Be honest with everyone

October 8, 2018 | 15 comments

“An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship.”

~ Proverbs 24:26, NLT

One of the nicest things you can do for another is to be honest with them.

Honesty doesn’t haven’t to be harsh, critical or condemnatory. It can be kind, compassionate, revealing in a positive way, and uplifting.

Dishonesty leads to hurt feelings, deception, and wrong conclusions.

Honesty clears up misunderstandings, prevents problems from happening later, and is the sign of a sincere heart.

Always be honest. It’s in your best interest, and of everyone’s around you.

15 thoughts on “Be honest with everyone”

  1. How true, Evan! Nobody gains anything by being dishonest. One can’t be dishonest if they know God as Truth and Love, and man as His reflection.

  2. Thank you Evan, that all is so true and loving.
    Dishonesty is weakness and honesty is strength and all what you said in today`s helpful SpiritView!

    I think also, that the divine quality “honesty” is part of Truth, which as we know is God. And we all children of God cannot else but express the qualities of God, so also Honesty!

    Yes, it is a healing quality for all!

  3. Thanks for this reaffirmation to me. Last week I was doing some bank transactions and when I came out, I found a crisp new $20 bill laying in the first spot in the parking lot. Ones initial reaction is often, oh great some “free” money. But I immediately felt impelled to take it inside. I could imagine someone getting home and recounting the money the bank had counted out and feeling the bank had cheated them. They might come back and be upset with them. This was also a branch of a nationally known institution that has had some credibility issues due to inappropriate actions by a few. I felt my actions were a blessing and a protection to all. The staff at this branch was very grateful to get it back and put it in an envelope with a note on it about it being turned in. They did say that occasionally they get people coming in saying they’re been shorted (rightly or wrongly). So I felt strongly that no one could be harmed or deprived of what was rightfully theirs. Honestly is the best policy!

  4. Thank you, Evan and SVers for inspiring with this thought-provoking topic. When looking at the graphic (always love those!) and the individual letters within the word honesty, I see included the word… h o n e y ~ as in symbiotic helpfulness for the good of all, sweetness gathered from surrounding beauty… n e s t ~ comfort and safety,
    h o n e ~ (in on) focus attention on, strive to perfect. Honesty brings together a getting along in peace. It truly is in everyone’s best interest.

    1. Wow! Carol,
      I love your correlation between honesty and the words you found within. What an enlightening perspective! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw the word ONE inside of honesty. The oneness of Truth and its idea insures honesty and integrity. Principle and idea brine ONE!

  6. Your definition of honesty reminds me that keeping higher thoughts when discussing with others always brings more trust and love into the picture.

  7. Thanks for the comments. Honesty, to me, also means purity. I was told that the word “sincere” comes from the Latin “sin-cere” – without wax – referring to works of sculpture. Sometimes the artist would fill in spots in the marble sculpture with wax. Those pieces that were purely marble were “sin cere,” Honesty, purity, sincerity: to me they blend together and they are so important in our lives.

  8. Sometimes people, myself included, are In Denial, due to trauma they may have experienced. And D E N I A L can stand for: “Don’t Even Know I Am Lying”. Denial serves as a “shock absorber for the soul” and keeps someone safe until they are ready to remember what happened to them. Thus, sometimes people are Lying and are not even aware of it because they are using Denial as a protection for themselves. People are often very proud of their Honesty, on the outward level, but if they look closer they may find many more subtle ways in which they Lie. Saying you are Fine, when you really feel Awful, telling someone something Nice, when you really don’t mean it, or just convincing yourself that you are a REally Great Person when deep down you haven’t had the Courage to Face Your Faults.

  9. Thank you Evan and further the helpful comments.

    The current news provides many examples of the importance of telling the truth and being always honest during one’s whole life. We pray that those who lie will turn to truth.

  10. There is more to honesty than I first was aware of. Thank U, Evan & all for your thought provoking analysis. I’m so grateful to be uplifted by C S!

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