Changing the past

September 19, 2012 | 14 comments

Now here is an arresting truth to consider that one of my patients emailed me recently:
     “If I change my thoughts about my past,
     I change my experience of the past.”
Who said you can’t change your past? It’s not true. Our experience is solely per thought, and thought can always change.
The “past” is a human belief, not a fixed condition. Belief can change. Change your belief: change your past.
The only true heritage we possess is our spiritual condition inherited from God, and in that reality there is no human/material past. All is Spirit and is spiritual.
Live in Spirit today, and residue from a bad experience in the past dissolves.

14 thoughts on “Changing the past”

  1. Oohhh…
    Just saw a quote this morning that goes great with this.

    “Don’t stumble over something behind you”

    Thanks Evan

  2. A truly poignant illustration of this truth you are sharing with us today is found in an article entitled: Father, What is Forgiveness? it is published in the Christian Science Sentinel of September 26, 2011 and is written anonymously. I highly recommend reading it, it’s an amazing and humbling demonstration of healing the past, even a highly negative one……thanks for all you do Evan, your website is spiritually invaluable….and thanks to all your readers who share their thoughts too, I have learned many things from your readers and I am grateful…….

  3. This reminds me of all the Time Travel Science Fiction stories that warn people traveling in the past to not change any thing or else, the future, in this case, the present would be extremely damaging. The past has happened, learn from the mistakes and move on.

  4. I love how Mrs. Eddy puts it. “The human history needs to be revised and the material record expunged”.

  5. Oh my gosh: the image of the ocean water washing up on the shore of sand and, then, smooothing things and taking back out all things “left” there before……….is…………..”right on!” Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the Spirit-filled message! One of the most helpful articles I’ve read to help gain a spiritual perspective of this subject and how we can apply it to learning lessons need to progress is “Can God Change the Past?” by Allison W. Phinney, Jr. November 11, 1985 issue of Christian Science Sentinel.

    Thank you anonymous for the wonderful referral to Prof Mosley’s article on the subject! It’s thought-opening to the greater good.

  7. To above,

    By changing how you think about the past. What you consider your “past,” is your present thoughts about it. Improve those thoughts, and your experience with the past will be seen differently in a new light. It’s like having a new “past.”

  8. Could you give me a good example of changing how I think about the past? I find it hard to believe that I can just change how I think about the past and everything is just going to be alright. How can I accept what you are saying?

  9. Even natural science is on to this phenom, The Christian Science Monitor published an interview, Aug. 31, 1988, with a physicist who said:

    “that what we do now not only alters the future but alters the past…”

    It’s entitled “A universe of visions,” by Loren Moukley.



  10. Well… I appreciate your reaching out. But this does not in any way answer the question I asked a very simple way. I dont think a physicist’s theories are qualified to answer these questions. I am asking for some simple answers from someone that is a Christian Scientist. Mainly, a way that I can prove it to myself and for myself. I am trying to tell you that statements that say, “Change how you think about the past” and “read this and that” are not at all conveying clearly to me what you all are saying here. As far as I am concerned you are closing the doors on your responsibility to convey what you are saying here in a simple illustration. With all due respect, please see that I am not opposing you but am trying to understand and to apply this practically in my own life. You cant just tell people to “change how you think about the past” and then give them articles that they dont understand the terminology of, and expect them to just go out from here and change the thoughts about how they think about the past and everything is all fine and dandy now. Because it is not. I apologize, but I dont really understand what you are saying. It really is hard to comprehend and I know that someone will answer correctly and clearly.

  11. The textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health by Key to the Scriptures, says “Belief is changeable, but spiritual understanding is changeless.” In light of this, perhaps instead of saying “Change your belief: change your past” it should be “Exchange your belief: spiritually understand your past”. I don’t have space here to fully explain what is meant by that, but I think many of your readers will get it.

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