Make the most of today

September 4, 2019 | 22 comments

“A day is eternity’s seed, and we are its gardeners.”

~ Erika Harris

What are you gardening today? Will it produce a harvest worth reaping?

22 thoughts on “Make the most of today”

  1. Yes. Am selecting quartz and a tile backsplash for my kitchen in Maine that
    looks good with our new paint color and
    furniture. It is a process that is culminating
    in the kitchen. After another glorious summer, we will sell our precious jewel of a beach condo and our move to the Pacific Northwest will be complete. Lots of productive days that help make our home desirable.

    1. Yes, today is the date my husband and I were married 37 years ago❣️ We continue to perfect the art of loving together. We have had our share of challenges through the years and love has seen us through. I thank God. I like this reminder to make the most of this day❣️Thank you

      1. Oh my goodness! My husband and I are also celebrating our anniversary of 37 years today! Happy anniversary to y’all! And thank you, Evan, for all of these wonderful topics. And also for all of the comments! ❤️

        1. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband Jackie, really wonderful to share such a special date with a Spiritview reader. ❣️

  2. Spontaneity, Listening for the voice of Good, it directs my day.
    Yesterday I was waiting in line at the post office behind a very young woman who had a 6 week old daughter in a child carrier. She was trying to handle the child and a large box to be posted.
    I told her that she might put the box on the counter, that that was allowed. She gratefully received the suggestion. I placed the box accordingly. She smiled and then I told her the child was a girl although she was given a blue binky! She told me the babies name. I thought about that for a couple minutes. Was compelled to say a part of a verse to her. I told the mother that the child was “a gentle beam of living Love”. She looked very glad to hear it. Delighted in her response when she asked “where did that come from?” She was told that Mary Baker Eddy wrote it. She asked who that was. I answered that Mrs. Eddy was the discoverer of Christian Science. And that it was a wonderful help in raising children. She said she was going to look that up. Smiled and no more was said. T
    The seed was thus planted. Knowing that it will grow, I thanked God for the opportunity.
    And more than that I thanked him that I heard His voice.
    Today it is still early. Listening!

    1. What a brilliant thing to say David! WONDERFUL! And what mother WOULDN’T love a stranger to say her baby is a gentle beam of living Love!? A beautiful story. and action by you.

  3. Love & Let: Many years ago my Grandmother told me that for her the two most important concepts she’d harvested from MBE’s discovery were ‘Love and let.’ Grandmother was a gardener sometimes during her life the gardening was on a grand scale (farming), sometimes small, flowers in a yard (landscaping) – and I’ve pondered her words throughout my life – striving to live by them in my own spiritual practice. It was when took up gardening tho understanding began to ‘grow’ effortlessly. Once we’ve sown, we must step aside and ‘let.’ Allowing divine Love to do its part through and with us (we prepare the soil, choose, plant and then nurture our seeds) – then let go dutifully, LET God in complete confidence, we can simply yield to the harvest if we will, and witness the demonstration of Love divine, blessed bounty. I love that!

    1. Thank you Connie. The ‘let’ part of the gardening rang true to me. Only yesterday I was lamenting to God about the drought we are experiencing when the angel thought came to me that it wasn’t real, just as in the lesson a few weeks ago someone commented that Jesus had not woken up during the storm because to him it was not real, even though his fearful disciples were experiencing it. I’m still pondering this, but realize that since the drought isn’t real, I now need to let God do his perfect work in my garden and not be fearful of losing everything, especially since our home is up for sale and I’d like the garden to remain lovely for a new buyer. I’ve still got lots to work on here, but the’seed’ has been sown and it must now yield its crop.

  4. I do not drink alcohol at all. Or take any mind alterating substance. It is a seed for my 10 grandchildren to believe they can love and enjoy life without anything. Thank you

  5. My thought today, “Nothing is lost; all God created is present and accounted for”, was applied to my adopted son, who has wandered looking for something he feels is missing. I claim making the most of today, finding that thought and applying it to both him and me mentally. TY

    1. Beautiful treatment! Thank you for sharing this! How often do we go “wandering off” looking for something that we think is lost! In fact, my husband and I just did it, looking for his Cel phone. I find myself often saying, “nothing is lost” and I love what you said after that: “All God created is present and accounted for”.

      So very grateful for your inspired Spirit View, Evan, and for all of the inspired notes from your readers!

      Today is going to be one of “Love and let” for me!

      Sending love to all!

  6. Thank you all! Yes, our thought gardening is mighty important! We need to root out the weeds of fear, resentment, discouragement, hate, the “selfs,” and water and fertilize all the good qualities that come from God—unselfishness, love, peace, joy, etc. Those are the flowers that bloom in our thought gardens and can nourish and support the world’s thought. Sweet photo, too!

  7. What an enlightened thought that today is the seed we plant for eternity Thank you Evan for this sharing. I so love this idea. Donning my gardening gloves right now…!

  8. Thank you Evan for this topic ”spiritual seeding and reaping”!
    My spiritual gardening today was, to prepare my thinking with studying the weekly lesson sermon in order that I can read at our Wednesday testimony meeting this evening with a lot of inspiration and love. After my reading with the theme ”Christ the comforter and redeemer”, a member gave a testimony. And at the end she said, how worse a problem may appear to us, it is not true and we are not at all touched by it. We can see matter as being nothing.
    At that moment, this truth she uttered touched me a lot and I glimpsed it metaphysically which is still very helpful for me and i am very glad. And for me that was a reaping of spiritual truth fruits.
    I am very grateful that churchwork is one loving giving and taking.
    That all made my day given me generously from God.

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