Be wise about drug ads

August 26, 2019 | 23 comments

There are millions of drug ads promoted in the popular media, and if one would like to stay healthy, it is wise to defend one’s thinking against any influence from those ads!

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Descriptions of disease given by physicians and advertisements of quackery are both prolific sources of sickness” (Science and Health, p. 179). “Advertisements of quackery,” are any media content that promotes disease as a reality. She labels these types of ads as “quackery,” because in Truth, disease is not a reality. It’s a lie and can be healed when seen as a lie.

It’s best to defend one’s thinking from the influence of ads because ads promote disease as realities. They build disease up and present pictures of it intended to make viewers afraid of the disease. It is not in our best interest to believe in disease! Quite to the contrary.

To stay healthy, it’s best to have a consciousness free of any images, descriptions, fears or beliefs about disease.

People experience what they believe. Definitely, positively, certainly, do not put faith in disease! Put all faith in God. Believe in Truth, not in disease. Know that health is a spiritual state of Mind divinely bestowed upon you by God, and present to reflect 100% of the time.

It’s not images of disease that keep you healthy. It’s thoughts of Truth and Love that keep you healthy and strong.

Welcome into consciousness only what is in your best interest to know. And stay healthy!

23 thoughts on “Be wise about drug ads”

  1. Thank you, Evan. This is so true and it was demonstrated to me on this Camino walk. Carolynn kept telling me I was going to get blisters and be in pain at the end of each day, etc. etc. I said outloud and to myself “NO, I do not accept that.” Then I would get busy and claim Truth. I got no blisters and had no pain at the end of each day. During the walk there would be claims of pain and I would pray my way through it and it always dissolved. I am so grateful for the teachings of Christian Science and for your teaching, Evan.

  2. Thank you for sharing this strong line of thinking, Truth, today. It is very timely and precisely what I need in handling and destroying a baseless, powerless claim about our family pet.
    With much love and gratitude for all commenters every day.

  3. “health is a spiritual state of Mind divinely bestowed upon you by God, and present to reflect 100% of the time”… What a health-ifying statement! God, Good, is all there is! The infinitude of omnipotence is behind this truth. And yes, sincere gratitude to you Evan, and all commentators.

  4. The world would sell you disease so that they could sell you their cure, but isn’t it better to realize our wholeness as the truth of spiritual being which needs no healing saive.

    1. It’s at least encouraging that some in the medical field see that this is happening. I think some (many?) doctors find something to treat just to keep patients happy and/ or avoid lawsuits. I’m grateful to have moved away from all that!

  5. This is such an important topic, and thanks, Evan, for bringing it to our attention. I wore out the controls for my TV by over use of the mute button and had to replace it. I mute all drug ads plus many others I just don’t want entering my thinking.

  6. I was just thinking of that yesterday when a TV emendator stated that the US life expectancy the the lowest in the world. Alll the ad telling how to get the disease are not helping. Thanks so much for everyone’s comments and Siritviewl

  7. There is a website on the internet called which states that only the U.S. and New Zealand allow direct-to-consumer advertising, i.e., advertising drugs on television, and that the American Medical Association (which represents American medical physicians) has called for Congress to ban such advertising because it is not in the best interest of the public’s health..

  8. Alertness to Duty. Sect. 6. It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. By his works he shall be judged, — and justified or condemned.
    (Man. 42:4)

  9. Such a must needed blog this morning! I’ve been praying for a couple of years to overcome the belief that I have allergies, and that sneaky mortal mind which comes as our own thought said “oh just go to the drugstore and get something to relieve the symptoms” it was a temptation that I resisted (see comment above Art.8 Sect. 6) but one is reminded constantly from TV and print ads that this is the way to go. Sometimes I find I have to counter these ads out loud, not just press the mute button!

  10. Thanks again Evan for speaking out on this important subject. I have told this true story before but thought it good to repeat today. A lady in my church told about her father who had a problem with headaches. By mistake, he took two little buttons, thinking they were his pills, and was healed of the problem … and he felt better faster than when he took the pills. What I take from this story is, “he thought” he was taking pills, but because they were harmless little buttons, was better more quickly because he did not have the medicine in his system and therefore had nothing to “get over”. If he “really” had a headache, how did buttons cure it? Could it all be “in thought”? Yes!!! Does God make headaches? NO!!! So how could Gods beloved child have one? He can’t really But for his belief of it. Then he felt better more quickly because he did not have a drug to get over. Sickness/disease is a mortal man thought, a lie and not to be believed. I too DELETE commercials about medicine on TV And in my thought whenever I hear it. I have also noticed little innocent children talking about the subject more often, which makes me sad to think they are being bombarded with these lies. I pray for the children of the world a lot❤️
    I’m so Grateful for Christian Science, the Promised Comforter, Jesus told us would come to the world. It is here and my prayer is for the whole world to learn of the Wonderful Gift it is and to Mary Baker Eddy who explained it in Science and Health, with key to the Scriptures, and so Lovingly gave it to the world. My heart is filled with gratitude❤️

    1. Mrs Eddy healed once somebody with placebo, pills with nothing in it. I think to remember that she wanted to prove that it is not the pill but the believe of the patient that healed.
      Thank you Evan for your wonderful SpiritView , I love everyone very much!
      And thank you all dear commenters for your helpful and interesting comments.
      When I read this all, I feel very very grateful that God lead me so lovingly to Christian Science. Yes God was patient with me as I had to overcome a lot before I now understand it good, as I can evaluate it. When I look back, I can discern that God was always at my side, so as He is with all His loved children and all creations . Am very thankful for it! 🙂

  11. “Mortal mind sees what it believes as certainly as it believes what it sees” (S&H 86:29). All this “early detection” is the quackery Mary Baker Eddy was talking about. All the vitamins and supplements suggested to ward off the belief in matter and disease; how did this ignorance overcome the Truth of Divine Science? How is it possible that sickness is the largest growing movement on the planet and Christian Science is shrinking? Help!

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Ignorance has never overcome Truth. That’s impossible! Truth always stands as Truth and no amount of error, no matter how many people believe it, will ever change Truth. A circle is always round, and that truth never changes. Man, the spiritual offspring of God, is always healthy and perfect. That truth never changes! God’s “planet” is not a place of growing error, but a sphere of harmonious activity in Mind. Go there, and you’ll find the peace of God. Your questions emanate from the belief that what you see materially is real. It isn’t. It’s illusion of mortal mind. Only the spiritual is real, true and enduring. Break out of the mortal dream by following Christ to Truth, and that dream will fade into its native nothingness for you, and you’ll see that is never was what it appeared to be.

      Love to you.

  12. It is for this reason I record any regular TV program I watch and delay watching a bit so I can fast-forward through the ads!

  13. It’s not only the TV drug ads but other subtle things we accept from TV, Novels and Movies that put unreal pictures of materiality in front of our gaze constantly.
    I have been addicted to movies’ since a young child and still to the 24 hour movie channel while reading for two book clubs novels that are interesting but sometimes disturbing. It definitely makes me wonder why I’m so fascinated by all these forms of material pictures. I do study the CS lesson daily first thing then go on with my day and its usually very harmonious as I look to God’s direction but when sitting down to relax the TV clicker in hand off I go to the movies or into reading the latest book club selection.. Last night I was talked into going to a movie that was satire but very disturbing.
    With that, this morning I am becoming very aware of my choices and being more alert to making them..
    I am grateful for media and the ebible lessons and access to JSH online and all it provides. Daily Lift and Spirit View are wonderful assets. Thank you Evan for providing this blog.

  14. Great topic Evan. Marge, I too “record any regular TV program I watch and delay watching a bit so I can fast-forward through the ads!” For good, clean romance, comedies and mysteries set in great locales go to a Hallmark channel. Great personal values company.

  15. An after thought! Years ago a Chiropractor who had a practice that fronted on a main road had a sign out front that included one-line sayings. Loved this one: ‘Why are there more pills and not less illness.”

  16. I am grateful for the mute button on the remote. My husband and I always notice what is the new ‘bully’ on the block for disease. It is sometimes so ludicrous when they start the laundry list of side effects. We must stay alert.

    1. PBS stations have wonderful programs and. NO commercials. I rarely watch commercial television shows. They are mostly time wasters.

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