Wake up to God’s Day

October 27, 2023 | 49 comments


This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

~ Psalms 118:24, NLT

If you haven’t already, wake up to God’s Day! For it is a glorious day, filled with unbounded goodness and infinite Love to experience and express without limits.

Any sense of a limited day is not God’s Day. It’s a mortal concept of time hedged about by mortal fears, false beliefs, and finite material views. It’s a mesmerized state of thought that is asleep in error.

If your day isn’t looking good, it’s a signal to Wake Up to God’s Day! You can!

You have spiritual sense that is in fine working order. Spiritual sense is your connection to God, the means through which God pours inspiration, love, and guidance your way. Rather than indulging mortal mind’s demoralized views of day, wake up to God’s Day which is filled with comforting love and healing truth.

Sleep no more. Wake up. Wake up to God’s Day and thrive!

49 thoughts on “Wake up to God’s Day”

  1. Thank you for the firm , clear vision that we all need to hold to . I love the following experience that is recorded ( I don’t know the sources ) but the message is so clear and appropriate – it is as follows :

    Once a boy was injured by a train. A Scientist who was passing by picked him up to take him home. On the way the boy recovered, however, so that he was soon able to walk. When Mrs. Eddy heard about this case, she questioned the student, and asked him how he treated the boy. He said, “But, Mrs. Eddy, I did not treat the boy. I knew that I could not be mesmerized.” She replied, “That is all you ever have to do.”

    I am endeavouring , likewise , not to be mesmerised by the aggressive material picture – know ONLY the ALLNESS of God , good . So reassuring and strengthening our precious SV !- thank you again .

    1. Thanks a lot Wanda, for that simple but profound Truth, just to know that we cannot be mesmerized by any error!♡

    2. Thank you both Ewan and Wanda. It’s helpful to be reminded that mesmerism or hypnotism cannot fool us into believing false reports however realistic they may seem.
      The case quoted by Wanda is inspiring in it’s simplicity. Thank you

    3. YES!!! This train incident and not being mesmerised by it I had heard before, years ago. How wonderful to hear it again today. And how wonderful that we can all be here talking together about these wonderful Truths. So grateful.

  2. That was great. Sometimes it takes a while to see the simplest idea. I realized yet again I ‘decide’ what of God’s creation Gid can handle and what is mortal mind’s to handle so silly
    Thank you

  3. Thanks Evan sir for inspiring to wake up n shake up to God’s day filled with infinite goodness and Love alone. Rise above the mesmerised view to experience glorious view.

  4. Thanks Evan for this uplifting thought to start the day with God’s unbounded goodness & comforting love & not to be mesmerized by finite mortal view. Thanks Wanda for sharing the experience which gives a strong message of being not mesmerized by any kind of material scene.

  5. The idea of waking up to God’s Day or Staying in God’s Day is so powerful and helpful. An association address of a similar title and filled with many healing and inspirational ideas a number of years ago has been a beacon to me through the years and continues to be so. Each day is an opportunity to see and know God’s grace, strength, wisdom and love at work in our lives and the lives of others. It is keeping our thoughts in” the kingdom of heaven–harmony” and showing us that divine Love is our enduring spiritual resource all day long in all situations. It also recalls the spirit of a familiar hymn 342… “This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad. give thanks, rejoice!”
    Thank you for enlightening and encouraging our thoughts to stay in the light and brightness of God’s day! It makes a difference!

  6. When I took Class Instruction in Christian Science one of the first things I learned was the importance of establishing our day, in prayer, first thing in the morning, which is a benefit to our entire day. It brought to my mind a prayer that my mother taught me after she had Class Instruction when I was very young. Its origin is unclear, but the inspiration was definitely from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Here is how it reads “Another morn breaks. May this day be established as joyous unfolding of Life and of good. No time limitations. no pressure, no fearing can rob me of peace, or keep me from hearing Truth’s leading and proving Love’s rich amplitude.” This prayer helps to lay the axe at the root of mesmerism into thinking that our day can be less than perfect. Our day is perfect, and harmony will reign! 0ur job is to stay vigilant in our thinking and insist upon seeing the unfoldment of good in our lives and that of others. It will bless the world! “The song of Christian Science is, “Work, work. work, watch and pray.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, ‘Message for 1900,’ p. 2:7.)

  7. Perfect! Thank you, Evan and all! Today is God’s eternal day and my birthday . Not recording age, of course. God and I are ageless. But it’s just a nice day to go out for dinner and remember that I have no beginning and no end. Happy day to all of you dear SpiritView friends!

    1. Congratulations for another year of spiritual progress, dear Barb!
      That is really good you say: God and I are ageless – wonderful – that is relevant to me and to all God`s loved ideas! Thank you Barb!

      1. I had come across this, which sort of goes along with “spiritual progress” that
        you mentioned, Uta:
        “As you get [older] you will understand more and more that its not about what
        you look like or what you own, it’s all about the person you’ve become”.
        Of course in CS, we, as reflections of God, are always perfect in His/Her
        likeness, but in the “human” realm, it helps us understand better what Life
        is Really all about… our “spiritual progress” and like what you, Uta, Barb
        and Rose had mentioned, we Are all ageless with God. That is a lovely thought.

    2. Happy Birthday Barb. Hope you enjoyed your dinner out, celebrating the age-less, begining-less, end-less Life that you express as God’s creation.

  8. My Mom used to say this quote from Psalms a lot when I was a child. At the time it was nice,
    but didn’t have the endearing special meaning and encouragement it does today. Looking out at
    the fall colors, I can’t help but feel God/Love’s dear presence and it is so beautiful. It just is more
    glorious and awesome now, for which I am very grateful. I heard a long interview last night
    with a newly elected official and it was so optimistic, like a new day has begun. He articulately
    stated when asked, with all of the problems that our country and the world seems to be facing,
    how will he deal with it all, and so refreshingly to hear… he said he would turn it over to God!
    who is a higher power than any of us. How exhilarating to hear! … And a perfect answer for all
    of us, too.

    1. I heard this interview too, Carol, and I was SO joyous and inspired by his UPLIFT of thought. OMGosh! Praise the Lord! He quoted “In God We Trust”, and that our country was founded on this, that he believed it, and that he and others believed that God would lead our great country out of the mess that we currently find ourselves in. “God is not done with us” he said. You are right! He absolutely DID beautifully articulate exactly how we could start working our way out of the problems that we now face in our country and that God would be put back into the running of our government. I am thrilled!

      1. Thank you so much, Bonnie, for echoing my delight in this new .. again…
        Spiritual approach to governing. In so many ways, God has been taken out
        of the equation .. it is Wonderful to have Him revered as being an almighty
        Power again. I believe there is a chemicalization going on in the world today
        and this all is bringing to light the Truth of God’s Being and Love for mankind,
        worldwide, in so many ways.
        Courage Is contagious!

        1. I think you are certainly correct, Carol, about chemicalization going on! The overturning, overturning of thought seems to be definitely underway. It’s comforting that we can talk to each other about this here on SpiritView website.

          1. I know we are not supposed to talk about “politics” here, understandably, but this affects our entire country (US)
            and ultimately the world, how things are perceived and
            the courage (in the face of so much opposition) to strongly
            overcome the Godlessness – that has been so anti this and
            anti that and has been so prevalent in so many issues today…
            is really something that we, as CS have been praying about,
            to see God’s loving presence in Truth and Principle.

  9. Thank you Evan! This really stood out: ” It’s a mesmerized state of thought that is asleep in error.”

    “TODAY” by L. Ivimy Gwalter:

    “It’s all about today” by Chris Jones:
    How often I’ve lamented
    the missteps of my past
    the failed friendships
    the unrealized dreams
    the jobs that didn’t last

    I’ve worried too
    what the morrow might bring
    the quandaries and trials
    the fragility of health and wealth
    the dread of the next phone ring

    But God, Truth, has since shown me
    I can view life in a new way
    and see that my tarnished history
    and the myriad errors of old
    have simply prepared me for today

    He’s shown me too that whatever
    challenges may lie ahead
    needn’t frighten, worry, nor wound
    but will buoy and bolster me,
    illuming anew “our daily bread” 1

    For all I will ever want or have
    is God’s one endless day,
    and my only obligation is to
    live each moment lovingly, righteously
    and for Him in my heart make way

    1 Matthew 6:11.

    1. This is such a wonderful poem and article, J . Thank you so much for sharing
      it with us! I love, where in the article it states, “As the idea of God, the beloved
      of Love, man dwells securre in the light of present eternity”.
      That brings about the thought of having a bit of heaven here… now. Lovely!
      The past doesn’t matter, because in God/Father/Mother/we being all children
      of God’s universe… His divine Love is really all there is.

    2. Thank you very much, “J” for the article TODAY. Looking forward reading it in bed soon.
      And thank you for that very inspiring poem by Chris Jones. It’s comforting for me.

      I love Carol’s last Truth words up here: His divine Love is really all there is!
      Thank you for your comment, Carol!

      And thank you all for your wonderful comments!

      Have you all a nice and blessed weekend – every day is God’s blessing Day!

  10. In the definition of “Day” in the Glossary, MBE says, “…Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded.) (p. 584) So in a way, there is no day or experience until good is manifest. Before leaving bed, I declare the good that is present is the only thing I can be conscious of. It’s a reminder to use spiritual seeing all day.

    1. Excellent practice, William E. Thank you. Also, Evan, Wanda, J and all contributors–thank you so much. Even past the middle of the day, the call to awake is what we need to stay out of the mesmerism that seems to come so often. Thankfully, we have God right there with us at all times and the good thoughts that are defusing the bad ones in all the world.

      Peace to all.

    2. “Sometimes it takes a while to see the simplest idea. “
      Thanks Nadine

      The idea of waking up to God’s Day or Staying in God’s Day is so powerful .
      Each day is an opportunity to see and know God’s grace, strength, wisdom and love at work in our lives and the lives of others. Thanks Sue

  11. Evan, thank you for your beautifully written message assuring us that our “spiritual sense is in fine working order”, and that we all possess the innate mastery from God to stay with the Spirit view.

    J., your referenced article “Today” by Ivimy Gwalter, and the poem by Chris Jones, both expose the dream themes of the material senses, and inspire thought to stay awake to the kingdom of heaven here. Every article that you so lovingly research and post is always spot on!! Bless you J.

  12. Thank you Evan and all contributors. Evan you have told me to drop the belief of a limited day to the fact that we live in God’s day. Therefore the good we do makes up this day, which is an endless day.

    1. Wonderful idea, Grace, that God’s Day is an unlimited and endless day in which we all reflect our Father-Mother God in all our doings!

  13. Everyday in Gods glorious way
    singing in harmony
    as brothers and sisters
    is the perfect Nation, perfect people, made in Gods likeness
    from the same nest,
    we rest in peace and are blessed
    Universal Goodness , One with One
    Heaven has no boundaries

  14. Thank you very much, dear Evan, for this loving admonishing to rejoice in God’s perfectly harmonious day.
    Evan, while I’m reading your healing SpiritView I feel very much that you are giving these spiritual views to each one of us individually. I feel you are talking to me, also because I do need these admonotions, and I’m sure every SpiritView Friend feels the same. Am very very grateful for your so wonderful care , helping us day by day to start with God which leads us into all Truth!♡

  15. Thank you again for the comments, prayers and bible quotations here today. A family member having recently been advised neurons on the right side of her brain had died was discharged from hospital after two days. Still working on blurred vision but how can we be mesmerised by matter, mortal thought, material diagnosis when every part of every day and every part of the real man is governed by the Infinite. A perfect spiritual child of God is perfect in every way.

  16. Thank you for your last comment Uta and agree am so very grateful for all the loving thoughts shared here and for Evans gentle admonishing and guidance Spiritview is what it says view spirit. Thank you everyone for showing me that love, kindness, harmony, sharing the joy of God’s abundance proves we have all we need every moment.

  17. Dear JB UK…this is such a lovely helpful spiritual position for us to prayer about ….
    When I read about your friend a little quote from S and H came to mind to complete one’s assertion of the perfection of Gods Day….
    ‘ there shall be no night there.” (SH 584:5 Mind).
    No dimming…no darkness , Love B.x

  18. Dear JB,
    Without quite understanding what is going on with your family member – humanly
    speaking… all I do know is that God is our provider of all that is Good. God/Love sustains
    and gently comforts us with everything we need here and now and always in all ways.
    Nothing can we or anyone lack, be it vision, peace, harmony… we have our home and
    presences in Love and in reflecting that Love, we see ourselves as perfect and cared for…
    whatever our need may bee – we are blessed.
    CS Hymn #370 comes to mind, “…the risen Christ has lifted All our thoughts in to the
    light. Light of Truth where in no sadness Dims the radiant peace we find, As we set our
    whole affection, on the beauteous things of Mind”.
    Lots of comforting thoughts and love to you!

      1. In so many ways
        Love shines in
        The precious eyes of wonder
        To brighten
        The gentleness
        That raises thought
        Higher and higher…
        Uplifting above
        Where storm clouds had been.

  19. Thanf your day isn’t looking good, it’s a signal to Wake Up to God’s Day! You can!

    And I LOVE the statement: “You have spiritual sense that is in FINE WORKING ORDER. it is a deep statement but also has a
    Lightly humor aspect. We can use it!

    Spiritual sense is your connection to God, the means through which God pours inspiration, love, and guidance your way.

    Blessings to u and all in this Spirit View community.

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