Live abundant Love

August 24, 2023 | 25 comments

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Be a Big Bundle—of Love in action! It blesses you and everyone around you.

25 thoughts on “Live abundant Love”

  1. Evan, your message reminds me of the song sang by The Solo Committee “Jairus’s Daughter”. I had such a wonderful healing one time listening to the words of that said Jesus wrapped the child up in the “arms of God’s love and told her she was whole”. I felt so embraced by Divine Love that there was no room for error and I was instantly healed.

      1. This is soo oooo BEAUTIFUL, J!! Such wonderful expression and love
        the watercolor artwork also. Such a heavenly way of sharing God’s
        Love… these tunes of precious delight. Music really touches the Soul.
        Thank you so much!

      2. Thank you so much J, for another beautiful thing you have linked us to. I love Susan Mack and this song is absolutely marvelous. What a way to live abundant love!!! (Speaking of both you and Susan Mack and Evan.)

      1. Thank you very much for the words, J, and thank you for the music L.
        This is not a solo I’m familiar with – so very grateful.

    1. Thanks Virginia for mentioning this lovely, healing song and to J and L for links to words and music. Also on the page J shared, on the right side is a link that says, Listen to Track. You can hear the song sung simply, with less instrumentation and without background vocals, I enjoyed this version as well as the other.

      So comforting to remember we are all wrapped up in the arms of God’s Love.

  2. I remember the time some years ago when I had the thought that living and praying for all mankind included me. “what freedom that gave and a freedom and dominion we all may know!”

    1. Yes, Ginny…in a world that sometimes seems like evil tries so hard
      to be pervasive in trying to take down Good … Love divine is like
      visibility from Mtn. McKinley’s peak, in being alert and looking at
      everything from a spiritual viewpoint, where we rrise above evil’s
      attempting inclination, but nothing can stop the Truth…nothing.
      Love always prevails against evil, somehow, someway.

  3. I knew and said the Lord’s Prayer daily since childhood but when I prayed and heard its spiritual interpretation at a Christian Science church, the room literally filled with light when the words “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” were followed by “And Love is reflected in love.”

    I began to realize the meaning of forgiveness. Love perfects us so that our recognition of and expression of Love precludes and prevents anything but love; divine Love makes it natural to live love – to enlarge that bundle. Love improves you and me moment by moment. Thank God!

    Thank you Evan.

    And thank you Virginia. I will wrap my child, each and every child, in the arms of God’s love and tell her she is whole.

  4. Oh, what a holy day! Blessings and thanks to Evan, Virginia, Ginny, Maggie, and Deborah (so far!)
    Today is beautiful expression & the perfect addition to yesterday’s SpiritView–in humility the arms reached up with hearts in their palms.(with Love) and today wrap around one another, in beautiful brotherhood, embracing and caring, and supporting! These graphics are not just charming & delightful, they really show us how to be.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet stories.
    Thank you all for sharing your light and embracing one another with your love reflecting Love

  5. I thought of the same thing, Annie.. …. a continuation of yesterday’s humility beautiful
    compilation of loving thoughts, all arm in arm in Love’s warm embrace.
    I find it interesting that we, the viewer of the photo do not see what they are all
    looking at so intensely and lovingly. It leaves to the “imagination” whatever we
    would like it to be. We can imagine such blessings like we are all feeling Right Now,
    .. ….in reading this wonderful blog with a togetherness that warms the heart and soul
    of our Being and brings such a feeling of divine Love being expressed. Delightful!
    Thank you so very much, Evan and All

    1. Thank you everyone!! What a beautiful thought to carry with me today! I am wrapped in the arms of God’s loving care and am whole!
      I needed to hear that reminder!!
      Much love! ❤️❤️

  6. I want to be a “Big Bundle of Love in action” and “live abundant Love.” Today’s message gives me a feeling of expansiveness and freedom, two wonderful qualities of God that make it easy to express more Love everywhere I (we) go. Thanks so much everyone.

    1. Yes, Maggie is so very right!
      This article is a revelation as it gives one the absolute correct and true meaning and understanding of LOVE! Thank you deeply for sharing the article with us, dear “J”!♡
      Everybody should read these wonderful truths about real Love which has to be expressed by us as God’s likeness.

  7. Wow, thanks very much, dear Evan! How wonderful what Christ Jesus said, that God wraps me up in his Love, and I am whole! The Christ is saying that loving Truth to us all today, as well!♡
    So, dear “J”, thank your dearly for the words and “L” for the lovely comforting and healing song! And dear Virginia thank you very much for your wonderful comment and your Healing!♡♡♡
    I love the article “J”, that Love must have it’s Expression. Truely Love, God must have it’s Expression, as God is all in all and created all to His image and likeness.

    Wow, I am really grateful for SpiritView, as I needed it today and it is helpful and lifts my thoughts up to spiritual reality – thank you Evan!!!♡

  8. Un immense merci à vous tous, vous êtes l’expression pure de cet Amour infini qui est Tout. Quelle joie de pouvoir recevoir chaque jour des inspirations fraîches et douces qui nous enveloppent totalement et qui nous ouvre au véritable Amour.
    Belle journée à tous, enveloppés tendrement dans les bras de l’Amour infini.

      1. My French is limited but I believe Pascale is saying:
        -A big thank you to all of you, you are the pure expression of that Love which is infinite and All. What a joy to be able to receive each day the fresh and sweet inspirations that envelop us totally and that we receive true Love. Beautiful day to all, enveloped tenderly in the arms of Love.

        Thank you Pascale and Uta.

        1. Thanks and Hugs to you, dear Rose, for your comment and for this translation.
          I learned very little French at the Berlitz School in Hamburg. Rose, I think your translation is correct. It is such a lovely comment from Pascale!

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