Banish disease from your mind

December 26, 2014 | 10 comments

If you want to keep disease out of the body, keep it out of thought!

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, learned some critical rules for spiritual healing, and one of those rules included the fact that the human mind governs the human body and forms and shapes it according to the ideals and fears it holds.

Eddy wrote, “You embrace your body in your thought, and you should delineate upon it thoughts of health, not of sickness” Science and Health, p. 208. So it is incumbent on anyone wanting to preserve good health, to WATCH what they think and to accept as true for themselves and for their neighbor only what they wish to manifest.

And for those times when fear of disease knocks on the door of thought and we start to fear, we can do something. We don’t have to let the intruders in. We can keep them out!

Eddy wrote further, “You should banish all thoughts of disease and sin and of other beliefs included in matter” Science and Health, p. 208.

Banish those disease beliefs! Don’t let them in. Don’t entertain them. Don’t believe you owe them one iota of your attention, faith or trust.

Banish is a strong action. It’s not passive. It’s not lackadaisical. It is not wimpy, unsure, or hesitant. It doesn’t wait around to see what happens. It is an immediate action that asserts an unequivocal stand and expects a clear result.

To banish disease from consciousness is to exercise dominion and authority over evil. It is Truth over error, Love over hate, Life over death.

To banish disease from one’s mental premises is to allow no trace of it behind. When successful, there is not one little inkling left anywhere. Its suggestion is gone. It’s erased, entirely. It’s not thought about anymore, feared, or even considered. It’s permanently wiped out. It has no existence to that thought. Love is all!

So, don’t cave to feeling you’re helpless in the face of disease. You are not. Truth is your helper. Truth gives you power over disease beliefs. Exercise that power with courage and confidence. Banish the unwanted foreigner and live free!

10 thoughts on “Banish disease from your mind”

  1. Evan,
    You get right to the point and you make
    the spiritual formula so easily understood..
    Thank you for helping me to readjust
    my thinking and to know that pain has
    no power and that THRUTHis the only
    power which destroys matter and any
    negative thoughts.

    I always look forward to receiving your
    wonderful articles-messages.

  2. Did you ever think of this? Why doesn’t a Cockroach have diseases? Why doesn’t an Automobile have Arthritus since an Automobile follows the line of the makings of a human, animal or a fish? A simple answer to that question. A Automobile has no mind in which to catch a suggestion of illness, neither does a Cock roach which has only instinct. Only humans, animals, birds or fish has mind to barb a suggestion not created by God, for God creates, sees only good. So the answer to all healing of disease is understanding of the Divine Mind which obliterates all from mortal mind which is not mind at all but suggestion.

  3. Merry Christmas to everyone and especially to Evan for all the inspiring and healing messages. With love regards

    from Belgium

  4. What a great reminder to “Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously” Science and Health p. 393. So, every time we exercise “Truth over error, Love over hate, Life over death” we are helping to spread the Christmas message of peace on earth. Thank you dear Evan, for showing us the way to apply this great truth, Christian Science.

  5. This is excellent ! Thanks so much. I really like the statement that banish is a strong action. It is an immediate action expecting a clear result. It seems so easy to become wimpy; to wait around to see what happens. No more. The truth is immediate. There is no delay to Truth. it is a divine ever-presence, NOW! Thanks again for these clear statements of what is always real and true.

  6. Evan,
    Each message is so uplifting. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with so many. I did note something in the title of this message, and I wondered if you did it to see if we were paying attention. You capitalized “Mind” and no other words, except the first one. It made me think, Mind (God) has no thoughts about disease, so it’s not necessary to banish anything from that Mind, as it’s all good and knows only good–its creation. I’ve noted that when someone reads something or writes something in a manner that’s different from the way I’d do it, it causes me to think more deeply about the material than I ordinarily would. Not a bad thing.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Oh thanks for pointing that out. Actually, that’s a typo. It should be “mind.” There is no disease in divine Mind to banish, as you point out! All is good there. But the human mind has some purifying to do…LOL

  7. Thank you for reminding me. Banish is one of my favorite part of S&H. This is still strong word on describing on healing thoughts. happy new year… willy

  8. This has come at an the right time as I am struggling and I will hold on to there is no disease in Divine Mind.

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