyond a sustainable amount, which I agreed to for the month – doing a job those in charge will not hire me to do – and someone is trying to tell me I should be doing even more! Just before I read this, I was praying about how to handle it, and an angel message came to me. This person has a lot going on too, so it came to me to not confront her directly, but share it with someone else – not as a complaint, but so he’ll understand the situation. Then he can handle it, or not, but I won’t feel so burdened.

    God supplies the answers! And the strength to rise to challenges!

  2. Ditto to the above commenters. These angel messages are indeed what I needed too. Thank You, Evan! It seems multiple challenges…er, …opportunities have been arriving lately. One was with my car, having had needed quite a few repairs recently and yesterday the Check Engine Soon light came on again as I was on my way to take a friend to an appointment. I kept holding to good thoughts rather than get stressed out and was able to complete our mission and get it to my mechanic right before he closed for the day. He had looked up the code and it isn’t anything major, thankfully. On the way home, the light went out. I will look upon these other challenges in the light of opportunities and they too, will be lessons of God’s Love and caring for each and every one of us. Thank you again! for this inspiration. And Ellen, thank you for the thought of God supplying the answers we need And the strength to rise to the challenges.

  3. Thank you for this good thought and encouragement to “go up”. Another benefit from “going up” is that others around us can benefit also. When things are difficult and tough it is easy to run ourselves down with disparaging comments which others hear and often accept. If we change our outlook and attitude, that example also can help lift others. I have often found this to be true in so many situations. Rather than accept discouragement, the best road for us individually and those around us is to rally with uplifting ideas, renewed effort, a cheerful “I can do this” and believe that good is governing the situation. Upward and onward then we go with an attitude willing to learn the lesson that is before us and knowing that we & those around us will benefit from it as well. God’s love is unconditional and ever present. Cheers!

  4. Amen to all of the comments so far as this is just what I needed for the frustration I’m feeling with my computer. For the second time in a little over a week important emails I’ve sent went into my trash rather than being sent. One I promised to send to a visitor at our church last night as soon as I got home is still unsent. I’ll have to wait until a little later to call a member of our church and see if she can give me this woman’s name and phone number so I can call her to apologize. I don’t believe what’s causing the problem is what an expert computer technician has told me which is another frustration. I need to sign off, do some praying and study this week’s inspiring lesson on Reality. I definitely need a better perspective if Reality!!!

  5. Boy I just listened to the Daily Lift, “No room for annoyances” by Jenny Sawyer. Then checked my sent mail and the emails still haven’t been sent. I certainly needed this additional inspiration.

  6. Excelsior! I am reminded that most of my days are very good but when i bave a bad day. I see it quickly. I usually try to find some humor and say to myself this will be a great story soon. Take commznd and get the resolution you want

  7. This blog has come at the right time for me and thanks to everyone who has contributed.

    I feel uplifted and an angel thought came to me saying that God, Love is infinite. He knows what’s happening in our lives (and in the world) and He has the answers we need.

    Acknowledge Love, Spirit in all your ways and He will direct your paths.

  8. Wisdom is the #1 need of expression in today’s society. I would rather have my daughter marry a street cleaner who has wisdom than a rich engineer who only has animal qualities such as hate, revenge, and a mucho attitude which amount to nothing.

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