Spontaneous supplier of good

August 25, 2023 | 33 comments


Jesus Christ proved that divine Mind is a spontaneous producer of supply.

In the story of the loaves and fishes, Jesus causes a few fishes and loaves to multiply for the benefit of thousands of hungry people. Spontaneous production!

When Peter needed money to pay a tax bill, Jesus told him what to do, and the money was instantly provided. Spontaneous results!

When Moses needed food to feed thousands of hungry followers, manna fell from the sky. Spontaneous supply!

I’ve witnessed spontaneous supply in my life many times over the decades. Admission to college, the appearance of the woman who would become my wife, money when in financial need, health when sickness felt overwhelming, are a few examples of Mind’s spontaneous creation of good I’ve seen appear. At the time, it would seem a bit of a miracle to witness the blessing unfolding, but looking back, I can see that it was the hand of divine Mind at work, providing the perfect answer.

Spontaneous good. It happens. Mind produces it. It appears unexpected to material sense but entirely normal to spiritual sense.

33 thoughts on “Spontaneous supplier of good”

  1. Thank you so much Evan for reminding me that I I have been blessed with Spontaneous Provision. It is just what I needed to hear.
    Much love.

  2. and how do you pray to have this much needed supply needs…….understanding God supplies all our needs…..
    how do I pray……..in great need now


    1. Dear Sarah… Praying for our needs to be met is going to be different for each one of us. However, Mrs.Eddy teaches us to fill our hearts and mind so full of Truth and Love that there is no room for any fear. In following this guidance, I have found that focusing on what God IS, and the qualities of God is helpful in filling my heart with Truth and Love. As I delve into this, I dig until I feel some sense of peace. If that doesn’t come, I’m not done yet. There is something I need to learn and I often verbally ask, “Father, what do I need to know?” And when I am quiet and listening, many times the answer is immediate. Also, remember that you are the Father’s reflection! You have nothing to do to to be His image and likeness! Prayer is the way in which we come into accord with who we are as God’s idea and precious child! I will be keeping you in my prayers today, knowing that the Father is enveloping you in Love!!!

      1. Wow Janet, such a profound and clear and helpful, yes and very loving reply to Sarah’s need. Thank you very much!♡

    1. Pam your comment made me think of what Mrs. Eddy said in Misc Writings, that as we trust God we will have all we need every moment. How wonderful and inspiring is that!

  3. I too have had many proofs of God’s loving care and spontaneous supply Evan. This is such an important subject to be clear on. Thank you, Janet for such a clear and loving statement in responding to Sarah. I am so grateful for Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy and this Spirit View Family.

  4. To say that my entire life was the result of God’s support would be a complete understatement. Looking back over the many years, many occasions where I was supported by a free flow of abundance for which I am extremely grateful. I spent an entire career as an engineer without an engineering degree or even a minimum of engineering talent, I became an D1 level athlete after suffering a near death experience. In every moment, I was provided everything that I need to survive and succeed. It is really too overwhelming to consider otherwise.

    1. Hi “J”, I give you a big hug for your loving sharing of the really wonderful articles relating so well to the corresponding SpiritViews of Evan!♡

      What I already said yesterday, also this article is a spiritual revelation how and from whom abundant supply is really attained!

      Wow, am I truely grateful for SpiritView; it’s so lively and healing and helpful.
      Endless thanks, Evan and all!♡

  5. Dear Evan,
    thank you very much indeed for today’s SpiritView. When I look back I can gratefully humbly see that God always supplied me with what I needed and also what I wanted. It night be a book if I wrote all the blessings I received from God. Only now I see how God supplied, protected and held my hands guiding me. And when I seemed to be on the wrong track, HE pushed me lovingly on the right track.
    Thank you Evan, that you let me count all my blessings and thank God deeply for it!♡

  6. J the link to “Supply and Spontaneity” by Miriam Beckhoff Damsgaard, brings up an article with very fine print
    much too small for me to read. I didn’t see any way to enlarge the print. Is there any way to enlarge it?

    1. Dear Lori,
      My computer is old and don’t know if this will work for you or not, but on my toolbar above,
      (on mine is Safari), there is a “View” tab. If I click on it and then scroll down… all the way
      down to the bottom of that window is an “Enter Full Screen” tab. That brings it a little closer.
      I hope that you are able to enlarge it, as it is a good article. Thank you, J

    2. Hi Lori, I’m sorry, but this is all that came up on the article. Thank you Carol for providing a work around. :-). Another thought is to highlight the article, then copy it into an email. In the email, highlight it again and enlarge the font size. Then send the article to your email address.

      1. I hope it works for you, Lori. Sometimes things are not compatible here
        on my computer or maybe I didn’t do things right, but it is good if it
        works for you.

  7. Thank you Evan for a clear and uplifting message today. I claim and declare that God is and always has been the spontaneous supplier of all my (our) good. Thank you God that you were always there taking care of me and everyone around me, even at times when to mortal sense it did not appear so. I did not know in my earlier life of God’s allness but now I can understand more and give great thanks.

    And also great thanks and wonderful weekend to my SV buddies of the heart.

  8. Sometimes life can very much seem like a yo-yo of ups and downs and very challenging,
    with misunderstandings, insecurities, thoughts going south, mortal mind temptations to
    believe in, etc. It is times like these where gratitude for what we have is so needed and
    appreciated. Things are not always easy in understanding.
    Today a small dresser came crashing down (still don’t know how it could have fallen
    the way it did, except perhaps my dog’s paw getting caught under it, but he is fine,
    thankfully, so don’t know what happened)…dislodging and crashing the mirror, phone,
    flashlight, clock, but thankfully not a thing was broken.
    Under it, along with some dust bunnies, was a small poetry book given by someone
    very special at the time, many years ago, when in college, called
    “God’s Beautiful World” (published by IDEALS). This collection of poems was just
    what I needed to raise my thought. (I had not been able to locate this little book
    since I’ve been here, so it was very special in fining and reading it just now)

  9. Thank you so much Evan for such profound guidance …..leading to such a comforting selection of comments from our SV family.
    Your response Janet to Sarah is so helpful and inspiring for Sarah and indeed for all of us here. Just full of Love!
    Sometimes , if I feel I’m not getting to the spiritual understanding I need when confronting mortal influences , I just stick to remembering that God is the knower and I am the knowing…( I read this somewhere a long time ago ) therefore nothing outside of this Truth is valid or has power to disturb the harmony that is now!
    This blog is always full of “spontaneous “ Good…

    Happy weekend all❣️

  10. Thanks BarbaraUK. Your comment that “God is the knower and I am the knowing” brought to thought a prayer given by Carolyne from SpiritView awhile ago. Carolyne said she prays: “God, I don’t know, but I know You know. That’s all I need to know, because You know everything. Thank you! Also, I’m not sure how to think about all of this, but I know that You can help me, and I am wide open to all that You have to give,”

    1. Hi J, I also remember that comment from Carolyne. I had written down the first part (up to “…because You know everything.”) but thanks for sharing the whole thing, it is a very complete prayer full of pure trust and humility.

  11. I had been thinking more about spontaneous supplies of good:
    mortal mind at times has me in a tizzy, “playing games” with thought that tries to create
    such anguish and “little mind” thought wanders to places~ maybe, maybe not, but
    probably not, true. I find comfort in nature…God’s creation with such beauty and
    comfort, always there to soothe and help.
    One of the poems that helped refresh thought to better places (from “God’s Beautiful
    World”), was about a butterfly … one of God’s creatures that there seems to be a lack of
    and decline in, which used to be so abundant. Now I marrvel each time I see one.
    The lovely poem was by Maxine McCray Miller and reads:

    “A butterfly lit on my hand;
    I held it in my palm;
    I thought that even wordless things
    Created a sweet psalm.
    Its wings were fragile jewels
    That spread upon stil air
    And I could see each gemmed design
    Was fashioned with great care.
    A butterfly lit on my hand
    And it did not seem odd,
    I heard its silent song unfold
    About a loving God.”

    And on the same page, a verse from Psalm28: 7
    “The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    my heart trusted in him, and I am helped:
    therefore my heart greatly rejoice th; and
    with my song will I praise Him”. So Lovely!

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