Celebrate Spirit, rather than matter, this Christmas

December 24, 2019 | 44 comments

“In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal, — for the things of Spirit, not of matter.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellany, p. 260

The Christmas holiday is so commonly associated with shopping, parties, spending and buying, giving and receiving gifts, that the deeper spiritual purpose of the holiday can get easily lost in all the hubbub of holiday preparations. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Christmas is meant to be a celebration of Christ’s coming to save humanity from the shortcomings of the world. It is about discovering our spiritual life at-one with God, finding freedom from all the woes of mortal mind, and seeing the path to eternal Life laid out before us.

Christmas is about getting to know God better. It’s a celebration of Spirit, not matter. May you enjoy the true Spirit of Christmas this year!

44 thoughts on “Celebrate Spirit, rather than matter, this Christmas”

  1. Thank you Evan ! Your « SpiritView » is a great Christmas gift all year round !!
    Have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.

  2. Thank you, Evan, for this beautiful post today, and for all you are and do all year long. May God bless you and your dear family. I wish you a very happy Christmas.

  3. Yes❣️Understanding this and growing spiritually day to day, year round is the greatest gift I have ever received. Your gift is everlasting Evan and one I love opening every day.

  4. A warm and appreciative Christmas greeting to you, Evan, Kathy, your family and everyone here at Spirit View. I treasure you all as being part of God’s Universal family of Love. Thank you for your thoughts in sharing.

  5. The three wise men gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, we give gifts of value to those we love also demonstrating our faith in something greater than ourselves like the wise men who demonstrated a great faith that they would be lead by the day star to witness something far greater in purpose. When we lose the purpose of faith in Truth, Life and Love what have we remaining? So it is not the gift, but the giving that brings us to the act of love. Give joyously of your true self as an expression of your true purpose of life expressing gratitude for the truth of divine Love as a gift of Christ represented in Jesus.

  6. Thank you Evan for your daily gift to all of us who read Spiritview. What a perfect way to keep us on the ball with our spiritual progress! It is always very helpful to read not only your post but the comments by others…such a relief to find some thinkers out there when there seems to be so much thoughtLESS text in the digital world. It is wonderful to find instant connection with others all over the world who are thinking in the same way as we are and who often add some gem of understanding to an issue we may be thinking about. Archiving the posts is obvious to do of course but really useful. I have often looked through the archived ones as I remembered an article from months ago which has suddenly become more relevant, so its very useful to be able to go back to it.

  7. Thank you Evan and a very Merry Christmas to one and all. Im so grateful that God selected me to learn aboit Christian Science.. , as I was open and therefore receptive to it… I have been healed by it and helped others to heal also, over many years. This surely is the greatest gift of all!

  8. I reached out here for some sign of care – any indication that any reader might respond with a kind word. Nothing. Post blocked. How hypocritical. This is just a self-congratulatory echo chamber. It’s not Love at all. I have no one to ask in person or I can call. It’s a very tough time of year.

    1. Dear “C,”
      We have all, at some point, or many times, felt lost in the wilderness of loneliness or doubt or pain, or any phase of thought that seems to be part of us, but as we are striving to accept through this divine Science of Truth, is not really us.
      My heart hears yours, dear seeker, and I hope you will see through the mist, past resentment, anger, criticism to the underlying truth. It is right where you are! Where we all are! Dear one, open to it, let Life love you, live through and AS you! It is, in truth! Breathe it in! Give it back in even some small way… feed a kitten, hug someone. You will feel Love active in you! Build on this!
      Whether you know and feel this in the way you want, you ARE loved!!!!

      in friendship,
      A fellow-seeker

    2. Hi C,

      Readers on this blog are very caring and compassionate, and love to help their fellow readers. But they need to know the need. You mention that your post was blocked. No post was blocked. I’m guessing that you tried to post something, and it didn’t post from your end for some reason. Something technical. It happens once in a while for some. Love to you.

      1. Must have been a tech glitch. It is crushing to be totally unwanted, esp. now & this next week. I hoped that someone, anyone, maybe from church, would reach out. Alone. Scared. Lacking hope. I did post a much more positive comment earlier in the day, which seemed to have been moderated/blocked. I notice some replies and will read slowly. Thanks for the responses with such good intentions. Thanks especially Lisa, not sure about the “past” things SpiritViewFan mentions but it’d take too much type to explain this situation. It isn’t such previous challenges but current lack, disconnect & exhaustion. Appreciated.

        1. Dear C– Just a thought– Tomorrow night there is a church service at each Christian Science church since Christmas is on a Wednesday! Be sure to go if at all possible to feel the fellowship of your church and the Christ spirit enveloping you! You are in my prayers. No one is left out of God’s goodness. Look for ways to cheer others, help others even if it is just a smile or a kind word as this can also cheer you in the giving! Love reflecting love!!

          1. Thanks for your prayers x. Appreciate suggestion to try to cheer others. I will if I see anyone. I’d love to go to church, have done for a while. They know me and that I am in a bad situation. Now what is said there feels less real, less sincere. Maybe I’ll find another next year. Thanks again

    3. May you recognize that love abounds around about you and realize that inner peace, the Christ message to each of us. May you take that peace and share it with others less fortunate and in doing so realize the abundance of divine Love as a principle of life itself. You are not alone, You, specifically you, are loved. Each of us here in our human lives are challenged and face, on a human level, preconceived threats to our existence. Those challenges are what leads us to the light, dissolving the apparent darkness within our perception. Walk toward the light. Let your light shine. Share your light with others for that is God’s purpose for everyone which includes you. Join us then in expressing the spirit of divine Love.

  9. The Bible verse “we give thanks for thy unspeakable gift” keeps coming to me this Christmas ! The gift of the Christ- Love and Truth to the world . We have a way out of every conceivable problem-Following that Christ light. And Spiritview is a light to us all! Thank you Evan and all the commenters for holding up your candlestick ! A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid!” Blessings to all, Merry Christmas!

  10. All the comments are so loving and thoughtful. Thank you all, andd to Evan for the inspiration. To C, these comments are all messages of caring and love that you can take to heart. We know that Christmas is Christ – mass celebrating the birth of thek Chris. Yet this year the post office had NO stamps showing the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Shall we write to Congress-folks about this?

  11. C, may you feel loved.
    May you be at peace.
    May all things come together for good for you, dear C.
    May blessings pursue you all the days of your life.
    May you grow in compassion for yourself and others.
    God is here. God is here. God is with you, C.
    Grateful for you and all in Spirit View.

  12. Thankful for all this support and comments. this blog brings each morning.
    Have a blessed Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  13. And now may we all join in song: “Blest Christmas morn… ” No murky clouds, just gentle beams of living Love, breathless Life and Truth infinite, filling us today….Happy Christmas, everyone. God bless(es) us, is One and All.

  14. Your blog Evan, and the weekly Bible lessons are such a support
    to us . In Zechariah “so will I save you and ye shall be a blessing”.
    That includes us all. So grateful for the tender love expressed by
    all of your responders.

  15. Thank you, Evan, for your daily blessing us with your blog or vlog, love and caring. The Bible tells us that Jesus went about teaching, preaching and healing others. Jesus told us to do as he does. You do! And, you share your inspirations with us in such clear and profound ways. I am so very grateful.
    C. I just saw the new Star Wars movie and a major message in it was that Evil wants us to doubt, to feel alone, and then it wins. Human feelings are so temporary, even though they can seem so real and potent. Choose to hold to spiritual Truth. If all you can do is think God is Good, Love, ALL. That is all I need to know.
    You are, in Truth, so very loved; loved by Love Itself, in fact. Surrender to Love, not despair.
    Thanks to all Spirit Viewers. I enjoy your comments so much.

  16. I’ve been reading the December 30, 2019 Sentinel and got stopped by the next to the last testimony. I kept reading one sentence over and over and finally got up to get a pen a paper to write it down. It’s exactly the thought I need. It’s by SUSAN MCCANDLESS: “And healing results when our understanding of God grows larger in thought than the material evidence of the problem or challenge.”
    How grateful I am for all of the avenues we have for our spiritual growth including the periodicals and this blog.
    May your Christmas be overflowing with blessings that continue throughout the New Year to all, and especially Evan and your dear family!

    1. Lori and C., God bless you both. I hope this helps:
      In November, after my Association address when I was experiencing what appeared to be
      food poisoning from my trip cross country, my first thought was to grab a Practitioner for help as there were many still in the hotel.
      But I thought again and remembered something I learned the day before:
      “Understanding of God is innate.” Innate within me! I thought. I can pray with the concepts that my teacher expressed to us in her address and I did. All symptoms of nausea and diarrhea stopped immediately. Within 7 minutes, all belly pain gone. WOW. I rested for 2 hours doing nothing but thinking about that inspiring address, then went to 2 meetings, had dinner, and studied CS til 9:30 PM. Prior to that day, I used to think that I had to grow in the understanding of God, but this is not necessary for any of us. Understanding is a quality of God and therefore, innate within in. Know this, C, and be free.
      Much love, Lisa.

  17. Dear C. See how loved you are!? So many reaching out to you in recognition of your need? Everyone is sending prayer and God’s love your way. We do not have to meet humanly to let you know we stand by you. God is with you 24/7. His Christmas gift to you and all is divine love and Spiritview friends who care so much for your presence. We are all acknowledging your treasured presence . Now that you are reassured of your welcome presence you can turn to others in need and help them. What a JOY to give God’s gift of care to others. Dear C. You are a blessing to many

  18. Thank you Evan for your continuous blogs! I look for them each day with such expectation of your of wonderful inspiration. I I also share them with others! I also appreciate the contributions from others.

    I came across this last week and found it very uplifting and so right on!. (Continuation of our quote from today.)

    THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CHRISTMAS Miscellany p.260: 17
    The basis of Christmas is the rock, Christ Jesus; its
    18 fruits are inspiration and spiritual understanding of joy
    and rejoicing, — not because of tradition, usage, or cor-
    poreal pleasures, but because of fundamental and de-
    21 monstrable truth, because of the heaven within us. The
    basis of Christmas is love loving its enemies, returning
    good for evil, love that “suffereth long, and is kind.” The
    24 true spirit of Christmas elevates medicine to Mind; it
    casts out evils, heals the sick, raises the dormant facul-
    ties, appeals to all conditions, and supplies every need of
    27 man. It leaves hygiene, medicine, ethics, and religion
    to God and His Christ, to that which is the Way, in word
    and in deed, — the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

  19. LOVE to U’ll, this & every day, that we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Thanks to God, Christ Jesus, & MBEddy!

  20. Thanks to all of the commenters who daily show their love and support of how divine Love heals, lifts thought and reassures us.
    TO “C”–now you see how much others really do care in the responses made above. I would like to share the words & spirit of this hymn 154 from the Christian Science hymnal which remind me and you of how Love can lift our thought when things are tough: You are included and safe in your Father-Mother’s dear love everyday. Yield to this source of good for it can make a sure difference!
    hymn 154 [ words by Frances A Fox]
    In Thee, O Spirit true and tender,
    I find my life as God’s own child;
    Within Thy light of glorious splendor
    I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild.

    Within Thy love is safe abiding
    From every thought that giveth fear;
    Within Thy truth a perfect chiding,
    Should I forget that Thou art near.

    In Thee I have no pain or sorrow,
    No anxious thought, no load of care.
    Thou art the same today, tomorrow;
    Thy love and truth are everywhere.
    (Hymn. 154:1–3)

  21. Thank you, Evan, for your daily inspirations.
    I am very grateful for them!
    Abundant Blessings to you and your family.
    And also my best wishes to the caring SpiritView friends.
    Have a Beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  22. Thank you Evan for all your helps encouragement throughout the year. Happy and blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  23. Yes, wonderful, Christmas is a celebration of Spirit and not of matter. And. Christmas is about to know God better. What a worthwhile aim that is for the coming year. In fact the most important intent for me!
    Thank you Evan for your spiritual views of this holy event of the coming of the Christ into the world to heal, to save, to teach and preach and to comfort us. What a great expression of God’s abundant Love for humanity!

  24. What a joy it is each day to look forward to a new Spiritview! Much loving thanks, Evan, for all that you share. And to all the others who so lovingly add to the beauty of it all. This is one of the reasons I love computers so much. It makes wonderful Truths easily available any time of the day or night. Much love to all for very happy blessed holidays.

    1. yes Peggy, I fully tune into what you said about Computers. I love them too, as it is such a blessing invention for which i am very grateful! And that’s what I also am very grateful for, that we have excess to the various wonderful CS lectures and that we can chat like here on Evan’s blessing and interesting blog; yes and that we can watch the annual meeting life on the Internet. Am each year looking forward to this wonderful yearly great event.

      How beautiful and suitable the picture above is – very holy !

  25. So very true and valuable to remember. A very merry Christmas to you Evan and family and all on the this blog community.

  26. Dear Evan,
    Bless you for your constant love, inspiration, and caring for your “blog” community–and the world! I too look forward each day to the inspiration you provide (in blog and vlog!). You so humbly and openly share healings with us all, blessing the whole world. With my gratitude I send warm wishes to you and your dear family for this Christmas Season and the coming year.
    Love, Karen

  27. I ditto Theodora. “Thank you, Evan, for your daily blessing us with your blog or vlog, love and caring. The Bible tells us that Jesus went about teaching, preaching and healing others. Jesus told us to do as he does. You do! And, you share your inspirations with us in such clear and profound ways. I am so very grateful.” A blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  28. Dear C,
    I hope you go back to this post and see this comment. I think what Spiritview fan meant in the use of “past”, was that you look PAST What seems to be resentment etc. not that these errors are something IN your past.

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