Be proactive with your prayer

September 6, 2019 | 14 comments

“If prayer will help me out of trouble, it will certainly help to keep me out of trouble.”

~ Unknown

Be sure to love yourself today by taking time out to pray for on-going inspiration, gratitude and joy. It will keep you ahead of trouble and out of its reach.

14 thoughts on “Be proactive with your prayer”

  1. Great! Thank you, Evan. And this proactive prayer gives us the grace and moxie to be useful in loving our neighbors as ourselves! It multiplies Love’s gifts, rippling outward.

  2. Evan, I have been blessed so many times by this thought that I lost count. Thank you for this important aspect of Truth as God’s principle in constant operation.

  3. Thank you for this inspiration, Evan. It will be perfect for a challenge I am facing on Monday.
    It reminds me of my first testimony that I gave in a CS church. I was given an old tape about staying safe when I bought my first Science and Health. I listened to this tape over and over during a two hour plane ride to Florida.
    It was about a CS woman who heard that there were robbers in the area, but she had to work late. When she was walking alone to her car in the dark, two scruffy men approached her. Immediately, she said, “Friends, could you please walk me to my car?” They did, saying that there were robbers in the neighborhood, so she should not be alone after dark. She got home safely.
    Then she prayed that the robbers be apprehended so no more harm done. The next day, she saw a photo of those two men who were apprehended for robbery. When I arrived at my condo in Florida, I took my dog for a walk, “Don’t go out there,” my neighbor warned me, “The no-seeums are biting like crazy! They will eat you alive.” But my little dog needed a walk. Soon as I stepped out the door, a no-seeum bit me on the neck. “Friends!” I said in thought so the people coming inside would not think that I was crazy. “Friends, you are lost. I can help you. I can ask God to change the direction of the winds so that you can go home to the Everglades where you live.” I prayed for Easterly winds as we walked for a mile without getting bit. The next morning, I noticed that the winds changed. When I gave that testimony on my first Wed in church, a man came up to me and said, “I’ve been bothered on the golf course by no-seeums for years, but it never occurred to me to pray for them!” He loved my testimony. All creatures big and small. . .

  4. This is spot on as I am about to venture forth on many errands …so I am taking this beautiful thought to-go. Yay God! And thank you too, Evan.

  5. Ceaseless prayer. Good reminder. Praying this way is like savings in a bank account.
    I loved the testimony about the woman and the no-seeums. I was swarmed by hornets last weekend. I can’t say I prayed for them while I swatted them away saying no, no, but my stings got lots of prayers!

  6. Unfailing grace
    by Eleanor Buser
    (Sentinel, October 21, 1996)

    I am in God’s embrace –
    I cannot fall or slip out of it,
    I cannot be moved or tossed about.
    No matter where I am or what I face
    I’ll stay within Love’s warm embrace.

  7. Thank you, Evan for all your wonderful and helpful and healing spiritual views of the things.
    Could have done better this day in praying. But as I promised a good acquaintance to invite her to a belated birthday coffee and tart, and we had a nice afternoon, will do my praying work the other day now better. Am grateful for Evan’s loving admonition to love ourselves and take time praying for inspiration, gratitude and joy – ýes we need that!

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