Be lifted up

August 23, 2023 | 21 comments

The Lord lifts up the humble.

~ Psalms 147:6, NKJV

Humility is putting God first. It’s about honoring God as the one and only power over the universe able to make good things happen, and without limit.

The human mind sinks into despair when it tries to do God’s job, when it forgets that God can get the job done through the might of Mind.

Humble the human mind. Silence mortal mind. Let divine Mind’s spiritual perspective take over.

Let Truth lift thought to a heavenly place. The view is much better there!

21 thoughts on “Be lifted up”

  1. If God is all, then God is the only actor and originator.. Man, God’s expression., is the beauty and wonder of God’s very bring..

    1. Thanks Dottie. In the editorial “Hear and Obey” by Ivimy Gwalter (6/21/47) she identifies God as the actor and creation as the expression of His omniaction.

    2. Thanks Dottie, that is a keeper for sure, so witty and so true!

      Evan thank you very much for today’s reminder, for me humility is so essential. Whenever things seem to be “going astray,” if I take a close look I usually find that my thoughts seem to have moved away from humility before God, and I have started feeling that weight/burden of believing I am the doer, the knower, and have to figure things out myself, fix things or make something happen. It is a lonely, dark and false place, in which I can never truly be, but without humility it sometimes seems very real.

  2. Thanks for this SV. So helpful this morning. My granddaughter had a serious horse accident and is in the hospital. Now starting intensive physical therapy program for a back injury. She’s 17 and not very interested in spiritual support but I do it quietly. I will be “clapping”all the way.

    1. Dear Martha, Your granddaughter is in God’s hands. All will be…IS well.
      Seeing her as God sees her can only help. The Love you are giving her
      will be felt by her, even if she isn’t “very interested in spiritual support”.

    2. Dear Martha, your granddaughter cannot be anything other than God’s continually unfolding expression. What is true about her is “the same yesterday, today and forever.” I agree with Carol that she will feel the benefits of your loving spiritual support. Lots of Love to you and your family.

  3. Dear Martha,

    As Carol has said – All is well.

    Mrs. Eddy tells us that accidents are unknown
    to God, who was right there when there seemed to be an accident. The material
    senses see only the false view of things. Could God, the All-knowing, All-seeing Mind
    have seen or known an accident? – No. He is the All-Seeing Mind, and your granddaughter
    is His reflection. Even if she did seem to have fallen, she could only have fallen into the arms
    of everlasting Love. God was right there governing and guiding the horse and your
    granddaughter, and loving and caring for them both.

  4. Some thoughts that I have come across on humility:

    “Humility, like darkness, reveals the heavenly lights” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    “Humility is nothing, but the disappearance of self in the vision
    that God is all” ~ Andrew Murray

    “True humility is not looking down on yourself, but looking up to God”

    “If you are humble, nothing will touch you,
    Neither praise nor disgrace,
    Because you know what you are” ~ Mother Teresa

    We are all children of God, reflecting the bright colors in the artwork
    above … shining forth and sharing the love in our hearts, raising our
    thoughts through prayer and clapping … in knowing God’s work is
    beautiful and so lovely in our lives.

  5. Thank yo, Carol, for the various descriptions of humility you have found.- they are
    all very good, and worth pondering. It seems to be really about looking away
    from matter and a personal sense of ourselves, to Spirit, and letting God show us what we need to know and understand, and discover as our true selfhood as God’s reflection..

  6. In expanding this delightful concept presented by Dottie, shouldn’t we be the receptive, responsive, appreciative, alert, rapt, audience as we observe the exquisite production, which God, as Playwright, producer, Director, stage manager, choreographer, Artistic Director, costume designe presents before us. As an actor, our work is to remove “self” & Simply try to be the character in the script. With God is my playwright, I want to follow Her perfect direction, and perform as She envisions. This Certainly takes away our limited perception and pitiful efforts to “run the show”!!!
    Thank you Dottie all the rest of you wonderful actors on God’s stage

  7. My dear brother is in hospital recovering from a moving-truck mishap. He is in good spirits and we pray for the best. It is such
    a comfort to know that Father-Mother God is on the scene although He seems invisible. Every evidence of healing is lighting the way and we thank God for all the helpers working together for
    a joyful demonstration of Omni-present Good. Humility and meekness are the salves of Divine Love that never fail.

    1. Love to you and your brother, dear Marjorie. Yes, Father-Mother God
      IS always with us, ever present, although unseen with mortal eyes, but
      definitely Felt and shown to us in ways we can comprehend.
      To elaborate on Susana’s point below … opening the gates of heaven …
      I think when we are humble, our thinking is transformed into a higher
      perspective where the spiritual lens clarifies what God/Love is
      demonstrating to us and brings this sweet expression into our lives,
      sometimes in ways we could not have even imagined, if perceived
      from a limited, mortal perspective. Quite awesome, really.

  8. I once read that to be humble is to be teachable and truly helped me understand humility! Thank you SV for this reminder of a quality which opens the gates of heaven

  9. Yes, thanks dear Evan, that’s wonderful and healing; let’s Truth lift thoughts to a heavenly place where the divinely spiritual view is much better and healthier there!
    Thanks Susana, that’s indeed very helpful what you say, i.e. “to be humble is to be teachable” It’s really important to be teachable, because there is still endlessly much to be learned in Christian Science! And I wouldn’t want to miss any divine lesson which is bringing progress and healing!

    Thanks and love to you all, dear SpiritView friends!♡

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