Behold massive good

October 26, 2023 | 38 comments

A blog reader asked, “How do you keep a sane thought when you look out into the world and see massive evil at work all over the planet?”

The daily news is often filled with atrocities happening around the globe. Wars, crimes, greed, deceit, tyranny, and disease appear to rule over billions of people. If one were to believe as absolute everything the material senses report, life could look dismal and dark.

But perspective is everything. The material senses are not reliable reporters of truth. They only see what is in front of them, when there is so much more to see.

There is a God. There is a mighty God, that reigns and rules throughout the universe, and works to support all that is good.

Jesus Christ showed us how to avail ourselves of God’s goodness and conquer evil. He met and mastered the darkness of sin, disease, and death, with his understanding of God’s supremacy. He proved that God has the final say over evil. He left his example for us to follow.

We can conquer evil with God’s goodness today, just like Jesus did.

When evil is making a big show, it’s a call on our prayers to undo its claims and give all the power back to God.

God is massive good.

God is like the bright sun shining in dark places. The darkness is wiped out by the brightness of the sun.

The goodness of God understood, brings light to the human consciousness, lifting it to a higher place where hate yields to love and evil yields to good. Healing happens.

We all can help the world become a better place by taking all power away from evil and giving it to God.

Reports of evil in the news are not a call on us to be impressed with mortal mind’s charade of error. It’s a call on our prayers to be impressed with God’s massive good!

38 thoughts on “Behold massive good”

  1. As always Spiritview gives comfort support and guides the way to a higher thought. much needed today. Thank you too for the comments, poems and articles provided by you all here on a daily basis. Very uplifting. Hymn 224 helps me O Lord I would delight in thee, and on Thy care depend; To Thee in every trouble flee My best my ever friend……

  2. This is timely. Thank you Evan. We must see good in everyone and in everything. Let us move on joyfully on this path seeing good all the way.

  3. Thank you Evan ! I awoke this morning to some more disturbing world news and then I read this SpiritView Post and now I feel a wonderful sense of comfort. Thank you for your diligent prayers for all mankind, and keeping our thoughts uplifted to God’s Light which Does wipe away the darkness. I am really grateful for the statement, “Jesus Christ showed us how to avail ourselves of God’s goodness and conquer evil.” Have a Good Day everyone.

  4. This is so helpful Evan. It brings light into seemingly very dark times in many parts of the world.
    But, the news item that has stayed with me was the lady hostage , when released from captivity who shook the hand of her captor and wished him ‘Shalom” ( peace.). What a beautiful gesture. Such proof of the presence of massive good. God , readily available and present for us all to see and experience. Thank you for Spirit View and everyone’s daily comments. Truly grateful❣️

  5. I so needed this wonderful counter to evil today. I woke to news of a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine. My husband and I used to vacation there and I have many sweet memories of being there. It is shocking to see evil manifested in such a peaceful place. I know we are to “overcome evil with good” and must see it’s unreality. Thank you Evan for the strong message to give all power to God, Good. I’m trying My CS teacher used to say “put more umph in your try” (triumph!)!

    1. Dear Sharon,
      I live in Lewiston, Maine and appreciate your support and the support of all the SV “family”
      Love to all

      1. DEAR M you certainly have my love and support. It’s heart breaking that hate rears its ugly head, I’m holding to /trying to be “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses Science is enthroned” – the only power! “Everlasting arms of Love are beneath around above,,,”

        1. Dear M and Sharon and BarbaraUK … I love what you, Barbara, had
          written about the presence of “massive Good”. What a loving, lovable
          and lovely thought! In the midst of so-called “massive” hatred and
          unbelievable seeming horror that may seem so real, stands God’s
          representative(s) of Truth, like a beacon of light, shining forth the
          warmth and comfort of a flotilla of angels surrounding our thought…
          serving to help bring Peace to a world that desperately needs it. Love
          to you all.

          1. “flotilla of angels surrounding our thought…“
            Not only u are a poet but straightforward
            To attack any ennemi that wants to disturb
            Our peaceful day!
            Thanks Carol and all and Evan
            I’m going to use “ massive power off God”

  6. I woke at 1:30 with these words.
    We are hid with Christ forever
    In the Father’s holy plan.

    I looked up hid, in the Hymnal Concordance.

    Of dominion over evil:
    We are hid with Christ in God.
    Hymn p. 370

    Hymn 201
    Then open wide your heart
    To Truth and Light and Love
    You then shall know your life is hid
    With Christ in God above.

    Sometimes when I was working on something, I
    would put a paper with a thought on it, in my
    If I bumped my pocket it reminded me where
    to keep thought.
    A Science friend had told me yesterday that her
    son had been call into duty and was leaving in two
    or three days.
    He and everyone are hid in God.

    1. Thank you “M”, the hymns are very comforting. And I also do this with a piece of paper with a special helpful scientific sentence from the lesson sermon to look it up later in the day.

  7. Thank you very very much, dear Evan for this very clear divine Truth! As Barbara says, this truth is very helpful to pray with for our world to become a better place. As the lesson says this week, when we pray for a better understanding, God is always with us and guiding us!
    Evan, I am utmost grateful for the blessing and healing divine present you are giving us all so lovingly!

  8. Thank you Evan. In S&H p.40:31-The nature of Christianity is peaceful and blessed, but in order to enter into the kingdom, the anchor of hope must be cast beyond the veil of matter, into the shekinah into which Jesus has passed before us; and this advance beyond matter must come through the joys and triumphs of the righteous as well as through their sorrows and afflictions. I love how those in the Bible who were constant with God turned those afflictions into opportunities to see God gloried. Thank you so much for your daily inspiration and all for sharing.

  9. Thank you Evan for this deep thought stimulus in facing world crises. Something I try to do every day before turning my attention to the news is to read/study The Daily Bible Lesson and then Sprirt View.. This immensely helps to keep my focus on what is real. Your comments today are very powerful.

  10. Thank-you Evan. A recent article “God’s goodness assured” in the Sentinel has been very helpful to me too. In the article Jeannie Ferber states, “Evil never removes God’s presence and power, but only claims to keep us from seeing it.”

  11. Mrs. Eddy write on page 273 of Science & Health:-

    “The multiplication of a human and mortal sense of persons and things is not creation. A sensual thought, like an atom of dust thrown into the face of spiritual immensity, is dense blindness instead of a scientific eternal consciousness of creation”

    What power or substance has an atom (or speck) of dust anywhere or any time? – I ask
    myself. God’s goodness and allness and the totality of His presence and power fill all space –
    how vast is that! God is All-Seeing and All-Knowing – and He is of purer eyes than to behold evil.
    so we can focus on God’s goodness and not on the speck of dust, and give God all power and glory.

  12. Upon reflecting on this comforting, healing message of Peace on Earth, and how as
    Evan wrote, “God is like the bright sun shining in dark places. The darkness is wiped out
    by the brightness of the sun”.. …. I think, too, even a small light from a candle can also
    light where there appears to be darkness, thus the importance of Spiritually letting our
    light shine and not have it be hidden underr a bushel. It seems ironic that in the peaceful
    area where our beloved Jesus (the Christ, in Spirit) was “born”, there Appears to be such
    conflict. The True meaning of the Christ is not in decorations, (as mentioned in the CS Daily
    Lift) this morning, but in the always present divine Love that is with us constantly, no matter
    what error in thinking seems to throw at us. Have a peaceful day everyone.

  13. Evan, I love your uplifting thoughts this morning. They reminded me of another blog post you wrote that I memorized so I always have it with me. “Pray fearlessly: In the presence of God fear vanishes, why?…Because in the omnipresence of God, there isn’t anything to fear!”
    Thank you!

    1. P thank you for the reminder of this powerful statement of Truth that Evan gave us last year. I’m going to re-read that whole post titled Fearless from Aug. 12, 2022.

      Also thank you Eugenia for suggesting the article God’s Goodness Assured. I found a link to this article

      Evan thank you for “God is massive good…like the bright sun shining in dark places.” The weather had turned cool and almost wintry here in NY, but today it is like summer has returned and the sun is warm and strong, a metaphor, reminder of the massive good that is never really gone.

      Thank you everyone so very much for all the shared Love.

  14. Like ants battling ants, we have no sense of the next street over, let alone the next city or state or country or indeed planet in the solar system, or stars in the universe. Infinite is not just big or many, it is not countable at all; it is omnipresent Mind, eternal and omnipotent. “Have we not all one Father?” And as this Creator is spiritual, we are all ideas of Mind, as perfect, as loving, as spiritual as our Maker. Thank you MBE and Jesus for illuminating dark false beliefs, penetrating and removing them. Spiritual sense reveals the “sustaining infinite,” on which we can confidently lean.

    1. I like the metaphor of the ants, William E. Thank you. Sometimes, like looking down
      from a very tall building, below, we may feel like a little ant, inconsequential. We may
      wonder if our thoughts, actions… are making an impact… or in our efforts to try to help
      others, in our sharing, are we Overdoing what may not really come naturally to us, or
      if we have done only sparingly or for not a very, very long time, or not at all and in
      practicing our lessons, are we coming across as too pushy or giving others feelings
      they may not be comfortable with… oversharing, if you will.
      Sometimes the One Mind can seem a bit questionable as to how we are proceeding
      in trying to help others or how they are responding. But keeping God in the forefront
      is the main objective in being led to do what pleases Him.

  15. Thank you for this ever so much needed answer. I will be sharing this with several people.. They are not Christian Scientists but always love anything from you Evan, that I give them. One is a recent (legal) immigrant from China who is a Christian and the first time I gave him something you wrote, he said “I want to be like that man.” I have continued to share many things with him.

  16. Thank you, Evan!
    Just what we ALL needed to hear this morning!!

    Barbara, I was also touched about the released woman’s gesture to her captor. The gentleness and gratitude during an upsetting circumstance elevated my thought to “Love our enemies!” We are one true brotherhood. Only divine Love that need enter our thoughts!

    Thank you all for your continued prayerful thoughts for the world, God’s universe. I just listened to Dr. Lawrence Doyle’s talk on Spiritual Academics this morning- he spoke of the tares and the wheat and the significance of winnowing- sifting the falsehood from Truth. When I think of the earth spinning on its axis- I thought how gravity (God) holds onto the Truth- the spiritual ideas, whereas the false ideas ( hate, fear, destruction, evil) spiral outward into vast nothingness…

    And thank you, M, for sharing the comporting hymns that we can take with us throughout the day. ❤️

  17. As a prayer and hope for all mankind, one of my “go to” hymns of late – #587

    There is a presence walks with us
    On every pathless way,
    A light outshining midday sun
    However dark the day.

    We reach our hand – and feel God near;
    We cry – and She replies.
    We open eyes that sense had dimmed;
    We stretch our wings and rise

    Above the mist, above the dark,
    Above the threats of fear,
    Upheld by Love that never fails
    And is forever near.

    We cannot stray beyond Love’s care,
    For Love does fill all space;
    And where we go the path is marked
    By angels of Love’s grace.

    Kathryn Paulson Grounds

  18. Thank you, Evan and thank you, Father-Mother God! This hopeful message today is a beautiful answer to me concerning a church-related business matter that needs to be addressed today! Grateful for all your daily messages.

  19. A grateful heart a garden is. Grateful for all the prayers for our world and to see and know the Truth.
    Thank you all for the wonderful comments..

  20. Thanks so all for your comments and especially to Sharon for
    sharing what your teacher said, ““put more umph in your try” (triumph!)!

  21. Such Peace in all of the above messages and graphic. Thank you Al !! So many
    angel’s .. God’s messengers here .. … …. plus, Christ, our Lord and the light of the
    world, like angels on high, singing praises to Him. From the flowers, the birds flying in
    feathery uplift, the sun shining in brilliant highlighting, the tall trees, spotlighted in
    glorious wonder, the heavens adorn everything it touches in Spirit and in Love.

  22. Dear “J”, thank you so very much for each single Link to all the wonderful articles you always post here. And today another very good article “Awareness of God’s spiritual Universe”, enlightens my understanding of God’s omnipotence and omnipresence and of His perfect and beautiful creation including the whole wonderful Earth which in chapter one of Genesis He found as v e ry good!!♡

  23. As children, let us simply accept that the spiritual–and only–universe is
    intact, harmonious.

    We can do this. Truth requires it, gives us reflected-ability.


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