Replace the burnt lightbulbs

September 5, 2019 | 26 comments

The auditorium of the church I belong to has very high light fixtures which make changing lightbulbs almost impossible without special ladders and fearless people willing to climb up high and change burnt bulbs. Over the last few years, bulbs have been burning out, one by one, until several dozen were not working, and the problem finally got so bad, that an electrician was hired to fix the problem and replace all the bulbs and get the auditorium well lit once again.

After the bulbs were replaced, I walked into the auditorium, turned on all the lights, and was awed. The room was brilliant with light. All the shadows were gone, light was everywhere. The room felt bright, happy and joyous. Such a huge positive change had occurred.

As I searched for the metaphysical lesson, I realized that people often experience in thought what that room had expressed over the last few years as one bulb burnt out after another. Over time, the effect of gradual darkening in the room wasn’t noticed because when one bulb burnt out, compared to the other several dozen burning, it didn’t seem to make any difference. But with each burnt out bulb, the room got a bit darker. And over a few years, the room grew substantially darker, although it felt “normal” to inhabitants of the room because they had grown to accept whatever the present condition was.

To compare the room to human consciousness, it seemed to me that any type of “dark” thinking, such as resentment, anger, envy, pessimism, apathy, selfishness, and their kin, were like burnt out bulbs. They are void of light, and if enough of them are allowed to inhabit consciousness, consciousness can become a dark place. The effect may be so gradual over time, that the thinker doesn’t realize how dark thought is getting, just like the church members above didn’t realize how dark their auditorium was getting from the accumulation of all those burnt out bulbs.

The cure, I decided, was to “replace the bulbs,” promptly! Don’t let burnt out bulbs accumulate in consciousness. We must hold to a high standard of thought, one of pure Love and Truth, that keeps “all the bulbs,” or all thoughts, burning bright with inspiration, joy and gratitude.

Consciousness is indeed a “bright room,” when all the “bulbs” are shining bright, and it’s much easier to stay happy and healthy.

As Jesus Christ taught, “Keep your life as well-lighted as your best-lighted room” (Luke 11:36, The Message).

26 thoughts on “Replace the burnt lightbulbs”

  1. Thank you, dear Evan, SSfor this midnight message. Everything can be a metaphor for good when seen through the lens of Christian Science, it seems. Thank you as always for your hard work and insight.

  2. I have a little shadow that goes everywhere
    with me, and what can be the use of him is more
    than I can see.
    He is very very, very little me, from my heels up to my head, and he always jumps before me as I jump
    into my bed.
    Robert Louis Stevenson (you can google to read the rest) a very sweet poem.
    And light in consciousness, as in the church, far surpasses darkness.
    However on a hot day sitting in a shadow is very pleasant.

  3. Thank you Evan for that lovely analogy – we seem to be in rather a dark place politically here in the UK so I am grateful for this reminder of what I can do by replacing my own dead lightbulbs and switching on that light for others to see.

    1. Yes, Westminster seems to need many more light bulbs of inspiration and co-operation just now. Grateful that God has an inexhaustible supply.

  4. I really like the idea of consciousness being a bright room.
    I love to think of this too…that we may find ourselves in a dark room (mental place) and we can stumble about tripping over things, not seeing our way and even hurting ourselves when we trip up…but if we first make the effort to FIND that light switch (because we know it is there don’t we?) then your way ahead is clear…there may still be obstacles but now you see them and can walk around them.

  5. I am up at sunrise in Maine, enjoying the glow as the light brightens on our beach and in my life. Thank you, Evan, for this apt metaphor of keeping our consciousness brightly lit. I needed this.

  6. Ah! So so perfect! Light is my favorite metaphor for God. As described in the Bible, We are assured our Father-Mother of Lights has no darkness whatsoever, not even a hint of a shadow shifting- pure radiance which enlightens its creation perpetually- no burnt out corners or slightly dimmed fragments; Infinite Good shining on everyone, every place, at all times!
    Daily thanking you, Evan, and keep your lights shining, sweet Viewers!

  7. I love how this topic today corresponds with the CS Daily Lift which also shares about light. No doubt One Mind at work. ; ) One lonely candle can light a room, like one bulb, but think what many can do in brightening our lives.
    When we don’t hide our light “under a bushel” and let it shine, the good is immeasurable in helping to heal the world, which certainly can use Love’s reflection in so many ways right now.

    1. What a good comparison! Thanks. I am going to be extra watchful for burnt out bulbs in thought. I have been weeding out things in my house that are no longer useful, and I think there is an application here, too. Items once needed and useful, but no longer so — things like that, at least for me, can accumulate quietly. Other things call for immediate use, and there seem to be logical reasons for not dealing with accumulation of some sort. Time to shine the light lots of places, mental and literal! PS I had to come to the site to see this. As of 11 a.m Eastern Daylight time, this has not appeared in my inbox.

  8. There are so many useful analogies here, in the initial thought and following comments. I would add that alertness is a further lesson; spotting just one bulb gone can get us on the path of correction — being attentive, alert right away, avoiding the “uh-ohs” of gradual, subtle, descent into darkness.

  9. We had a slightly different problem which taught the lesson to not wait for “burnt out lightbulbs” of dark thougth, but replace the thoughts with better brighter and more enduring and endearing thoughts. Our lightbulbs were not burnt out but they did not give enough light. So while restoration work was going in our very high ceiling auditorium, we took advantage of the high ladders to replace all the bulbs with new, brighter and longer lasting soft led lights. Not only do we now have a well lit auditorium it uses only about 10% of the energy to produce the light. The same is true of thought. Better thoughts require less energy to accomplish their purpose than less perfect thoughts even though they may seem good.

  10. thank you Evan for including Apathy……. I realize I have let it creep in error of thinking…. not to repsond to emotional materialism…. whatever, I need to fix this! Do you time your posts with the Daily Lift???? So many times they are both on the same subject…. such as today Letting Your Little LIght Shine…. my granddaughters fav song!!! Love the inspiration you provide us!

  11. Proper illumination. Each day displacing darkness. Darkness that isn’t the presence of something. Just the seeming absence of the something we need to see. The “seeming” absence. All space is filled with the light of God. Consciousness is the only universe that I have. Continually searching for Truth to help me daily. When the right idea is realized the way grows brighter. And the way is easier.
    The correct idea for changing lamps high in the ceilings may be an available pole with a grasping basket on it. Often that brings the challenge of climbing down to our level, here on ground floor.
    On the ground floor, looking up to the challenge of attaining heights, inaccessible by ordinary methods, a pole of study and prayer will lift consciousness and lead to the correct idea to give a victory. Exchanging the burned out and old perceptions for the newer, improved versions of Thomas Edison’s first horse hair filament lamp, to the newer light emitting diode concept. One that lasts infinitely longer, with better illumination.
    “Willingness to leave the old for the new renders thought receptive of the advanced idea”.
    Climbed up yesterday to change an old LED to a newer version of LED lighting. It’s still advancing in technology, improving. We are all capable of more. Just needful of the correct pole to bring things down here to earth where we presently reside.
    Let your light shine!

  12. I have always been sensitive to light and air. But as I evolve I find light is so important. I had new windows of an nontraditional size put in and I need to get shades but I love the light. I will get shades sometime but the windows have increased the light on my first floor I am thrilled. Light also makes you feel in consciousness lighter. Shine your light; don’t keep it under a bushel basket.

  13. After “enduring” 12 plus hours of no electricity, it took ‘turning on the light’ of the outdoors sun – perpetual source – to do my studying today. So seated at my dining table with the light from the window shining in inspired deep thinking into what is always available through Soul. I am grateful to Jesus the Christ and Mary Baker Eddy, and to you Evan, for your inspirational writings.

  14. Wow, Evan! Keep the light pouring in!!! I am so in awe of your daily inspiration meeting my every need!!

    Thank you! thank you! It is so important to stand porter at the door of thought and not allow negative thoughts to compound our joy, our peace, our ability to feel the presence of Love!!! I’ve been trying to refute erroneous thought with gratitude. The more Love I recognize and the more gratitude I express, the less error has power to take my light away!! So yes! Let’s change this lightbulbs and open the blings to let light shine brightly!!
    Hugs to all! Ali

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