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October 22, 2008 | 2 comments

The banking crisis around the world and the consequent strains on the economy are requiring people to be more flexible.

I work with many businessmen and women in my practice, and over the last couple of months, they have had traditional sources of income and financing dry up, overnight. To survive, they’ve had to think out of the box, look for new and creative ways to finance their operations and carry on business. They’ve had to be flexible.

One has to keep a spiritual perspective to survive times like we’re in right now. A saving truth is that God provides, always. There is always enough supply to meet needs. But the human source we’re accustomed to providing that need may change with time and circumstances. And this is where we have to be flexible.

I know on the family farm I was raised on, when times got tough dad changed plans. He grew different crops, searched out more productive seeds and higher yielding tree stock. He changed his practices to adjust to the need of the moment. He was flexible. And in the long run, he prospered. Farmers that were not willing to change and be flexible frequently lost their land.

This rule of being flexible to adjust to changing times applies to all forms of employment.

I think of employment as serving others. People’s needs create demand for services and products, and workers who are responsive to that demand are rewarded.

Many people are suffering right now from the financial calamity encircling the globe. Needs are great. Workers who respond to those needs and provide solutions are going to be rewarded.

People get hung up on job titles, and the effect can be one of limitation. For example, if a computer programmer works on a certain type of software for years, and suddenly that software is phased out, to stay employed, he has to adapt. He has to learn how to work with currently operating programs.

Right now, many traditional sources of income are drying up for many workers. Times are changing. But the supply that meets their need is still pouring forth. And that supply, is wisdom, intelligence, ability and capacity to perform well coming from God.
The supply coming from God is adaptable to any changing human circumstance. If we lose our job, we do not lose our supply. The wisdom and ability of God is still coming our way, and we can rely upon it to find a new and better job, if necessary. We can be flexible.

Flexibility is a quality of God.

God is infinitely flexible, never stiff, rigid, stubborn, bound up in pride, or close-minded. God sees all the options, provides all the opportunities, and ensures each of us has the talents, skills and abilities we need to benefit from divine Mind’s infinite blessings. We have to be flexible at times to continue participating in the bounty, but that’s okay, because being flexible keeps us permanently and fully employed. And that’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Be flexible”

  1. Thanks Evan! I love the idea of good being infinitely flexible and then so are we as his reflection. He is always providing direction and answers all we need to do is listen.

  2. and I love this translation of Jeremiah 29:11 …

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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